Reflective insults and rude remarks like a ninja

Women who own techniques of self-defense, there are, and this allows them not only to defend themselves against aggression from the outside world, but also to help other women. But here's the technique of self-defense only takes care of the physical side of the issue, at a time like the present martial art - it is rather a philosophy that helps to draw the internal state in the way of protection and justice tool.

We decided to take an interest in what is useful tactics and technology offering martial arts, and how you can use them not only literally, but also in order to deal with people who behave aggressively seek to offend you, humiliate or just be rude to you.

Principle 1: Fighting position

Reflective insults and rude remarks like a ninja

In any martial arts pay great attention to the fighting position, which must be stable, balanced and at the same time flexible. Standing in a combat stance, you can keep your balance and move quickly if the enemy suddenly lash out at you. The physical aspect of the battle are important concepts such as balance, the uniformity of effort and posture. And if we talk about the emotional battle, then you have to balance your emotions, and in this you will help to self-acceptance, moral principles, the ability to forgive myself for making a mistake or failure, as well as the required amount of understanding and compassion for yourself. In other words, will never be evil in relation to itself.

Not enough good attitude to itself - it is an opportunity for the enemy to feel your weaknesses and play to them. For example, someone will ridicule you for your growth, or any other physical evidence simply because you made it clear that here is your weak spot. If you respond to such manipulation, and begin to believe in their insults, then the enemy will be very easy to mislead you and thus win.

Principle 2: The art of being invisible

One of the most amazing things that you can borrow from the ninja - the art of being invisible. In this difficult art includes such defensive tactics as "wait until the enemy will not fall asleep." It is very easy to transfer to real life. For example, to lull the vigilance of the person, his drink is enough to unleash the dust in his eyes like the compliments or flattery, and after the strike and disappear in space.

But if you have to deal with an angry person, then you just need to get away from him, as if you are here and it was not. Anger, whether physical or psychological it - is a consequence narcissistic machiavellianism and other manifestations of impaired psychological state. Every 25th person has some anti-social deviations in their personalities. Zero chance of recovery, and hurt you or hurt they can in 100% of cases. Do not think that an evil man had a difficult childhood, or just a bad day, as many people with severe growing up often become the best empathy, and if someone had a lousy day, the most effective medication - is to find satisfaction in conversation or support rather than to make someone sick. So if you get into a situation where you need to enter into communication with an angry or rude person using the art of the ninja: digress. and then disappear.

Principle 3: Protective equipment

The main purpose of martial arts is not to teach you how to skillfully to harm the enemy, and to reflect any external attack. Depending on the complexity of the problems and aggressive behavior of your opponent, there are several techniques that are worth remembering.

1. The yellow zone Technique: direct rebuff to

Direct resistance - this is the simplest technique to put someone who is trying to hurt you on the spot, without using rudeness on their part. For example, you made a comment that was meant as a statement of fact, but in the end turned out to be rude, "You smell of drugs", "Your underwear is illuminated through his pants," and so on. In this situation, you need to fight back, saying: "Hey, it's a little rough. Stop doing that". If this behavior continues, then the transition to a more aggressive rebuff: "I'm serious, you crossed the line, stop." Can you come up with your own words to convey the single most important idea - you can stand up for themselves and do not have to listen to what you do not like, and be silent, because, in fact, it's not so scary. So you show that you are not so stupid as not to see someone else's ambiguity, and is pretty straight forward in their statements.

2. Technique brown belt: Zig-zig

In the martial arts there is a technique that allows you to dodge and inflict their own, until the enemy did not expect such actions. For example, someone pushes you, and you, instead of falling, only deviating a little while, and then pushing the enemy in the direction of the strike. Waiting for your fall, the enemy will be disarmed in his own self-aggressive energy.

Reflective insults and rude remarks like a ninja

In a situation where someone is trying to be rude to you, it is best to use the technique of "zig-zig", whose secret is simple: instead of having to bend over backwards, you only holdout. At the moment of rudeness opponent waits for anything, but not "relaxed discernment." This tactic can be understood as an example of dialogue from the film "Spanish to English", where the main character Teo Leoni says his mother the following: "You drank a lot and was too focused on myself during my growing up, so that I am, I am, due for you". In turn, his mother nods and gently meets his daughter: "With this statement can not argue, dear. But now you're just using my lessons in life for the sake of convenience. " Such a response is blocking any aggression on the part of the daughter, because, firstly, it is true, and secondly, there is no explicit attack in the mother's words. As a result, each left to his own, and the quarrel was exhausted.

3. Technique Black Belt: Good evil

If you maintain a balance in the emotional struggle, then you will not be difficult to be good at a time when your party arrives aggression. This tactic works very well, because it is aimed at rational arguments, which can be understood only by appropriate people. That is what exposes the offender inadequate, and that his evil is already attacking him, not you.

If the answer to rude remarks calm and kind, it immediately ceases to be a part of you. Suppose someone tells you something that would offend any person adequately. At this point, you can say, "This little rude at all to you is not peculiar. Show everyone that you can be better. " Especially good tactics to use such protective if insult was done in the presence of others. The offender will either continue to be rude, that it will put an idiot in the eyes of others, a retreat that will make you a winner.

Principle 4: Gait fighter

Be a master of martial arts - is not just a skill, a way of life. But use your knowledge you can only if you practice them every day. Such practices often lead to unexpected adventures. Constantly reflecting attacks aimed in your direction, you will no longer be able to pass by those who attack others. This is a fighter gait that causes him to remember every day about how the experience he has and what direction you need to direct their force.

As you can see, a lot can be learned from martial arts. You change their attitude towards aggression, and thus changing itself. Remember that in order to constantly maintain the internal balance and build healthy relationships with others, self-control is necessary, as well as the ability to overcome their weaknesses as long as those changes do not become your new self.