9 ways to have a good time, if you are constantly busy

Agent Cooper said that every day you should do yourself a small gift - just to please yourself with something pleasant. I'm always working, and I do not have time to travel, dance till morning, engage in extreme sports. stress levels rising, and have to look for alternative ways to relax. If your rhythm of life is the same crazy, that's 9 ideas that you can adopt.

1. Enjoy conversations

9 ways to have a good time, if you are constantly busy

Laugh easily lead you into a good mood. Actually, that's why on the morning TV shows mostly humorous. You can go ahead and download the funny or interesting podcasts audiobooks. So you listen to pleasant conversations that you cheer, but it does not actively participate in them, as in live meetings with nice people.

2. Spend lunch with friends

Choose a less stressful working day of the week and arranged a meeting with a friend or an old friend who works nearby. Both of you will be quite busy and your conversation does not stretch for a long time, so that you can discuss only the most interesting topics for a cup of coffee.

3. Swim

9 ways to have a good time, if you are constantly busy

You may not be able to regularly visit the gym, or you can not nourish a strong love for the exhausting training. Even half an hour of swimming will help you fill the power of muscles, relax the spine, harden the body and improve the condition of the joints. And if you do not have the opportunity to go to the sea, then this is a great way to "walk the" new swimsuit!

4. Do not do chores in silence

Including a new series of favorite series, until you clean the kitchen potatoes. Danced with a vacuum cleaner under the new single Pink. Collect playlist for travel and work, testing new products in Apple Music. Even in the moments when you have to work hard to make your house shine, you do not get tired even stronger than at work.

5. Express Yourself

When you long to engage in creative, the accumulated energy can begin to destroy you from the inside. Not to turn it into something destructive like desire ragromit apartment or yell at someone for no reason, spend the evening with a hand-mades or other creative activity. I'm madly in love with the process of drawing, although I do not have any abilities to this, and I was relaxing painting acrylic paintings by numbers. This creates the illusion that I had a great draw - because I'm so neat with a brush on the canvas! And at the same time it helps later to update the interior.

6. Play with your favorite animals

At some point, the presence of the dog you begins to be perceived as a tribute, and you give it less attention. Remember how you loved to wear it on the streets, when she was still a puppy. Or tease the cat a new favorite feather toy.

7. Take a bath

Do not limit yourself to the bath time, experiment with essential oils and a bright foam. Forget the stereotypes that can not be in the water for over an hour, just monitors the water temperature to be comfortable. Add your relaxation session a book and a glass of semisweet.

8. Walk to picnic

You do not necessarily go somewhere out of town, to sit on the green grass and a snack a couple of sandwiches. Come out in the morning in the park nearby with a blanket, a container of hot sandwiches and citrus juice. Do not forget the headphones!

9. masturbates

Even if you have regular sex with a partner, you still can have fun alone. Evening masturbation will help to relax after a long day of work, relieve stress and help you switch your thoughts with operational issues.