Course for success: 5 famous women on how to motivate yourself

In the difficult moments of each of us need inspiration and wise advice from someone who knows how to construct this life. To move forward and achieve success, it is very important to be able to ask for help and to hear important words at the right time. Motivation and awareness are important in different spheres of life: from the creation of a successful career to fighting for justice and their rights. We collected motivational quotes from successful women whose names you've probably heard in the movie, press or modern culture. Despite the fact that they are popular, they are primarily women, who went to his success in the same tortuous path as the common people, but they were able to time their example can trust.

1. Mindy Kaling

Course for success: 5 famous women on how to motivate yourself

If there is someone who could radiate wisdom and self-confidence through art to laugh and make people laugh, it's Mindy Kaling - comedienne and author of books such as "Why did not I?" And "Anyone can do without me?". Her daily wisdom - that is what we have lacked in the way to their own goals. Tips offered Kaling relate to various spheres of life. But despite the fact that many of its words may seem commonplace to have enough rationality and sincerity, so as not to look for another.

People talk about confidence, not thinking about what a hard work. It is a mistake to believe that the work is not important. Maybe it sounds too arrogant, but I do not understand how people can consider themselves confident, without working up a sweat. Confidence - respect, it must be earned. According to Mindy Kaling, the real success is the ability to work for the sake of it, really hard, and do not enjoy all the benefits that sends fate, without realizing the responsibility.

Find your passion, and then begin to work in earnest, and then confidence will come. I guarantee.

2. Meryl Streep

Course for success: 5 famous women on how to motivate yourself

Meryl Streep has long earned a reputation as one of the most successful and wise women of Hollywood. It is a force whose presence is felt on the screen and in life. According to the Strip, it is necessary for the success of many things, including compassion, attentiveness, sincerity and ability to hear other people. Meryl Streep talks about the important things today very succinctly - so that it wants to listen. In her opinion, modern society is in great danger, because in a world where so much evil, people still do not respect each other.

Disrespect provokes contempt. Violence is violence. When the strong offend the weak, everybody loses. Respect others, even if they do not agree with you. Always remember about compassion.

3. Beyonce

Course for success: 5 famous women on how to motivate yourself

Beyonce can be considered one of the most prominent contemporary feminists. Queen of contemporary pop music continues to challenge the music industry to change the standards, tearing the labels and call all to the realization and acceptance of his or her identity, rights and justice. Beyonce is not afraid to speak and stand behind their word, on the contrary, the singer is proud that she was able to speak sincerely, and inspire others to change. According to Beyoncé, the success is not in perfection, and how women relate to her. In her opinion, it is necessary to take care of your body, to invest in it, you also need to follow the psychological health that most modern women ignore, to develop their sensibility and sensitivity, without feeling guilty or selfish. The world will see you such as you represent yourself, and will treat you as you treat yourself. Fight for what you believe in, set goals and achieve them, but do not forget that sometimes you need to give yourself a break. Let that which you want to happen without someone's permission.

4. Reese Witherspoon

Course for success: 5 famous women on how to motivate yourself

For Reese Witherspoon ambitions - a favorite word. A successful actress, producer, fashion designer and activist, gender equality, Witherspoon inspires and teaches women to be strong and able to stand up for themselves at work, at home and in the world, build strong relationships, achieve their goals and be happy. The actress believes that the most important thing - it's not afraid to lose. For women it is important to have an environment of strong, motivating individuals who have inspired confidence and developed the courage it sometimes required to limit the old circle of friends.

A successful woman is no time for people who do not inspire her and do not support. In life, can meet a huge number of people who want to humiliate, ridicule, intimidate or draw in their personal problems. This is a great lesson in life, which is difficult to learn while you're young. But with age, women are beginning to get rid of people who do not need them in their own lives. This is a healthy approach. You do not have to be a good friend to one who is not a good friend for you. You also do not have to be a good daughter, sister, wife, someone who treats you poorly. Be brave and do not be afraid to use his power to fulfill his desires.

5. Gloria Steinem

Course for success: 5 famous women on how to motivate yourself

Most of the freedoms that have become the norm in the modern world - it is a merit of Gloria Steinem. Activist, writer, journalist, editor, and feminist, Steinem is fighting for women's rights since the late 60s. Today it is - the symbol and face of the women's movement, which opposes domestic violence, fights for the legalization of abortion, and more. Its achievements it for many years published in the feminist publication Ms. Magazine, continuing to write great books on gender equality and to fight for the freedom of women so far, although it is already 82.

In a documentary about his life Steinem says that honesty means to achieve success.

When we tell the truth, we inspire each other. Truth helps us to understand that there is no such thing as "perfection". We are unique, but far from perfect. That honesty is the key to freedom, and perfection is too overrated.