How to win the argument about feminism

Despite the fact that feminism - a movement that has significantly changed the lives of women and men, the view of feminists in today's society is very ambiguous. Very often, feminists have to defend their opinions and point of view, as people perceive them aggressively and because of the lack of equality in matters podkovannosti people often make ridiculous comments, or even resort to sexism. We decided to find out as to which aspects of the feminist movement still many do not understand, and offer a number of common antifeminist statements and answer that will help cope with them.

1. In women, and so have the right and freedom, why do we need feminism?

How to win the argument about feminism

As long as the global statistics show a large number of victims of violence, sexual harassment, unequal pay, unfair treatment of women in employment, unsolved problems of working mothers and maternity leave, not to mention the many other things to consider that we live in a world where there is equality, it is impossible. Moreover, achieving a result, folded his hands and be happy that at least something we can - it's somehow not serious. That is why feminism is as relevant as ever, since there is still much is to strive for improvement.

2. Women are by nature more sensual, which means that they are designed to be mothers

This idea is offensive to men, because according to her, by the nature of their men are not able to become a good father, take care and love. Recent studies show that male and female brains are not "think differently" and the belief that a woman should be a good mother - is an illusion, imposed on society and the cultural structure. As long as society imposes stereotypes, we will fight with the same problem forever: girls need to be beautiful, the boys have to seduce them; a man too busy to sit with the children and the woman, combining career and family - a bad mother. All these absurdities continue to feed the people and alienate equality.

3. How can I be a feminist and love heels, makeup and be feminine?

Because feminism - does not mean not to love heels, makeup, or not to be feminine. Being a feminist is to believe that every person is worthy of an adequate relationship and has the freedom to choose what he wants, regardless of gender, age or preferences, and act accordingly. This freedom includes the desire to be feminine, to wear heels and painted.

4. If you do not want to be raped, dress modestly

Violence - a manifestation of the power and the desire to control and subjugate the other person, rather than sexual attraction and sex. The very idea that a man loses control next to a woman in a short skirt, an insult to women, because it eliminates the ability of men to take responsibility for their actions and to respect the freedom of any person, not to mention the fact that this idea denies the existence of male victims.

Women and men are victims of violence every day and all over the world, in all circumstances, and being in any clothes, and it often happens that a rapist - is not a striker from a dark corner man, but someone who is part of the victim's environment. To say that the blame for the violence victims and their clothes - then encourage crime and endangering relatives.

5. But men, too, there is a problem

I think that feminism - a battle of the sexes, then be carried out on the trick, which delivers media culture. it is the reality, of course, it does not reflect. Many of the issues that are now trying to solve the feminist impact positively on the lives of men. In a society based on gender stereotypes, overlooked problems such as mental illness or suicide men, because men are not supposed to complain about their problems, is not it? Women at this time are considered "too emotional", "hysterical" or write off the real problems in their hormones that teaches people to ignore the fact that there are diseases in which women and men need help and medical intervention, not censure the public.

6. Not all men - sexist

To protest against sexism - it does not mean to say that all men are sexist. Often this phrase - it is man's attempt to defend and speak for themselves, which, of course, pointless and impractical. While not all men - sexist, all women may be subjected to sexism in some way. That is why the sexism - is the problem, not the label, which should take offense to those who do not support feminism. Fight against sexism - it means not only to be sexist, but also to talk about it, to raise awareness and to make remarks to those who are not aware of any detrimental effect it has on the people as well as to support women.

7. The unequal payment does not exist, it is a myth that feminists have come up with

How to win the argument about feminism

To a myth invented by feminists that they should be, what to do, the phenomenon of unequal remuneration is too much evidence, both household and statistics. Too much media attention paid to the lighting of the question to think that feminists are somehow achieved this "hype". Many believe that unequal pay - it is a myth, because it is based only on the fact that women choose the wrong job, and also have to spend more time with his family, which, of course, interfere with making money. But the real problem is that there are still professions traditionally considered "female", which, in turn, are paid less than others, "male". And even if women hold positions equal to men, they are forced to earn less because they need a more flexible schedule, because they have to be "more caring" than men, and plus to all women have also unpaid work relating to household .

8. There are much more important issues than the inequality

The fact that there are much more important issues than the equality does not mean equality - is not a problem. Police are investigating several things at once, and the doctors treat all patients seeking help. The idea that there is some X, which is much more paramount than the Y - is another manipulation from which women using caulk and feminists limit in their quest to change the world. In the 21st century, women and men have the right to live in peace, free from both the X and the Y from, since only this is "normal".

9. Why women do not like ketkolling, because they love compliments?

Compliment - it is a phrase that makes anyone feel better, and ketkolling - it's harassment. Words that someone, regardless of gender, is a good friend and looks amazing today or cook something very tasty, not like the phrase "Hey, baby, what legs" or "that's tits."

Adequate men understand the difference between a compliment and harasmentom therefore quite wrong to believe that a woman who does not believe that the general response to the size of her breasts - this is what she should be grateful, behaves properly and just nitpicking. At that time, as a compliment and receive a pleasure for everyone to become a victim of harasmenta on the street, in the office or anywhere else - this is a problem, which is often on the simple words can go to real violence.

And in general, if you make a compliment, to which a man or woman does not respond the way you expect, you're doing it wrong.