9 common mistakes that you allow at work

1. Man-disaster

9 common mistakes that you allow at work

You might not know this, but the team had an opinion about you as a man-disaster, worse than which nothing can happen. It is your responsibility for broken copier, spilled coffee, unsaved, and many other minor and major troubles that you continue to make, but do not want to take responsibility for them. This form of disorder of office has not gone unnoticed by other people, and in the case of a larger puncture you will definitely be reminded of this.

How to fix it: to stop being human, there is a general feyspalm, be careful and accurate. If you know that something went out of control, type of courage and ask for help. Of course, you would not specifically breaking office equipment, but the fact that you do not have the courage and organization in order to fix it, can irritate your colleagues and have a negative impact on your career as a whole.

2. And what did you eat there?

Lunch breaks in the different companies are different, but as a rule, every employee is responsible for their own lunch. Of course, bring treats in many offices is considered to be a manifestation of good taste and is regarded positively by co-workers, but for you to have long walks reputation as a man who loves food, but never brought something of their own. Every time you go to dinner with colleagues, you manage to forget the purse or ask to have treated, because the next time you ugostite colleague back. And if one does not eat while working, then you are sure to find a way to eat. Do not be surprised if the next time you will not call the general lunch, because such behavior on your part can be annoying colleagues. How to fix it: Get rid of the habit of always something to eat while working and even more interested in what to eat next to you. If you are not used to calculate your budget so as to go for a business lunch, tightly enjoy breakfast or bring food with them, while trying not to show meal. Find a place where you can eat, and then go back to work.

3. Do not work and others do not give

9 common mistakes that you allow at work

The representative of the most common types of annoying behavior at work - it is a colleague who is always nothing to do. That is why it starts in every way to distract other employees under the pretext of fascinating conversations, requests Council on matters other than work, and sometimes even a direct appeal to colleagues to entertain him. Of course, in the office there are people who do not mind a break from work and have a chat with someone, as well as those who will tell you that. But most people who are constantly working atmosphere decompose complaints or inappropriate conversations, eventually begin to strain.

How to fix it: If you really have nothing to do at work, try a few solutions to the problem:

1. Do things in advance. So you'll do more work, and thus will soon be able to speak about increase or a raise.

2. Use the free time to learn something new. You will develop and development - it is always a positive thing for any career.

3. Discuss with the boss his schedule may be, you will be able to go home earlier if you so quickly do the job, or you will have new responsibilities. If none of the items does not suit you, then wrap your procrastination in minimally harmful direction can always be sitting on the internet or doing their own thing.

4. The work - a second home

Many of us are so fond of their work, that they are willing to spend on it all the time and almost live in their workplace. But the love and enthusiasm is not justified by the fact that many do not realize that the office should prevail atmosphere of hard work and organization. Thus, you can limit the comfort of their colleagues by regularly adjusting makeup or even using a desktop like a boudoir, carrying elements of their hygienic routine, as well as coming to work in the form of inappropriate or expanding and storing the items of your personal life in the workplace. This "comfort" may have a negative effect on your reputation, as well as annoy your colleagues, because not everyone is nice to look at as you brush your teeth with dental floss or leave your cup is not washed, going on vacation.

How to fix it: Learn to share the comforts of home and work discipline. Perform any manipulation of your appearance so that no one saw. Remember overt and covert dress code and, in the end, learn to respect your colleagues and leave the "private" outside of work.

5. Servayvelist

9 common mistakes that you allow at work

Servayvelist - a word that has come from American English, and it refers to a person who survived the global problems like nuclear war. Surely in your office has a similar employee - sufferer and stoic, the share of which falls most difficult tasks that he or she is, of course, with the courage of transfers (or maybe it's even you), but do not forget to inform all others about how a lot of his work, and for how long he did not go on vacation. The fact that such behavior has always been regarded and is regarded as an irritant, because nobody wants to listen to other people's complaints, while each employee considers his job the most difficult and responsible. How to fix it: If you are on the spot servayvelista, then review your employment. Nobody has the right to force you to give up vacation or overload you without appropriate payment. Do your work and do not take on too much, if you understand that it will be difficult. But if you like to be a victim of circumstances, but the complaint - is a way to relieve stress, then just imagine that say about you when you do not hear, and stop to prove their worth, showing the sacrifice and courage where this of you do not expect.

6. Sorry for the delay

Nobody likes people who are always late. If you know what is being said, in my experience, it's time to face the truth. You're late for work, come later than the others at the meeting, and after distracting colleagues with questions that you missed. At the same time you manage to leave the workplace earlier or stay for lunch-break. Of course, anyone can become a victim of force majeure, but systematic delay are fast becoming the norm for you, and, of course, it will not go unnoticed.

How to fix it: If you are not satisfied with your work schedule, you may need to discuss it with the boss. Too many workers are choosing to work remotely due to the difficulties that do not allow them to keep working procedures. But in the good, it's time to grow up and stop treating the lightly. This is especially important for those on the timely arrival of which depends the fate of other workers.

7. Eternal patient

9 common mistakes that you allow at work

The question associated with the departure to the hospital, can be extremely thin, depending on the place of your work. Many employers have extremely negative attitude to the employees who "are sick", which pushes the latter to visit the workplace, even if you feel unwell. But despite office politics, there is nothing more frustrating than looking at his colleague, constantly blowing his nose, taking medication, complaining of their condition and, more importantly, represents a threat to the health of others. How to fix it: to respect themselves and their colleagues. If you are sick, take time off and start to actively treat and decorate the hospital or just working from home. It is not necessary to go to work the next day after a high temperature, as insufficiently treated disease would return again, and you and will sit in the office, being the object of universal pity and irritation. Learn how to care for their health properly.

8. The heroine of the novel office

Office romances happen very often, and usually, they are all straining. Of course, there are times when loving colleagues behave absolutely in the bounds of decency, but it just so happens that they are now husband and wife. In the more frequent cases of office romances at first kept secret, but after the witness gets the whole office. Demonstration of the senses, even the most innocent, not all people can be regarded as something sweet, even in everyday life, not to mention the work, where there is a business relationship.

How to fix it: If you do not want to sacrifice his novel, and maintain only business relations with colleagues, then at least learn how to separate personal and work lives. Communicate with your partner, colleague, as if between you is not a raging fire of passion and follow decorum, not to become the subject of gossip or irritation.

9. A pioneer

9 common mistakes that you allow at work

Another familiar type all colleagues - is a pioneer. Such an employee has appeared in your office even when you're on foot under the table went, and then he has a wealth of experience and knows better than anyone how to make not only his, but someone else's work. If you know the description of yourself, then that's what your colleagues can be annoying. In any situation, you will certainly be reminded of who is the most experienced, and who knows all the loopholes. You displeases others not because they are jealous of your experience, and because no one likes to have no respect for his professionalism and especially learn how to live. How to fix it: If you really know how to do my job better than others, then this is a great advantage that will help you succeed. Do not waste your experience on the other, do not show off, and certainly not exaggerate its importance. Do a good job and respect of his colleagues.