10, the method further earnings

The reasons that the girl might need part is not too important. Maybe you need to quickly accumulate a significant amount for a major purchase or travel and maybe you really like the current main job, but wages still leaves much to be desired. If you're just starting a career in any field, this option is very, very likely. Someone just does not like idleness and considers that even if the relative prosperity additional earnings will not be superfluous. Or maybe you have a flexible schedule and free time remains. In any case, it is necessary to find time for regular part-time work, no matter whether it is temporary or permanent, and get down to business!

1. Special services

10, the method further earnings

We are all experts in the field in which we operate or in the specialty for which trained. It sounds utopian, but nevertheless, it's like this: any adult person is good at least in one case, and many even more. Use your work and knowledge obtained at training to provide services to people. Help with finances, proofreading and editing, nail design, translations, work with the computer - all this may seem to you easy, but for someone to be an impossible task. Use it.

2. Hobby

If you have a hobby, then it is also possible to earn. Exchange and sale at collecting, selling handmade items and crafts, cakes to order, pictures and videos, participate in corporate parties, if you go to the theater club ... almost any hobby you can monetize Optionally, if you approach it creatively, although it sounds somewhat cynically - but only at first glance. We invest in the hobby a lot of time and on the soul, so it's only fair that someone will pay for your work, if you want to use the results.

3. Overstock

Each of us have a lot of things that will be unnecessary if closely pay attention to them. Try to spend at home audit and find all that long ago gathering dust on the balcony or mezzanine, several years nenadevannoe hanging on a hanger or are about to be useful to a couple of years ago, but did not come in handy.

All items are in good condition can be easily sold, the benefit of computer networks contribute to this kind of sales, and the rest - to restore or throw. Discarding the trash does not contribute to additional earnings, but will bring the house clean and tidy, that's fine too.

4. Education

We all learned a little, something, and hopefully not as something, and quite well. In any case, we have the knowledge of the school or university program in the specialty or profession. If you can not turn them into services, then teach others that knowledge. Furthermore, while we have careless students can always help them with writing term papers and essays or work tutor. But to prepare for the exam without proper education better not, because for a spot of work with students need pedagogical training.

5. Mystery shopper

Mystery shopper - enjoy two for one. And the money you get, and any services or products you try the expense of others. Although there could be as lucky with the employer: someone just riding in cars and asks about the conditions of the mortgage, while others enjoy the entire spectrum of services in the beauty salon. Orders are quite different, and the plan "mystery shopping" you can on the weekends. Dictaphone, legible speech and the ability to communicate with the sellers will be your advantages.

6. The account in social networks, blog or channel

10, the method further earnings

If you have a lot of subscribers to any account in social networks (Twitter, instagrame or other similar social network structure), or you're your own blog, you can earn advertising that you will be placed there. It requires skills, or writer, or SMM-manager, a photographer - and then the number of followers will grow and you will be able to submit ads without negativity on their part.

7. Working with Text

Work with text can not only professional writers, copywriters and philologists. Virtually anyone can write interesting articles and materials on their own specialty, as he understands it. Perhaps, they will require the skills of editing and proofreading, but in this business are often involved in other people, other than the authors. Become an author of specialized texts and sell them on the stock exchanges of text for freelancers. First, it is very little money, but with the growth of experience and reputation of the earnings will increase.

8. Participation in opinion polls and studies,

As can be seen digging in the network, you can find a variety of polls and studies, for participation in which their organizers to transfer funds to you. There are even entire aggregators such surveys, where money can gradually accumulate, and then output the multiple thousands Amount (or to use them in the form of vouchers for purchase at online stores). Some of these surveys are really interesting and can help you understand yourself. Knowledge of English would be an advantage!

9. Breeding for sale

Do not be afraid, we will not offer you raise mushrooms in the closet or greyhounds puppies. Although, if you love animals and is ready to tinker with them, the breeding of purebred pets for sale - a good option. We also offer for sale plant being alive too, but not as active - plants.

Grow flowers, cacti and seedlings, and all the grandmothers in the district will carry you on their hands at the height of the summer season. But seriously, it is not too costly business, but a long time, because the plants need to develop and fully grow. For a couple of hours they were ringing coin, alas, will not turn.

10. Rent

Rent an apartment, room or building - a profitable and a good deal, but the possibility of delivery of housing for rent is not at all. But there are other things that can be leased. Wedding dress, bike, car or a trip in the car (when you take with you travel) ... There are many solutions. Some lease laptops for those traveling on a business trip, someone offers sports equipment or clothing for theater and photography. Arm yourself with imagination and think that because of your things may need another.