Why be fat - it is not the norm

People are weak and, unfortunately, are not perfect, and everything that happens to us is not always as beautiful as in the movies, books and, of course, the glossy magazines. While popular culture invents for us more and more new trends, stuffs have an incredibly candid stories of how to love yourself and take your weight, the girls stopped in development, because they will no longer call to fight for what is right and useful to them It says that you can be happy with what we have. We decided to break the cycle of illusory misconceptions and use human weaknesses to explain why bodipozitiv - it does not pass in happiness, but a tool that destroys those who really need to engage them, to lose weight and become healthier and more beautiful.

The illusion of happiness

Why be fat - it is not the norm

In modern culture issues with freedom of choice began to sound so loud that ordinary common sense began to fade, or be regarded as a flagrant violation of human rights. At the time, as Instagram is simply bursting from the photos of girls and boys, calling for a healthy lifestyle, relief figure and oatmeal for breakfast, popular women's magazines are calling to love ourselves as we are. This is the truth, because no one will love us as long as we do not love yourself. Love of self has become a panacea that helps get rid of complexes, preventing us from tying a healthy relationship and get out of life what we really want.

But if you think about it, the glossy magazines - is only a brave new world for women, which is too hard for the reality. After another article on why to be just the way you are - thick, thin, with acne or unshaven armpits - this is normal, it is freedom, the new feminism or a personal matter, it seems that life is full of harmony, happiness and beauty is already here and now, you just keep reading the article. And, frankly, it is one of the most effective ways to win over the audience - just convince them that here they are pleased in spite of everything. However, closing the magazine, full girl goes into a world where she was not happy, and she has to prove its rights as it taught this in yesterday's paper. She has to pretend she's good as long as it does not simply cease to worry about this issue in principle.

For some, this is the way out, but only the development and improvement can not be called. It is an illusion, and the problem is not that she is lame in one leg or sags in the key moments. This tactic just works flawlessly. The problem is that the illusion has never been true, and lack of insight only goes to show how all these people are stupid and blind. It remains to conclude that modern culture earns his bread by the fact that deceives us, and sends the wrong way.

Overweight - it is a disease and not a virtue

Be fat - it's not just ugly. You can get a complete human charm, really see as a lack of facilities makes him almost the coolest companion or even partner. But that's just being overweight - is not pride that must be preserved. Culture for centuries proved that the beauty can be different, but the fact that to be fat - it's okay, you can hear the first time. Beauty, according to the traditions of the past, it is above all health. And the extra weight - it is a disease. Why to call a fat woman to love their extra kilos? Because it is necessary that she bought the most enormous bra, which was specifically created for this as it is. Previously, beautiful clothes can be sold only to slim and sexy, and now you can earn a lot of money, because those who do not want to strive for physical health, will run to buy clothes made by their size. This is another niche, but no one more true for those who are struggling for their rights.

Be fat - it's hard physically. A large load on the heart, the lack of muscle mass, which in old age lead to serious health problems. Hormonal disorders, which eventually becomes no extra weight, you need to accept and forgive, and diabetes, because the body ceases to produce insulin due to all this fat, not to mention the malfunction of the thyroid gland. And then, no matter how much you love or yourself, you will suffer, run by doctors and spend all their earned money on drugs. Yes, even the elementary shortness of breath and inability to run to the bus stop to catch a trolley - it is proof that there is nothing to be proud of, and to confuse self-love with pity for his fate at least silly. But all do so. It is much easier to say that being fat is not prohibited by law, than to do them, stop eating all sorts of rubbish and once in your life learn from Instagrama and other social networking something useful. It is much easier to say what you feel good, and so, than to remember that what you wanted before.

Sexuality and loneliness

Be sexy when your figure occupies more than half of the bed, it is very difficult, no matter what underwear to you may be wearing. The concept of femininity and beauty is distorted when every girl does not want to face the truth and work on them, she feels beautiful and clever. We do not say that the fullness - is the ticket besproglyadnoe loneliness, but we believe that the confidence of the shortcomings - a giant step backwards in human development issues. It is very difficult to enjoy sex if you just can not feel sexy, like to find partners with whom to be comfortable at the elementary, physical level, to have sex.

And all these stories about how someone stopped from complexes because of their appearance and talks about the mind-blowing sex, being a 100-pound, guard. As if someone on the other side of the screen trying to prove to you that you live in the wrong, and we must live like this, showing their shortcomings and making all those who are not experienced with them, feel cruel and flawed on the background of the whole parade, advocating that that in fact all the annoying, what everyone is afraid and prefer not to think about it or be comforted with the thought that so if I'm fat, then look how much I like-minded people who all is well. This proves once again the illusory nature of the Internet created happiness and the reluctance of people to resist stupid mainstream.

The use of popular culture

Why be fat - it is not the norm

The human weakness, which today put up as virtues, in fact subjected to further criticism from the public. If you're fat and you think that society will soon realize how erred, then open your eyes and look at how these weaknesses are used in popular culture. We have already talked about the earnings at work, on a visit to the online resources, but there are TV shows where fat people are invited to daily tests of strength, and if they are broken, they are punished as the guilty of all mortal sins. This is not for people watching these programs, I felt offended his brothers, and called for justice, and to rejoice that they are not like the ones that jump and grovel for money. For them it is a sweet pill of reality, which artificially creates a culture. Likewise, all this boom around bodipozitiva encourages more people to show their weaknesses than to work on them. I will write a touching story about how I struggled with being overweight, but he won, and I happily took himself so fat, and people will come and read me because it is popular. They will leave comments, positive or not, to my blog or interviews captured as much attention and attendance. But this time could be spent on self-improvement.

In other words, our bodies are imperfect, it is necessary to understand. But do not do anything in your power to become more beautiful, slimmer, healthier and, as a result, happier and more adequate - this is a huge misconception. Enough of the illusion is enough to go in the wake of mass culture - look at yourself and start to change something instead of finding justification for their weaknesses, calling it a trend and, even worse, feminism.