Breathing: breathing exercises every day

Without food a person can live for several weeks without water - a few days, but no air will not last a few minutes. To understand the importance of free and easy breathing, think about how you feel when a bad cold. Not a pleasant feeling, so the mood and feeling spoiled, not only because of the very cold, but also because of the stuffy nose. Even on Apple-devices there are special applications for training of correct breathing and breathing exercises.

What are the benefits of proper breathing?

Breathing: breathing exercises every day

When we breathe deeply, smoothly and steadily, the cells of the body evenly saturated with oxygen, and the body as a whole begins to operate more smoothly. We expand the beneficial effects on the shelves:

• The brain receives more oxygen starts to work more productively, and sleepy little less. With the constant lack of sleep and short daylight hours it is indispensable.

• The lymphatic and circulatory system is used to its full potential, so fluid quietly circulating in the body, warming it and saturating oxygen. Immunity is enhanced by boosting the immune system and thermoregulation becomes more intense. That is, in the cold season, we quickly warmed, and in summer - the heat easier to bear.

• The lungs and mucous membranes can be cleaned, so the chance to pick up a nasty "sore", associated with the respiratory tract, is greatly reduced. • Regular practice of breathing exercises accelerate the process of metabolism and have a soothing effect. You can kill two birds with one stone - to start to lose weight and recover from insomnia.

• The cardiovascular system is strengthened through better blood circulation, and if you exercise or fitness, the load is transferred much easier.

• Most non-obvious advantage - your voice can become more deep, rich and enjoyable. If, along with breathing exercises to do more and speech, you can become a true ace rhetoric and diktorstva.

The general rules of breathing exercises

Breathing: breathing exercises every day

To achieve proper breathing, you need to regularly engage in breathing exercises. It sounds very "academic" - but in fact it is an easy and pleasant experience takes very little time and very quickly produce results, improving the well-being considerably.

• Engage in daily need. The best thing twice a day - morning and evening, it will give the most complete effect. In the morning, breathing exercises will help you to wake up, and the night will soothe and relieve stress accumulated during the day.

• Do not do gymnastics after a meal. Breathing exercises are performed on an empty stomach or not less than 1, 5 hours after a meal. Otherwise, a full stomach hurt you to breathe in deeply. • Before performing the exercise you should warm up: perform tilting and rotating the neck, twist and wave his arms to disperse the blood. have much to take it easy, as long as the neck "is not crunched", especially after sleeping.

• For classes you need to take a comfortable position in which you will not be shy. Practice shows that it's best to get exactly, straightening the spine, or sit down on something hard. Posture should be steady, back - straight, and the head - not thrown back.

breathing exercises Exercises

Breathing: breathing exercises every day

The basic exercise for beginners is very simple. Enough of them to make with regular repetition of body tone and improve the overall state of "unconscious breathing." If you are interested in as breathing exercises that you want to deepen the effect, then your service will be a lot of different schools: from yoga to copyright courses. In their selection should be guided by it, what kind of positive effect of breathing you want to enhance.

to Perform these exercises in any order, however, to complete the complex should always be a series of deep breaths to apnea.

For convenience, you can count the seconds in your mind, pronouncing a long word for each digit. Americans usually say: "One Mississippi, two Mississippi ...", and you can come up with something of my own. For example, instead of Mississippi to take the word "Pinocchio" or "caramel". • Breathe in the nose, exhale nose. 10 times. Inhale deeply nose for 2 seconds, then for 2 seconds breath hold nose and exhale for 4 seconds.

• Breathe in the nose, exhale mouth. 10 times. The same as in the previous exercise, but do not breathe a nose, and mouth. Athletes call it the "circular breathing".

• Inhaling stomach. 15 times. Nose deep breath, straining not to the chest and abdominal muscles. Hold for 4 seconds and to exhale nose.

• Triple breath. 10 times. Make 3 short breaths, then exhale deeply. No matter how many seconds it will take, the main thing - not to gain too much air over the 3 "sip". Just a light should fall slightly more air than usual.

• Take a deep breath to breath-hold. 3 times. Take a deep breath, my lungs much air as possible. Hold for 3-5 seconds, then add the lips narrow "tube" and gradually let the air out of the lungs.

How often do you do breathing exercises?