Digest Mojo Media # 29

Lil Peep's dead, and we have not. We - it's Mojo Media. And we will be eternal, like the glory of Lenin's grandfather. We will study the descendants and historians will verify our articles social and cultural life of the era. We would very much like to. But we do not look to the future and focus on the recent past: our materials over the past week.

Let's start with BroDude, who can not stand the night riders who violate the human mind.

Digest Mojo Media # 29

Finally, Theodor Sedin wrote the material for which it does not want to kill. The article, as usual, about women, or rather - about how to find the woman of his dreams. Clever, ironic and useful, in the opinion of the author, reading will help to solve the problem of loneliness and teach multiple accordion player, but sensible jokes.

Some have asked in the comments why the article is not a word about Danny Trejo and Mark Wahlberg. Because in the rating it was just 10 seats that Rodion Makhov gave the most worthy citizens of the Earth. Speech about the article "10 actors who are dangerous guys in real life." Be careful when reading, for an article oozes epic, testosterone and cries of battered men as heroes.

Some call him a pervert and animals, while others - the genius of good pornography. We believe the product age and professional. To say that you have never heard of Pierre Woodman - hypocrisy. Every once ran across a bald paunchy traharya activities. Therefore, it seemed to us that you might be interested to learn about the life and thought of Pierre Woodman.

Digest Mojo Media # 29

The habit - this is what shapes our identity in part. There are good habits that make you healthier, smarter and stronger. There are those that only destroy the body and mind, and some may break the life. From them one way or another you need to get rid of and we expect that the paper "23 steps to help you get rid of bad habits," this will help. A little more gray hair in the recommendation. Especially because we are four years of its existence, talking about the benefits and importance of travel in our lives. Still, they make us wiser, freer and happier. But we never talked about how to travel, what to do in this or that country. Therefore, especially for you - 24 unforgettable things that you should do abroad before you die.

I started to go gray early. All my family and some friends, too, began to change color in the third ten. But not all of us quietly embraced the transition to "white." If you are confused by early gray hair, then read the article "Gray hair - inevitability to which you have to be ready."

Now look at the masterpieces that were released from the pen of Heroine of the journal authors.

Digest Mojo Media # 29

Alina Kolesnikova offers several ways to help charm the people around and manipulate the perception of others to their own advantage. It sounds grand, but, in fact, is not difficult. There are only seven, and learn more about each can be in the article "7 easy ways to improve your charisma."

On the morning after the extravagant ladies' binge drinking is always difficult. My head aches, mood no good, and the skin looks like a damp, covered with fungus and cracked plaster. One may swear by myself that this was the last time, but honestly would read the article "How to restore the skin after a party" and memorize the following methods.

What girl can be embarrassing? Probably the reason typed enough. Our authors found ten that should be deleted from his life, not to worry about what will tell others and not feel guilty about the things you're not to blame. We have some bad news about our Telegram-channels. Unfortunately, the canal "They are moving," and not stirred. "Mole" seems to be showing signs of life, but never took off. It would seem that there is no reason for grief: our regular viewers could get used to it, and besides, we have two working channels.

But last week, the channels "know" and "we will lie with me" lost consciousness, their condition became critical - we were forced to put them into a state of coma. That's because the root canal treatment of the author of the necro-scat-homo-addicts was delayed, and the complications began. It turned out that he earnestly believes Face the best rapper in the last thousand years. And it's like brain cancer - can not be ignored. But believe me, in matters of the revival of our channels has no equal. Even the phoenix by comparison looks normal flammable chicken. So be patient and revises previous positions as treatment begins to give effect.

But God bless him, with the Telegram, go immediately to listen to our podcasts. At the most, they were criminals last week.

In the show "Employee of the Month" I have finally come to a person who really plowing day and night. We were waiting for it for a long time, and finally to our cozy cabin came the representative of the oldest profession. Confused. It answers to the most burning questions that could only be born in the minds of ordinary people. For example, how much you can earn in a day, how they become prostitutes, how much is the "golden rain", where to look for customers, is it true that students always take off their shoes and say goodbye thank you. We do not know the impact on your life her confession, if you want to sell their bodies, but somehow it is very interesting to listen to. More extravagant guests we had. But people are very good. In the "wild ducks", for example, a guest told the story about how she almost got killed. That is because a positive person: it is seems ridiculous. There were also an adventure in Spain.

And Dasha and Paschke (host of the show, "Guys, we have sex") again had to say about frendzonu. The children shared their personal experience, and remember mistakes and truths.

Then they were joined by Sasha. They sat down at the microphone, announced that the air show, "We live in this", and discussed a robber who stolen per telly on a bicycle; MP who stole nonferrous metal, remembered the high school years. And reflect on whether to prohibit the children to dress up in western superheroes. It's a lack of spirituality.

Let's talk about the latest news of our popular chat Telegram. There discussing pelvis Jana, what if the money for Christmas gifts there, and a lot of family and friends, why Dmitry wrong.