Bachelorette: how to organize the interior of a single girl

Organize an independent life - means to prove themselves to the maximum. This is especially true of the interior. Bachelor apartment for girls - is a way to realize their wildest dreams, create your own style, as well as to grow and prepare for a life together. We decided to find out with how best to organize an apartment for a single girl, and that there is bound to be.

1. Lunch place

Bachelorette: how to organize the interior of a single girl

Regardless of whether you live with your family or by yourself, did the right thing dining area - is the first step to "adulthood". There in front of the TV or in the bedroom, of course, very tempting, and if you live alone, it is very easy to afford, but once you got the beautiful dining room, you immediately want to improve, and other areas of their lives. In addition, the presence of the dining room can get rid of bad habits that will make themselves known, if your house ever will be someone else.

Neat and small dining table with a bright tablecloth, flowers in pots or terrariums, comfortable chairs and plenty of light - that is what will help to create comfort in your kitchen, and she will want to return to often dine on time and correctly, as well as prepare and adopt guests.

2. Reorganization small space

Independent living can be an ideal option, especially if your apartment does not differ a great area. Alone, you learn to get used to the lack of space, but small room is much easier to make a cozy. Despite the size of your home, there is no reason to deny yourself the space, given that there are many tricks that help to visually enlarge the room area or vice versa, to fill the vacant seats. Add a creative with the help of a universal solution for storing small and cute things - such as shelves on the walls. So you fill the empty space, adding volume and for all solve the issue with where the store such things as books, magazines, vases and candles that could want to see.

Questions to the reorganization of the space can be solved with the help of light and colors of the interior. Add more light shades or thematic prints, such as brick or wood, which only at first glance seem to be pinned down space, but in fact greatly enhance it visually. If your room has no window, do the simulation of natural light with the help of pictures, frames or portable lamps.

3. Large wardrobe

Bachelorette: how to organize the interior of a single girl

A large walk-in closet - one of the advantages of the single life. Nobody will store their belongings there, where you want to place a large wardrobe, assembled by you for a long time, and no one will interfere in the way you organize the storage of these things. Built-in wardrobe or closet room - is the solution for the interior, which can serve you for many years, which is why, in considering an independent life in an apartment, do not forget to think about how you will store your things, because there are many ways to do it in style, comfortable and most importantly - a long time.

4. Elements of comfort

Life alone can, and is full of advantages, but also to meet and cons. Sometimes you can feel comfortable, and sometimes - a lonely and bleak. To avoid this, it is necessary to pay attention to the comfort of your interior. Gathering together items such as a comfortable and creative furniture, jewelry, blankets and pillows, flowers, candles and frames with photographs and art, you can create a great design that will want to stay at any time.

5. Workplace

Regardless of whether you have to work at home or not, literate interior modern woman distinguished by the presence of the working area in which you can do everything that does not belong to your household or personal life. So it is possible to distinguish between important areas and give them enough attention, without losing balance.

Availability of jobs allows you to with great enthusiasm to engage in work, answer emails, or even make purchases on the Internet. Here everything must be organized and minimalist - nothing superfluous and unnecessary. But in addition to austerity, the workplace can also be different coziness and share a piece of your personality.

Workplace - this is not necessarily the office. Make a business area, you can use the table, screen or rack, which can hold a lot of useful things. Since you live alone, you're unlikely to come across something that will distract you, but the fact that you have a place to do business, very well motivated.

6. Entertainment

Bachelorette: how to organize the interior of a single girl

Of course, the fact that you live alone, does not mean that you spend all your free time alone. That is why another element of his bachelor apartment - is the presence of entertainment. Organize a mini-bar using scrap materials: a small wooden or metal racks, as table perfect for this approach to, since it does not take much space, but will add to your interior industrially.

Properly placed equipment also plays a large role. Hi-fi or TV is best kept in a place where everyone can get together. Well as entertainment can be used decorative elements that attract the spotlight: paintings, sculptures, prints from favorite series "Game of Thrones", unusual plants and objects that speak of your active lifestyle.