Dmitry Balandin: Kazakh national hero

Kazakhstan, lost in the vast steppes of central Eurasia, especially not spoiled by big sports victories. Therefore, every medal of the Olympic Games becomes a huge achievement. And Olympic champion gets the status of a national hero. Swimmer Dmitry Balandin in 2016 to join their number, a sensational victory at the Olympics in Rio in the 200-meter breaststroke. Before that, he did not achieve anything like that.

The first steps Dmitry Balandin

But, more. Future champion was born in 1995 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The boy was lucky to grow up in this family of athletes. His mother was engaged in skating, and my dad played great volleyball. Like many parents, Balandin decided to give her baby in the swimming section, to temper the boy. It happened when Dima was in the second grade.

Before that Dmitry Balandin already visited the pool, watching from the stands to see how trains his older brother. Things went smoothly, and soon a promising young man has outgrown the framework SDYUSSHOR №4, where he studied with Marina Gilmutdinova.

Dmitry Balandin: Kazakh national hero

Parents Dmitry advised to give to a specialized sports boarding school, where he was able to fully concentrate on training and to grow into a truly great swimmer. So, in 2008, Balandin was in the caring hands of coach Ivan Golohi, with whom he worked for several years.

Youth feats

As a teenager, a talented young man first gained international experience. At the age of fourteen, he participated in the tournament dedicated to the legendary swimmer Alexander Popov, which was held in Yekaterinburg. Saucy Kazakhstani picked up and beat their peers from Russia, winning his first international trophy. There already Dmitry Balandin quite decided on the choice of its swimming specialization. He concentrated on the breaststroke speeches where he does best at a distance of 100 and 200 meters.

Dmitry Balandin: Kazakh national hero

To a certain point Balandin not particularly stand out among their peers, but after going to the group Alexey Kazakov has been some progress in its development. By the way, this mentor Kazakh athlete is working until now, and does not think about moving to another coach or the departure of another country.

In 2011, Dmitry Balandin participated in the youth championship of Asia. Where a formidable force have become a swimmer from China. A native of Almaty, Kazakhstan is not confounded and finished the competition with a silver medal.

However, on a global level, Dmitry Balandin always remained below the winners, his greatest achievement was the fourth in the world championship among juniors. However, he is not particularly worried, continued training, he studied at the Kazakh State University.


In 2014, Dmitry Igorevich Balandin came from a tender age, and began to speak to the adult competitions. However, the beginning of the season turned out blurry as at the end of last year swimmer managed to get injured slipping on the tiled floor of the native pool.

Dmitry Balandin: Kazakh national hero

However, after recovering from injury, yesterday junior became gradually conquer the world. He began with the Asian Championship, where he was able to bring a couple of medals. Then Dmitry confidently won the tournament in Hong Kong, where there were no serious opponents, and Balandin, in fact, competing with itself.

All these local exploits did not inspire much optimism before the Asian Games, where he was to speak a native of Almaty. Dmitri himself admitted that his ambition does not extend beyond the same coin, and not necessarily gold.

However, at the Asian Games in Kazakh swimmer, apparently possessed by the spirit of Michael Phelps. Because he is in brilliant style won all three of their personal discipline - 50, 100 and 200-meter breaststroke.

The hope of the nation

Golden hat-trick Dmitry Balandin at the Asian Games has made an indelible impression on his homeland. Kazakh sport officials sensed a taste of the future great victories and began throwing guy numerous gifts and cash grants to encourage him to prepare for the major sporting starts of four years - the Olympic Games in Rio. The title of International Master of Sports, a big bonus, and most importantly - constant fellowship untied the hands of Dmitry Balandin. He could no longer worry about how to earn a living and fully concentrate on preparing for competitions.

Before the Olympics, Dmitry could still go to the Universiade in Korea in 2015. He won gold in the 100 meters and bronze in the "fifty dollars."

Home victory

At the Olympic Games in Rio only the most fanatically-loyal fans Dmitry Balandin believed that he would be able to compete with American and Australian swimmers. in at least one of the species most optimistic plan was falling into the final eight.

At one hundred meters Dmitry acted with dignity, being in the top ten swimmers planet. But failed to break through the decisive swim.

Dmitry Balandin: Kazakh national hero

Everything turned upside down during his speech at a distance of 200 meters. He made his way to the final, showing the result of the last among the qualifiers. Here Balandin had to play the role of an extra in the fight against world stars for Olympic gold. However, it happened again something incredible, and he won the heat, leaving behind the best US and Australian swimmers.