How to live in a studio apartment, in what does not refusing

Make a living in a studio apartment - for someone's dream, and for some quite a reality. But no matter how wonderful and modern look does not seem to you a studio apartment, its layout and the limited amount of space can play a cruel joke on those who do not know how to arrange your interior. On the other hand, for those who are dedicated to the tricks of organizing space, the studio can become not only stylish and comfortable but also functional. We've put together 4 different variants of arrangement of furniture in a studio apartment for those who have recently got or shelter all the time huddled in the cramped quarters.

1. Holostyatskoe nest

How to live in a studio apartment, in what does not refusing

This way of organizing space studio apartment makes a visually more spacious. Here you can put as a single and a double bed with minimal loss of space, which, of course, a big plus. This layout is not for nothing called holostyatskim nest, as it is suitable for one person, shall be calculated from time to time to host one or two guests.


1. You can use a double bed, as it was she who makes the space visually larger.

2. Chest for clothes can be used as an additional table or a cabinet for a television or a notebook.

3. Small stools can be used as a coffee table or additional seating.

4. Additional wardrobe - one more place to store things.


1. Not all prefer king-size beds.

2. This layout is not designed for the job, so I have to work in the kitchen or coffee table.

2. Functionalism

How to live in a studio apartment, in what does not refusing

This minimalist, practical and very attractive layout of the apartment-studio is ideal for those who have very little time at home, doing chores. So if your social calendar is full, a neat and functional area will be just in time.


1. The kitchen table can be used as a workplace.

2. Bed is located in the center of the room, creating symmetry.

3. Sofa, delivered at the bedside, can serve as an additional seat on the case, if you still will glance away.

4. A small amount of furniture creates the illusion of more space.


1. This arrangement of furniture does not leave itself "living space".

2. Despite the fact that such a move in the apartment is very easy, plenty of space remains unused, but not free.

3. Only that gathered

How to live in a studio apartment, in what does not refusing

As is clear from the title, this plan assumes that the apartment will accommodate a couple, which means that people who are ready to share common space and sleep in the same bed. But, of course, for a comfortable existence of both roommates, layout of the apartment studio should be as competent. All that is in the apartment, must be designed for two.


1. Additional storage space can be created by a broad chest.

2. A small table to stand in the corner as a separate area for breakfast and dinner.

3. Chest of drawers for clothes is more like a bedside table. 4. Comfortable chairs will serve as seats where there is no room for a sofa.


1. The bed, against the wall, making it difficult for someone who has to sleep near the wall as on the bed literally have to climb.

2. The absence of the sofa - it is a good idea only for those couples who do not like to fail and watch soap operas. While it is always possible to make the bed.

4. The hotel room

How to live in a studio apartment, in what does not refusing

This layout - this inspiration of small hotel rooms, efficiency, which at a minimum of space to collect as much practicality. This layout is very practical, easy to use, but is designed for a man accustomed to order and relaxing pastime.


1. Sofa, hiding behind appliances, visually enhances the space.

2. The arrangement of furniture allows you to watch TV lying on the bed or couch.

3. A comfortable chair in the corner creates a cozy place to read or relax under the rug.

4. Dining table, located opposite the entrance - a great workplace.


1. Sofa, standing beside the bed, means that the bedside tables are either very small or non-existent.

2. Since the room is no place for an extra dresser, storage space is very limited.