How to paint the eyebrows henna? Before & After pictures, reviews. How is held Henna on eyebrows

Henna powder - a tool that is widely used in cosmetic purposes since ancient times. You can use it to color the hair, the eyebrows, make a mask for the face and body painting. This method of coloring eyebrows as biotatuazh has many advantages. The most important - is the ease of application, excellent resistance and minimal financial investment. Henna does not penetrate into the deeper skin layers, and compared with paints not harm the hairs. How to paint the eyebrows henna? Before & After pictures, reviews of procedures - all this will be considered in detail in this article.

What is Henna?

Henna powder is of vegetable origin. It is made from plants - lawsonite native to tropical countries. In the cosmetic industry have resorted to the use of Iranian and Indian henna. vegetable dye has many advantages and a minimum list of contraindications, so biotatuazh enjoys today in great demand.

How to paint the eyebrows henna? Before & After pictures, reviews. How is held Henna on eyebrows

Biotatuazh: coloring eyebrows using henna

Biotatuazhem is a procedure that involves coloring eyebrows using henna. The procedure of this kind has many advantages. Its strengths - it is safe, natural, lasting results. The session is similar to the traditional paint coloring eyebrows. However, unlike chemicals, henna devoid synthetic allergens, harmful components, ammonia and coloring toxic substances.

Eyebrows henna is different from semipermanent way the principle of action. In the first case, the color pigment penetrates into the hair structure, and gives it a different shade. When the hairs start to grow, there may be stretching the color and contrast in colors. When pigment coloring pigment only covers the outer part of the hair. Moreover, eyebrow henna useful to those that are in its composition of matter by which accelerates the growth of hair, they become thicker and stronger.

How to paint the eyebrows henna? Before & After pictures, reviews. How is held Henna on eyebrows

Benefits biotatuazha

The main advantage of biotatuazha is that the ink composition is completely natural, so is not able to harm the health. Thanks to this feature, the procedure is not prohibited for pregnant women and those who are breast-feeding a baby. Henna not only gives a beautiful shade of hairs, it seals them and contributes to the rapid growth.

Another big plus biotatuazha lies in the financial side of the issue. Unlike tattoo on henna staining procedure prices are quite acceptable. Of course, it will have to be repeated regularly, since the result would be enough for a few weeks. But this in itself will become thicker eyebrows and expressive.

Henna and Basma: best means eyebrow

Biotatuazh eyebrows henna - a procedure that does not cause pain. All manipulations are carried out without the participation of needles and blades. Affected only the outer part of the epidermis. The procedure will be the perfect solution for women who intend to grow your eyebrows and give them a nice shape.

How to paint the eyebrows henna? Before & After pictures, reviews. How is held Henna on eyebrows

Good biotatuazh and the fact that it allows you to choose the color for any type of appearance. If you add in the natural colors, you can achieve any shade. Henna is not able to change its color over time. It will gradually be washed away, the shade will not be as severe, but the color will remain the same.

However, it is important to remember that henna after biotatuazha eyebrows, spending staining with dyes should not be, because after the use of chemical weapons the result will be unpredictable. For biotatuazha procedure is recommended to use a special final formulation. Women can do it and yourself at home.

The disadvantages of

Staining henna and eyebrow correction has weaknesses:

  • Biotatuazh is contraindicated in those with delicate and sensitive skin as well as henna can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Do not recommend the procedure during pregnancy.
  • Result after staining short-lived. Saturated hue lasts for three weeks, depending on the skin type.
  • By itself, the procedure involves a certain time costs. Keep henna eyebrows need 30 to 60 minutes.
  • In contrast to the tattoo, to bring to reality the effect of 3D or 6D using henna impossible.

Where better to do biotatuazh?

For coloring eyebrows henna requires certain skills. You need to know what proportion of the powder with water to breed. We need to do this so that the composition was moderately liquid, not trickled down to the eyebrows. The mixture should be applied correctly. It allows to set the desired shape eyebrows.

How to paint the eyebrows henna? Before & After pictures, reviews. How is held Henna on eyebrows

It is important to take care of both eyebrows to have the same shape. If there are coloring skills, you can buy in the store ready-made henna and carry out the procedure themselves. How eyebrows painted with henna? Before & After, reviewed the evidence that the staining can be carried out at home, if the advance to prepare for it.

If you do not want to risk, it is better to trust a specialist who will help you choose the shape and shade of henna. If you decide to carry out the procedure without the involvement of the master, it is necessary to remember that the x and y should be distributed carefully, and to maintain the eyebrows no longer than 30 minutes. It will easily remove the traces of the unsuccessful staining using lotion, peeling or hot compress. Masters are advised to: fill out and decide on the form of exercise will help. Try to draw the shape of a pencil, and after the hold the henna.

Biotatuazh in the cabin

The beauty biotatuazh carried out as follows:

  1. Before applying the composition master degreases skin using micellar water or alcohol.
  2. Brovist selects the shape and shade of the coloring composition.
  3. The specialist prepares the mixture for dyeing and proceeds to its application with the help of cosmetic brushes. Staining can be performed using different methods: hair, voluminous. Also practiced shotirovanie and eastern technique.
  4. When the paint dries, washes her master.

To staining yielded the desired result, for biotatuazha procedures prefer quality henna and proportioned.

Terms home coloring eyebrows henna

How to paint the eyebrows henna so pleased with the result? For biotatuazha can use Iranian henna. As a further component suitable basma, cocoa, tea leaves, citric acid or lemon juice.

For procedures also need to prepare gloves. Products of this kind may be plastic or rubber. During coloring can stain your clothes, wash off contamination such will not be possible, so spend a session in the best things, the form of which is not a pity to spoil. In addition to gloves, prepare a towel, napkins, flat brush. For cultivation of henna you need to take a glass or crockery.

Before you carry out the correction with henna, it is desirable to clear the area of ​​eyebrows by the means for peeling, apply a degreasing cream.

How do biotatuazh with Brow Henna?

Today in selling a wide assortment of henna for biotatuazha. It is considered one of the best henna Brow Henna. Its peculiarity is that due to several coloring pigments, easy to achieve any color (from light brown to dark blue-black).

How to paint the eyebrows henna? Before & After pictures, reviews. How is held Henna on eyebrows

Biotatuazh carried out as follows:

  1. At first corrected shape of the eyebrows and removes excess hair.
  2. Around the eyebrows apply rich cream. This will help prevent staining unnecessary zones.
  3. Next is preparing the composition itself. If necessary, several mixed colors.
  4. Now proceed to staining. First contour outlines. Thin brush you need to moisten henna, shake off excess, and her paint the outside line. The tip of the brush is drawn sharp side, and the inner plane needed shade widest part. For wide eyebrows need to take a brush.
  5. Identical actions necessary to carry out the second eyebrow.
  6. On the eyebrows, apply a small piece of polyethylene film. Hold composition on the hairs to be depending on the desired effect and color. The darker eyebrows, the longer have to keep the colorant to them.
  7. Rinse the henna Brow Henna simple. First we need to remove the upper layer, using a cotton cloth or sponge. After that, the remains should be removed swab dipped in water.

Care eyebrows after the procedure

Henna was held to eyebrows as long as possible, you need to provide them with appropriate care.

To do this, follow these rules:

  1. Do not use as a cleaning agent cosmetics aggressive composition. Sulfates have a negative effect on the x and y - they contribute to the leaching of color pigment to the upper layer and lightening shades.
  2. During the first days after the procedure is necessary to refrain from trips to the sauna and swimming pool.
  3. Even after the dyeing process henna impact on the hairs does not stop, so as not to stop, put on eyebrows olive oil.

What keeps biotatuazh?

How is held Henna on eyebrows? The issue date for those who want to resort to biotatuazha procedure. The effect lasts from 3 weeks to six weeks. If the staining mixture was held an hour, and by the rules of hair care products, it is possible to admire the beautiful eyebrows up to two months.

How to paint the eyebrows henna? Before & After pictures, reviews. How is held Henna on eyebrows

Resistance biotatuazha depends not only on the professionalism brovista, but also on the client's skin characteristics, structure and color of hairs.

How to paint henna eyebrows, so she kept them as long as possible? The following factors may influence the effect of resistance:

  • henna quality;
  • the observance of proportions;
  • holding time the composition of the eyebrows;
  • the correct preparation of the skin.

Apply henna brown eyebrow advised in several layers, but each of them must be completely dry. This will help achieve the intense color.

How to paint the eyebrows henna? Before & After pictures, reviews. How is held Henna on eyebrows

When the ink composition of the concentrate will be enough one layer. The mixture was absorbed until such time as the agent does not wither. Leave the henna on the eyebrows after drying is impractical - the result of this better not be. After completion of the procedure through 10 hours brows must be applied vegetable oil (olive, peach). Eyebrow henna - the perfect option if you want a temporary tattoo.

It may happen that the color will lose its original brightness in a week. This would mean that the procedure was carried out in violation of certain rules. It is worth noting that the owner of oily skin may complain of rapid leaching of color after dyeing with henna eyebrows. Reviews, photos before and after the procedure say that within a week shade noticeably pale.


Natural dyes - henna, wonderful product that does not contain any harmful substances in the composition. Using this tool is easy to paint yourself hair, skin, adjust the shape of eyebrows. In addition, henna fills in the gaps, masks the absence of hairs on some parts. Biotatuazh is ideal for those who want to improve the look of your eyebrows, to strengthen them and make them thicker. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to entrust an experienced brovistu procedure, or carry it on their own, after analyzing all the details of henna dyeing eyebrows. Reviews, photos before and after the master biotatuazha advise necessarily to examine and consider the end result pleased.