Modern etiquette: how to drink coffee in Milan

Modern etiquette: how to drink coffee in Milan

When it comes to culinary delights, Italian food - the first thing that comes to mind. Their dishes set of rules: which type of pasta to choose how to fill the sauce when you can and when you can not use Parmesan. In Italian coffee also has its own traditions and restrictions.

It would seem that Starbucks has made it to all the major cities of our country, and coffee can be bought, even standing idle in a prolonged traffic jam. So why is it so difficult? However, in Italy the use of this drink - still a ritual. Clark Gable once said:

I never your laughing, until I drink coffee.

Most Italians agree with him: they refuse to work until until you get your dose of espresso.


Unlike the pizza or pasta, coffee history began with the Ethiopian around the X century BC. For the first time it was brought to Italy from Egypt in 1570, when traders began to import it in Europe. Because of its eastern roots at first wary of coffee and a drink called Islamic. But when Pope Clement VIII named it Christian, coffee's popularity began to grow rapidly. Usually it is cooked in Turku, but in 1901 by Milanese Luigi Bezzera inventor has developed a machine which permit the water condensed from steam under pressure through a densely packed ground coffee. It is this technology has created an espresso recipe, a delicious drink with a mild flavor.

Modern etiquette: how to drink coffee in Milan

Of course, outside of Italy coffee quickly won many complications and variations in water and frothed milk. But just try to say "decaf soya latte" in Italy - most likely, you will be asked to leave the institution.

How to Order

If you order an espresso in Milan - just ask for coffee. Espresso - rather a technical term, which is usually not used Italians.

When you order a cappuccino or latte, remember, they are not recommended to drink after each meal and at the end of the day. Because they contain milk, while the use of a main course may come heaviness in the stomach, so that Italians drink cappuccino for breakfast only. Italian coffee is served at a temperature that allows you to drink it immediately.

How to prepare

If you make coffee at home - it is useful to get a good espresso machine to brew coffee or hot spring in the coffee maker, macchinetta. Bialetti company slogan, coined by these aluminum coffee makers with a black plastic handle, read:

In casa un espresso come al bar - espresso at home as at the bar.

Always buy ground espresso. As soon as you hear that coffee starts to boil, wait another 15 seconds before removing from heat. And let it brew for another 30 seconds. If you have ground coffee, it is better to store it in the refrigerator. The right coffee places necessarily indicate what grade are treated today, and when it was roasted.

How to apply

Modern etiquette: how to drink coffee in Milan

Serve Espresso need in a porcelain cup with thick walls.

Traditional Italian dessert tiramisu is considered to coffee, soft cheese with an air biscuits and dark chocolate. For the preparation it is recommended to use the Italian mascarpone cheese. Each batch must be prepared separately and serve immediately on the table. Fill the cup to the brim does not mean that the person was able to add milk or cream.