7 reasons why you feel old

7 reasons why you feel old

You are young, beautiful, in your life, so many opportunities, but instead make a frenzy on Friday night, you stay home and think about their hard life. After the onset of 20 years, we are stuck between two extremes: the child and the adult woman. And now, every birthday reminds us that we age. I call it a midlife crisis millenialov.

As it happens, after all supposed to enjoy life in 20 years? I've found several reasons why in their dashing 20 you feel the 80-year old woman.

1. Now you pay

Previously, you had no trouble to ask their parents for money, and then they do not return. Approach to classmate and with a sweet smile to elicit a pie. Now you seriously think whether to allow a man to pay for your first date, or it is old-fashioned.

2 friends marry and have children

I have a friend who was the most popular guy uni, after which the girl went in droves. You know where he is now? Every day, he writes in VC, how much is left days before his wedding. And his bride: "I can not wait! Very soon it will be the happiest day of my life! ". The other day she zapostila carton of milk, which contains the date of their wedding. Shelf life, yes. And although it's pretty funny, you begin to realize that all your friends are moving into the category of "adults and pairs," and you feel sad that you do not take part in it.

People who occupied an important place in your life, slowly disappear in their own backyard, then do crazy positions in social networks, and then generally no longer appear in public. You can not blame them - they are happy. But it does not fill the emptiness of their disappearance.

3. Your relatives asking uncomfortable questions

7 reasons why you feel old

Suddenly, your aunt and grandmother, who used to ask, what do you you want to do in the summer, ask when you settle down. You're seeing someone? How much do you earn? When you buy an apartment? Either you do "grown-up" things, or you "vozishsya" - no middle ground. You start avoiding family gatherings, because their judgments about your life pretty spoil the mood. The worst part, if any, are no longer asking questions. This means that your life is absolutely disastrous, and in their eyes you more on what is not capable.

4. You do not catch up

I talk a lot with her 15-year-old niece and 16-year-old half-sister, and I can say with certainty that I do not understand 90% of their discussions. I do not have time to watch the new battles, a show or a fashion show. I'm starting to google it and discover a whole world, which did not pay attention in everyday life. Moreover, half an hour later I discover that squeaked: "What are they cute" new Boys Band, in which all participants are younger than me.

5. friends appear stunning apartment

7 reasons why you feel old

At some point, take on your friends own apartment and start her decorate beige stuff from Ikea. You go, and on the coffee table is a stack of glossy magazines, sticks, candles everywhere, an espresso machine, decorative pillows. Your friend says, "Wait, I'll take a special wine glasses so we could open a bottle of Spanish and talk about work on my new couch." Damn it, before we could drink out of the ordinary Kuban Cahors mugs for tea, settling on the floor, because the stools in rented apartments is never enough.

6. You can not hang out as accustomed to

You more than 20, you are standing on the street trying to find a taxi for your company, and your drunk friend is trying to cast in the ballot box. At this point in your mind goes through:

I'm too old for this shit.

You think that even birds laugh at you. Hangover appears before you go to bed, and you know that you need one more day of rest after such a weekend. Now it is impossible to dance all night! You certainly do not want to turn into a man who comes on Friday, drink a glass of wine and then two days is a seal. It should find something in between.

7. You are the daffodil has

But in fact we are not old. We know this because we have seen that such an old age. You know these girls who say, "I'm fat", although in fact there? It's hard not to feel old, when everything is changing with frightening speed, and people are starting to get tired of the trends faster than being drawn into them. Enough teasing herself! There is still a long bright life and hundreds of opportunities to express themselves, so let's celebrate it.