9 decisions that you will soon regret

To talk about the meaning of life so terrible and so pointless. We all know how to live the right thing to do, and what not, but the daily life with its cares and greyness somehow stronger than any dreams and ambitions, breaks and crushes under itself, and after a while there are only regrets. We have collected 9 decisions, which you will surely regret it if not now, then after a couple of years for sure.

1. What was not mistress of my life

9 decisions that you will soon regret

When we think of that do not control their own lives, in your head pops up image of a shy teenager, who wants to draw pictures or take photos, but parents say that her road to the Faculty of Economics, because it is profitable, and work is always there. Such situations are so far, but if it's not your story, do not rush to think that everything is done correctly. You can lose control of your life, even if financially independent, living in his own apartment and she decides where you work. You can sacrifice themselves for the sake of the relationship with the person with whom you have no future, forget about your health, because it is necessary to work, to move away from his friends, as a family home waiting for you. All of this suggests that not always can you do what you really want, what years later you will surely regret it.

2. What did not care about the financial independence of

You can earn not bad, but do not plan for the future, living moment to rely on a partner, parent or luck. All this goes around comes around you have 10 years. The sooner you become self-distribute your budget and will make sure that you were saving, the faster you will have a sense of responsibility and freedom in life choices. You smoesh afford to throw unloved work, go to explore the world, or to arrange your life, whenever you want to settle down.

3. let fear control you

Talking about the fear that prevents you to live, we do not mean those exciting feelings that arise when watching horror, and the traps of your own consciousness and an abundance of facilities. Because of the fear of being rejected, unheard, unappreciated, because of the fear to make a mistake or lose, you lose the opportunity to change their lives, which in the future will have only a guess.

If right now you are afraid of something, make a step towards this feeling, because the most valuable thing in life goes only to those who are at risk and have courage.

4. What did not care about their health

Health fades quickly, especially if you do not take care of it. In 20 years, you are young and fresh, 30 currently give to know your bad habits, 40 you look as if you have 60. Aging is not scary and not a shame, but we must be able to comprehend maturity. You'll be sorry, that was not involved in fitness, I do not visit the doctor on time, eat what can not be called a meal, quench the sadness in the glass and went on about thousands of different things that have dried you and took away the very beauty that at any age you can be proud of.

5. What's not spending time with loved ones

Relatives and friends there, as if in a parallel universe. As long as you spend time at work, everyday concerns, attitudes and reflection of your favorite people live their lives. Well, if you Think the holidays, even better if someone of them you can share the secret.

Over the years, you'll be sorry, that is not spent with those you love, more time, that moved away from those who used to be close, and has forgotten that such care. If someone loves you and cares even at a distance, show gratitude and reciprocate, because time flies so fast, and the fond memories will stay with you forever.

6. What was not happy

Happiness is difficult to analyze. We are always for something is not enough to feel satisfied and full. But to be happy - it is not an achievement, not a merit and not a gift of fate, this is your personal choice. Nobody deserves no suffering, no pain, no joy. You choose itself, how do you perceive what is happening to you. If something is missing, look for it or reconsider their values, so as not to regret that has not been able to try the feeling on the palate.

7. What did not learn anything new

9 decisions that you will soon regret

We believe that education - is a waste of time, that is the period that separates adulthood and free life. But the university - a drop in the ocean of the knowledge and experience that you can get in life. Do not be afraid to change his mind, listen to what others have to say, and to expose them to the word analysis, more than read, watch a good movie, learn to correctly build relationships and do not forget that learning is never too late, especially considering that today it can be done very simply, It would be money, time, or just the Internet. If you're going to settle for what we have, and think that you know everything in the world, then in time you'll be sorry that you did not have perseverance, patience and motivation to become better.

8. What did not let go of resentment

If the offense was so negligible as it is described, it would be too easy to let it go. Some, perhaps, it turns out to live and nothing to worry about. But the offense has the weakest - self-esteem, and from it all your pains and trouble.

Learn to recognize his weaknesses and to distinguish between constructive criticism of manifestations of aggression in your address. Remember the hurt and worry about them each time getting brighter and brighter, poisoning your life - a real art, but after a while you'll be sorry that spent so much time on bitterness, which brought no relief. Let go all this and live on.

9. What does not give his passion

Passion makes you alive and present, is the hottest, valuable and original that only a man can have. real inspiration is derived from passion, success comes only to the one who is faithful to his ideals. If you want something, if you love it with all your heart, do not stop doing it. Suppose that the risk is high, making a bet on this, believing that you can become everything instead choose fresh life where you will have more amenities, but do not stay the senses. In this state you can not be happy, because happiness - a vibrant life, which is impossible without passion.