10 Ways to Make Your Instagram interesting

Your Instagrame several dozen pictures, but no one except best friend, does not put the huskies, and make new friends in no hurry to appear? For a cozy home "event recorder", which is conducted in the mode of a personal diary - this is normal. You just leave the notches on the memory. If you want something more, it is necessary to do Instagramom close and slightly adjust its development strategy. A lot of time it will not take.

1. Got something to say

10 Ways to Make Your Instagram interesting

First of all, you need to decide on the theme of his Instagrama. Photographs of Coffee "Starbucks" and new shoes and other household rubbish, which is often called the buzzword lifestyle, not will draw subscribers. Unless you have already become a famous person. Analyze your own life, what are you most interested in what you could constantly find new faces? See what photos in your account, and most laykali commented. There are so many directions that you can take a very narrow segments: own drawings, landscapes, textures, shadows, books ... Yeah whatever! At least take pictures every day at the same spot on the street, showing its change depending on the weather, time of day and the people around them. The main thing that it was interesting.

In one account, you can combine a couple of different themes, such as seals and photos of smiling people in public transport. Maximum - 3, if they are closely related. If so, you can highlight the quality, more, notorious for each separate account. It will be more difficult to spread the photo, but it is much easier to attract subscribers.

2. Let there be light!

The most important of the technical details at a frame formulation - is light. Try to keep everything in your shot was well lit. Then the images are clear. If you decide to photograph something in the evening, you'll have to find quality equipment that will make good pictures. Typically, the camera of the smartphone will be removed only vague shadows or unnatural flashes flash objects.

3. Every day, on schedule

Photos need to post regularly. And it does not mean that the more often the better. Regularly - just then measured. Optionally, make a new post every day, but if you do not appear more than 2-3 days, the subscribers will forget about you or get bored. If you have made a whole bunch at once beautiful and suitable personnel, the "reserved" part of them. Large flow of even the most beautiful photos will annoy users of the service. Put a couple of tell for the seed that you have more, and then the post 1-2 photos per day.

4. # Kakbytskheshtegami

Imagine that hashtags - is an acid that you need to add a chemical compound that has gone reaction. Not do without it, as without hashtags - it is for them, many subscribers they find interesting topics. But if you add too much, everything gets messed up or even blow up. Have you ever seen a record in Instagrame, where the usual scenes a few tens of hashtags, far exceeding the length of a signature? It's all annoying.

It is desirable that hashtags was not more than 5-6 pieces. In this 2-3 can make the most common, and the rest - as much as possible "point" in relation to what is happening in the picture. So it is possible to attract the maximum audience.

5. We're not alone

For the successful promotion Instagrama need to interact with other users. Do not hesitate to put the Huskies to their friends and like channels, feel free to sign up at all with a similar theme. If your photos have other people with accounts on Instagrame, be sure to mark them. Geotags can also be useful: the more precise the better. That's just to get involved in adventures with the "you me, I give you", and bots are not worth it. Live users love such Cheaters, and you do want to bring their creativity to real people, rather than to get a few thousand "dead souls" as subscribers.

6. Black and white - a hit of the season

Complicated question - whether to use the built-in filters Instagrama? Some of them can actually look good on the average quality pictures, but in the majority of shots are immediately visible and are arranged very roughly. If you want to handle their own photo filters, it is better to put an additional application with great potential. At the same time it helps to stand out from other Instagram accounts on your topic.

7. It's all in the technique of

10 Ways to Make Your Instagram interesting

Do not be lazy and learn the technical capabilities of your camera, even if it is very simple, built-in smart phone. In every cell there are nuances of light correction, focus, and other things. They may not always you will come in handy, but it is the technical diversity will help to make a good shot, unlike the others.

Reading books of photography, too, will do you good, even if half of deductible techniques you definitely will not use. Especially good literature on sequential shooting, as any user Instagrama primarily a reporter's own life.

8. Talk?

Each photo must be signed in addition to hashtags and geotagging. Sometimes Instagram subscribe because of the witty comments. Do not make it too big and deployed - still in Instagram do not come to read. However, it will be useful from time to time to ask questions of the audience to get fidbek - answers and comments. At the same time learn firsthand that in your posts like or dislike people.

9. Fashion for people

In Instagrame often appear fashionable trends that are somehow related to almost all users. Recall, for example, Prisma app that turns your photos into paintings. Or the endless pictures of Pokemon from the same game in unexpected places. Use these "fancy gadgets" it is necessary to carefully. If they had just appeared, then you can apply them when they approach the subject channel.

But if the "trend" for a few weeks, it is best not to touch it, even if it is right for you. Users will get tired of the dominance of this theme in the film, so do not annoy them once again. You can use the idea of ​​a month when HYIP subsides. Then it will look like a kind of retro reminder.

10. Each iron

Cross-promotions can attract many new subscribers. This means that you need to set up automatic messages about new photos in Instagrame other social networks. Almost all the major social sphere is now well Instagramom work with, so you do not need to do anything, but your friends and any "mimokrokodily" will be able to link to your photo feed.