Why be selfish - it's good

When you hear "selfish", it seems that this is a bad word. To be nice, if it is described as a negative? Other options are not less offensive: "egocentric", "arrogant", "narcissistic". We know that the word can not be used as a compliment, but psychologists have proven that to be selfish - it means to be healthy and happy.

According to experts

Psychologist and author of the bestseller "As leaders held in the swinging world," Bob Rosen says: "If you can not take care of yourself - you can not take care of others."

Trying to please others, we almost bury themselves in the ground. But think how others can take you if you have not found the time to really take yourself? Be selfish not to emit radiation waves, and have a healthy self-esteem.

The love of self is reflected in the relations

Why be selfish - it's good

Work on self-esteem: you should not depend on the approval and meet friends. Become stronger mentally and physically, and then your relationship with people only strengthened.

We perpetuate the pain and sadness, because I do not know how to ourselves from this pain cure. As soon as you stop being a victim of circumstances, your relationship will have more energy and you will attract people who really support.

Be focused on himself and not busy itself

Being focused on yourself does not mean that your desires have to stay ahead of the needs of others. Take responsibility for ensuring that your personal, emotional and physical needs are met. So you will not only healthier, but also be able to take care of loved ones. You can not pour from an empty cup, so do not forget to fill themselves. Whether it is to lie with your favorite book, which you have long wanted to read, or horror movie marathon - afford it, even if friends are dissatisfied with your absence. Allow yourself to postpone the alarm for 15 minutes, and sleep longer. Learn to say "no" and not feel guilty about it.

People are looking for themselves, and when they are not - become insane. All they need help, and so sometimes feel lost and broken. At such moments, you just need to take all that you have good and bad, and start celebrating himself.

Reward body

Why be selfish - it's good

When we love your body, you want to surround it only useful things. You will eat healthy foods that invigorate and promote recovery. It may even be tempted to spend more time to cook healthy meals and jogging in the morning or in the evening fitness cease to seem cruel test.

The next time when you will feel a sense of guilt towards others, remember: be focused on yourself - okay. Listen to the needs of your body and soul is necessary for well-being.