What if you have no one understands

The lack of emotional intelligence and wisdom - a quality that not only gives you to communicate with people and make new friends, but also feel happy and self-improvement. Be emotionally illiterate - hence very narrow and superficial look at the world, people and, most importantly, your own thoughts and feelings. You may feel that you are alone, no one you do not appreciate or understand, but it is possible that the cause of your misery lies in your inability to understand myself. We decided to talk about the main symptoms of emotional literacy and about what to do if you find out in the article itself.

1. No you do not understand

What if you have no one understands

Emotional maturity and education affect your ability to communicate with other people, as well as talk about their feelings so that they resonated. If you are faced with the fact that nobody will understand, perhaps, this is not that you're too complicated nature, and that you can not explain what you think and feel, because they themselves do not fully versed in currently. Of course, all the people choose their social circle in which they feel heard, understood and accepted, but if you're constantly running on the environment, the fear of this communication is the desire to escape from ourselves.

Understand yourself, even if it involves the recognition of the harshest truth, spread out their feelings on the shelves, and then look for ways to either get rid of the wrong beliefs or explain what is happening in your mind, those from whom you are waiting for support. And in any case, the ability to understand their thoughts and express them correctly is useful not only in difficult times, but also to expand their circle of friends, because the emotional connection is established only if the sides understand each other.

2. You are very touchy

Every time you interact with someone, you perceive any phrase to heart, begin to look for arguments in his defense, or trying to justify himself even to himself. In such a situation it is necessary to understand that the majority of people are not trying to offend you, expressing a particular point of view. If you are easily offended, maybe it's not that you have chosen the wrong circle of friends - rather, you have self-esteem and self-acceptance issues. There is a big difference between when someone is trying to get into your soul and put things in order, and that when people are just used to communicate openly and emotionally.

Do not be afraid to be vulnerable, but remember that only you can do to find peace in their heart and mind. If you're convinced that you're right and you know well what caused certain feelings, all your words and reactions will be more confident. If you notice that you start to get upset for any reason, then it is time to understand yourself and because of its instability, otherwise people will not just trust you and seek to communicate with you, because no one likes to be constantly guilty and even to soothe the one who is going through for nothing.

3. You rely only on assumptions

One of the surest signs that you are emotionally illiterate, is that you do not know how to analyze the situation and change his mind. Making the assumption once, you are looking for evidence that you are right, and even if you see that are wrong, change his point of view is not included in your plans. With such people it is very difficult to communicate, because they come across as narrow and superficial. No one will trust you and will not listen to what you say, because you are sure that once you are always right. Trust first impressions can, and should, but that's only speculate on the possibility of closing and look deeper extremely foolish. Be more open, believe that there are many things that you do not know, especially if you have not tried them in practice.

4. Do you blame others for your feelings

What if you have no one understands

When dealing with other people, you are entering into interaction, and it is only natural that certain people make you experience certain feelings. But if you turn on the mechanism of protection and aggressively respond to any statement, perhaps you lack emotional intelligence and self-belief. No one is to blame for the fact that you can feel lonely or have to deal with disappointment, because in the end, you are responsible for what you have in mind. Before you accuse someone that you feel, try to figure out what in his words so frustrating you and why. Perhaps this is the harsh truth about yourself that you can not take because of the emotional ignorance. Learn how to sift through their thoughts and feelings, to get rid of unnecessary worry and remember that as long as you do not learn to take care of yourself, no one can make you happy, because no one should bring you peace of mind and know in advance what It can hurt you.

5. You do not know how to forgive

Forgive - is to recognize that all people have the right to make mistakes, because nobody is perfect. But constantly to dwell on the offense - it's a sign that you are not wise. Judging others, you will never be happy. If you can not forgive mistakes people around you and to itself, then it will be very difficult to tie a strong relationship. Especially dangerous are scenarios in which hurt is using his feelings to manipulate the offender. Let's say someone did you wrong, as it should be, but sincerely regretted this, as you have forgiven him, but continue to remind him of how he had once pierced. This situation does not give rest to him or you. Learn to let go of unpleasant feelings and focus on positive things. Otherwise, go away from people who continue to disappoint you, and learn to forget all that has passed, introducing a lesson from every unpleasant event.