10 stereotypes about single women

We are accustomed to the fact that the wedding - a magical ritual, which dreams of every girl. Get a marriage proposal from someone you love, put on a beautiful dress, be the center of attention of the guests, full of flowers and gifts. This wonderful tale attracts and deprived of reason. But here's the real marriage - it's not magic, and it is chosen, not all women. We want to tell about what stereotypes still exist for unmarried women.

1. They want to get married in secret

10 stereotypes about single women

Marriage is not for everyone, and the community is very difficult to live with it. Due to the fact that some decided to get married, to start a new family, and in order to secure the existence of their relationship, it seems, is to get married - is the goal of every woman, and if she denies it, so just yet I have not found the right man and is ashamed of his situation. Very stupid to believe it, because life does not revolve only around marriage.

2. Their future - cat

If a girl loves cats and even to the same does not occur to anyone that does not mean that it is doomed to loneliness. There are people who love cats, others - dogs, but they both have equal chances of finding your ideal partner, fall in love and get married, if that's what they really want.

3. They do not want to have children

Today, women do not necessarily have a husband to have children. With the advancement of science, it is possible to do artificial insemination or just adopt a child. This allows you to change the lives of not only those who are happily married, but for some reason can not have children, but also those for whom marriage is not connected with the desire to become a parent.

4. They are lonely

Single people who have no one to talk to, feeling that no one is interested, do not care about anyone. Is this not occur in a marriage? Sometimes you can be alone even with her husband. But everyone has their own definition of loneliness. The modern woman can take care of herself, has its own interests and enough social development, to make friends.

Loneliness - a state of mind that does not depend on the partner and especially marital status.

5. They are not satisfied with

You can believe all the jokes and jokes that are constantly walking around the theme of marriage, but if you look at some of the married women, it becomes clear just the opposite. Many married women were dissatisfied, and have become even more exhausted because the marriage did not give them of what they dreamed, and his own dreams, they have sacrificed, to be like everyone else.

6. They think too much about the career of

10 stereotypes about single women

A successful career may take all the free time, which means that personal life can suffer, or omitted entirely. But for there her partner or not, responsible woman, not her boss. If an unmarried woman cares too much about his work, it does not mean that she is not interested in the personal life, but she will have to prioritize one.

7. They do not have sex

Sometimes there is another stereotype: the marriage is far from sex. Here, people are beginning to be lazy, to turn into someone who they are not, the sexual desire disappears, there is no time to solve problems. Of course, neither one nor the other is completely untrue. Many married couples are able to maintain a balance, work on their relationship, and unmarried women have sex, because this does not necessarily marry.

8. They do not support marriage

Opponents of marriage can become and being married, drank some dissatisfaction with family life. If a woman is not married, it does not mean that it is not capable of serious, long and happy relationship with your loved one.

Legally married does not cost anything to many people, but they do not believe that marriage - it is basically meaningless. Much more rational it would act according to their beliefs, while respecting the ideals of others.

9. These bitches

Bitchiness - is a character trait, not a pattern of behavior unmarried woman. Not all free girls are rude. But due to the fact that in the modern world to go against society was very provocative, even a simple failure can seem rude. All this is wrong, because these stereotypes show strong and purposeful women with character simply unwanted.

10. They frighten

A woman is not made to be too successful, busy, ambitious. To attract a man, it must be worse than he or hide your talents. An unmarried woman could frighten only those who are not satisfied with himself, since it is the impression that her life is balanced and fulfilling. Weak man could alienate independent woman, simply because it is impossible to bend under him. But not all free women are successful and strong, just as not all men are afraid of strong women.