Simple and effective self-defense techniques for women

The ability to protect themselves, of course, goes to the list of essential skills for any girl. It is enough to learn a few tricks that will not even require a partner to workout to feel confident. They walk on the evening street, Erect, rather than looking around uneasily at the dark nooks and crannies.

The preliminary work

Simple and effective self-defense techniques for women

The best defense - to prevent the attacks altogether. Avoid walking through the deserted streets of a small with poor lighting, and keep in a handbag pepper spray. But this is so sure everyone knows. Therefore, we will proceed from the situation that avoid unpleasant walk was not possible, as the balloon is not - or can not be removed.

If you feel that someone you are persecuted, then immediately turn to the nearest shop, cafe or other open space. When everything around is closed, it is necessary to change the route and go to the nearest major street. If you go on a little-known area, then take a look in advance the existence of such streets.

Do not let strangers into the front door, even if they are ringing the keys. Keys can not be on that door. I'd rather be rude than to get stuck in an unpleasant situation.

Walking down the street, squeeze in a hand an umbrella or house keys. So it will be easier to defend if necessary. One is a simple action will help to add certainty.

to protect Receptions

It is not necessary to go to martial arts to successfully fend off the attacker. As a rule, such men are cowards and are hoping to intimidate her and deprive her of her ability to think clearly. So do not panic and act quickly and confidently. By the way, do not try to hit the attacker in the groin. It is this technique remains in the memory of every girl from many films and manuals, but men are also well aware of this and will defend this area in the first place. Especially, if the attacker has a long coat or a coat, even a successful attack to be effective.

"Prayer" for mercy

One of the strongest shocks, which may cause an untrained person - it hit the edge of the palm. In addition, such a blow can easily disguise. Fold hands as if pray for mercy. This is a natural gesture in the event of an attack, so that the aggressor and not think about what the next move for you will slip his hand as if you clean off the dirt from his hands and hit her on the edge of the Adam's apple, nose or upper lip striker. Try to keep the shot came in the little finger, but even if you get it to them, they can cause painful shock the aggressor.

The eye and the eyes

Simple and effective self-defense techniques for women

If the attacker is quite close, and both of your hands are free, then try to sink thumbs into his eye sockets like a screwing them inside. That he could not so easily lose your grip, the fingers grab a corner of the lower jaw to the ear. So you make your attack even more. Do not hesitate to injure the bastard, because, firstly, it is quite difficult to do, and secondly, such a measure would not be in excess of self-defense measures. Most likely, he was just temporarily lost his sight, and not be able to shock hit you back.


Shoes with heels transformed into a formidable weapon, even if the heel is quite small. Lift the leg and forcefully thrust it into the place where the lower leg moves legs in a pile. Strike will be sent down as if you trample something on the ground, so it was particularly strong. Immediately after that, it will be possible to escape, because the enemy is unlikely in the near future will be able to step on the foot. If you are an ordinary shoe, and the striker is not shod in boots, ankle boots or something else with a closed ankle, you can kick it with the strength of the bone at the ankle, threw him out of action this.


If the attacker does not wear a hat that covers the ears, it will be an effective blow to him. To damage was deafening, fold her hands cupped and sharply hit them straight on the ears of the aggressor. Loud bang disorients him and give time to escape or hold another strike, and in the best case - cause the eardrum. If the blow was too weak and did not lead to any effect, you can have time to grab the ears forward and remove them to the side, over and down. Once the enemy will be forced to bend down, add scheme knee kick to the head.

What to do when capturing

When you run, the aggressor can manage to get a hold of your hand. In this case, hang on it, leaning forward. Set up one foot forward and move her body weight, and the second lyagnite ago as furious horse, trying to get in the thigh or groin person holding you. If the strike was not strong enough, then turn around in the same low position from which you kick, and the striker hit the side of his hand below the chin.

Simple and effective self-defense techniques for women

When the attacker keeps you in front or behind so tightly that you can not move his arms, the best way to become a header. If you can reach your opponent's body parts teeth - excellent. It will be your secret weapon. Bite him without fear, as if it was poorly-done steak. Our teeth are still not arranged so that we could really cause them serious harm (even though the germs from the mouth can put forward to the hospital for a long time), but it will be a hell of a painful and make him let go.

What to do when strangling

Escape from capture-strangulation hardest, because you can not hit his head forward and his hands, most likely, will not be able to reach the aggressor party. The most effective in this situation would be clutching at the palm of the attacker, if you try to pry them but do not want to waste time on this useless procedure. Sharp movement wrung her delicate little fingers at an angle to the palm of your hand. You can break them easily, and even if not - the pain is indescribable, and striker necessarily razozhmet hands.