For they hate feminists and why it is a dead end for society

The modern attitude toward feminism reached phenomenal heights of absurdity. Apart from the fact that he put a spoke in the wheel of the state, so also the public perception of it leaves much to be desired. Yes, there is no denying that things with feminism in our country are not so fantastic, as stated themselves feminists, but that does not change the fact that this movement is, and women, rational and consistent, say the right things. But our society is susceptible to clichés, stereotypes and other opportunities denied to condemn and belittle everything that is not as simple and primitive, then, that it is necessary to delve into and what is necessary to understand. We decided to deal with the fact that talk about feminists today and explain why public opinion sags in many moments.

Feminists pose as victims of

For they hate feminists and why it is a dead end for society

For a long time women have fought for their rights, and now they have all the same benefits as men. They can vote, wear clothes that they like to drive a car and to choose a career rather than stay at home, raise children and do not argue with her husband. And in general, women are allowed to say anything. It would seem that still need women? There are moments when it seems that the goal of feminism - not equality, but a literal humiliation men desire to complete the rule over them, in order to take revenge for all those years when women's opinions nor set at naught.

But people who laugh at women, raises a variety of social issues, and I think feminism is something unnatural and miserable, do not understand one thing: feminism is, and thus it is needed. After all, if the stars are lit - it means that someone needed! The fact that women today can do what they want, does not mean that the activists and feminists continue operating modes pull strap, wanting to play the role of the reputable women of the past, thanks to which today we have the kind of life that was not there before. Modern feminism that does not fit into the limited understanding of men and women continues to move progress, because the problem did not end on the fact that women were allowed to wear men's pants. Violence, reproductive health, better education, equal pay, education adequacy, assistance to women from countries with low social and economic development, changing attitudes and relationship to the body, sex and beauty (which, by the way, refers to the problems of old-fashioned upbringing), debunking stereotypes and misunderstandings based on social rigidity - today feminism is much more global than the struggle for what is ostensibly there for men. Now ask yourself: is progress - is that bad? Is having achieved something once, you need to stop and say, "Well, thank God, now I can for some time about anything not to think"? Modern feminists are real, but not those that only chanting slogans and terms, the essence of which they themselves do not understand - these are ordinary women, ordinary people, just their range of interests is not limited to daily business, they want to move the world forward.

Is this sacrifice? No, it's common sense. But sit back and enjoy what is already there, and do not ask for more seems more sacrifice, because it brings to mind the phrase: "I am not happy with a lot, but why should I do something does not arrange? I can drive, vote, work, painted, cut their hair and showing her body in Instagrame to change or not to change partners. What else is necessary for happiness? ".

The feminists argue that women are weak

According to the traditional view, the man - earner. He needs a lot of work to be independent, to be able to continue his race, a family, to invest in creating a better life for themselves and their families. But the modern picture of life does not always show that this view is valid. Today, women are doing the same, simply because in addition to home and family, people are now available, and other spheres of life. it would be stupid not to be interested in them and sit at home. This is true for both men and women. That is why many people choose a mobile, free lifestyle to be able to change the scope of activities to spend the earned money for themselves and their desire to develop and learn the world. This raises the question: If men and women live the same way, why men can cope with life's difficulties, and women - no? Why do I need feminism, which once again emphasizes that women should be everyone's attention, support from all sides, and the most equality, to finally live as they would like? That is why people who do not recognize feminism, believe that the only way a woman once again display their weakness on display, it's pointless and it is a pity, because men do not. Of course, this idea is true. But again, the sight of overlooked the fact that in a society still is believed that men are not supposed to complain, as well as the fact that women need to be head and shoulders above the men, if they want to achieve something. If a woman has dared to very ambitious dream with her in society demand is greater than with men. It is not so obvious, but many women are faced with it. Sexism is in the form of jokes, rules, and sometimes open. In fact, feminism can be compared with the women's movement, are designed to make women's lives better, to educate current and future women in a different way to treat yourself, your dreams and their implementation. And this movement is so loudly declared itself that men who do not have such a movement, and everything in general, is developing its course, as it was before, experiencing cognitive dissonance.

This idea shows that the world is designed so that for a man to live a better life, it is enough just to start doing something. No one will ask, and why, and the woman must first explain to herself why she does it, then others, and when dobetsya something to be faced with accusations of weakness. Did someone ever wondered how a man became the host of his own company, or made a fortune? No, because it is quite natural for men. But the woman who has done this, or enlisted someone's support (which, incidentally, is not prohibited for men), or was there a completely different way.

Women may indeed be weaker than men, but feminism seeks to teach them to be stronger than they think they are.

Feminists hate men

For they hate feminists and why it is a dead end for society

The feminists hate men, and men hate feminists. This question is very fragile and is connected to, anyway, with roles that women and men play in society and in interpersonal relationships. Men like strong women, but the women who climb into all men's affairs. Men like it when women are smart, but not when these women taught their lives or cast doubt on currently. Men like beautiful women, the ones that excite desire, know how to give pleasure to know what's what in all spheres of life, but still, women who want justice, they are annoying. Only it seems to us that this is absurd? Feminists - is not angry at men by women. These are women who have realized the absurdity of the situation described above. The woman - not the silent object of desire. Of course, all people like to be attractive, I want to be loved, it is understood by all educated people and not without reason. Take, for example, the philosophical thoughts of Jean-Paul Sartre, who said that every person aspires to be the "object" of someone's love, because without this it simply ceases to exist for itself. It is foolish to deny sexuality, beauty, desire for sex and attract partners. But even more foolish to believe that feminism - a movement of offended that men like sex and silent. "Let's men will select everything that they did not dare even to think of us as women" - well, it's just nonsense. objectification of the problem lies much deeper. It is a well-established position in society: a woman must satisfy. Sometimes the idea comes up that we do not notice how we become its victims. Feminists do not hate men, many of them have families, partners, the desire to farm and be reversed mothers and housewives. They are trying to say is that a woman - a person, as a man, and they have to interact as individuals, no matter what kind of relationship they share.

Feminism denies traditional gender roles

According to popular belief, feminism is only suitable for those women who are not comfortable in the role of women. They want to work like men, are not interested in cosmetics, clothing, appearance, do not want to educate their children and want to be an alpha female in your life and relationships. If a woman lives under the protection of men, she retains her femininity and confesses his weakness and dependency - it is not a feminist, and the attitude of her appropriate to them.

We find this idea is not entirely accurate. All again rests on the social fabric. Being a mistress, a wife and mother - it's not a real job, is not it? It does not make money, it does not solve global problems. And if you want to be a feminist, then there is nothing to live off the husband. But that's just it is, again, completely irrational.

Men and women should be equally invested in the family, the economy and the maintenance of the marriage. If one partner stays at home with the children while the other works and makes money - this is normal. At the same time demand a fair attitude towards themselves have the right to both partners, and this just talk feminists. A man should be courageous and to do "all the work", and the woman should be feminine, to be called a woman. These concepts should be a personal choice of each and dominance sabmissivnost or in a relationship - it's character traits and temperament issues. Fashion and beauty industry - is an art and an integral part of life, work and family - too. Often it happens that in a relationship a woman carries a lot more responsibilities than men, and thus remains feminine. Instead of thinking that feminism denies gender roles, it's time to think about what they generally mean, and whether we are talking about "change" or "rejection" of sex, or the same people tend to be aware of their responsibility for what they do . Before you scream that feminism - it's not feminine, you should pay attention to what is generally correct to build relationships, build a career and choosing a partner. We feminists can learn this, like so many others.