5 ways to give up sugar

There is nothing more beautiful for a sweet tooth, you eat something sweet, something chocolate, afternoon or even replacement. For many people, the thought that it is necessary to abandon the sugar is lost moods, besides the body requires a dose of sweet as well as the smoker - nicotine. But for all pleasant to be paid, because a large amount of sugar in the body can cause not only diabetes, but also affect the process of weight loss, digestive system and overall well-being during the day.

To cease to make such a sweet sin every day, we suggest you try a simple and painless way to stop sacrificing health for sweet, and let in the life of new habits.

1. More vitamin C

5 ways to give up sugar

The brain needs a manipulation when it comes to how to throw a long-standing passion or give up your favorite foods, even if it is obvious harm is not in doubt. If you love sweet foods too much, try to trick your brain, suggesting that he is not giving up dependence and new healthy habits - eat more vitamins. The vitamin race pay attention to vitamin C, since it is a natural sugar substitute. After you eat a juicy orange, add them to the tea fragrant lemon or decorate with fresh green salad, the sugar levels in your body rise in a natural way, without the intervention of chocolate bars.

2. Less caffeine

Who does not love a tasty hot coffee in the morning or a relaxing cup of green tea before going to bed? But the fact is that caffeine lowers the level of sugar in the body, which means that you are sure to want something for tea and after. To help you in the early stages of the rejection of sweets, try not to simply eat less sweets, but also to reduce the consumption of coffee and tea to a couple of cups a day. Instead, you can give preference to soft cocktail based on water without sugar content, such as lemonade or mojito.

3. Fresh fruit

Fresh juicy fruit - a pleasure for which subsequently did not have to pay. Imagine that you start your morning is not with sweet coffee and piece of cake and a handful of sweet fruit and fresh berries with Greek yogurt. This snack looks beautiful, the taste is better than any M & M's, and instead of sugar you get a charge of fructose. But fresh fruit, there is another advantage - they perfectly satisfy hunger. If, during the dinner eat a small peach, then you do not want to not that sweet, but is, in principle, right up to the evening. This is a very simple way to cheat yourself if you have a sweet tooth. And after such a fruit of the month, any chocolate seem to you too hearty and sweet to eat it as often as before.

4. Cane sugar

5 ways to give up sugar

The present Stoics we would recommend just give up sugar, eliminating it from the daily diet. But such radical measures is not necessary if you just want to stop eating sweets for breakfast, lunch and fruit compote. To begin replacing the sugar that you add to the food, cane. Yes, it costs several times more expensive, but it is considered to be much more useful.

5. Cocoa or dark chocolate

Many of us would have survived the day without sugar, and could have some fruit, but for the true chocolate sweet tooth - a source of happiness, without which the days are gray and dull. If you recognize yourself in this problem, replace the milk chocolate to dark. The dark chocolate is twice less sugar, more vitamins and emotional effect of it is the same as any other sweets, which do you prefer to eat. In addition, chocolate can be replaced with cocoa powder. There are a lot of vitamins and minerals that will not only restore the balance of sugar, but also establishing the digestive process, eliminate toxins and strengthen bones. Instead snickers brownie bake for 30 minutes - and you already have a healthy dessert that you can take it as a snack.