The victim of the stereotype: why women are much more likely to be depressed than men

The victim of the stereotype: why women are much more likely to be depressed than men

Depression - a disease quite common, especially in the west, where the stars and then inform the media about the problems of constant anxiety, panic attacks and physical problems associated with frustration. According to statistics, overseas depression is considered to be a serious problem and is actively diagnosed and treated, whereas in Russia this issue is given little attention. Meanwhile, the disease affects all, especially women, who according to the World Health Organization, more prone to depressive states than men, and much more difficult to carry disease. We decided to find out what is connected with such statistics, and how important it is to pay attention to their mental condition.

1. Hormones

Common stereotypes that women have to accept - this is their tendency to be "changeable" in matters of sentiment. Depression can also be considered as one of the manifestations of such a fluid, when in fact the diagnosis is much more serious. The thing is a stress hormone that can initiate depression, and studies have shown that men and women respond to the release of such hormones differently. Women are harder to tolerate stress, but they are more susceptible to it, it is hence the concept of "changeable mood." The cause of the symptoms of depression can be a serious hormonal disruptions, such as stress or postrodovoy approaching menopause.

2. Stress

Studies have shown that women often complain of health problems associated with constant stress, which is a potential threat to mental illness. At the same time, men are more resistant to nervous breakdowns, so they know how to distract your mind from the development of depression, while women focus on the symptoms, only increasing the stress. Rather than actively seek a solution to this problem, women are often asked the question "Why do I feel? Am I doing something wrong? ".

3. Symptoms

The victim of the stereotype: why women are much more likely to be depressed than men

The reaction to the symptoms of depression in men and women also vary. According to the Wall Street Journal, women often focus on the emotional side of the problem, feeling hopeless and helpless, while men look at physical abnormalities caused by depression: loss of energy, insomnia, stress, irritability and anger. Due to the fact that women often seek to engulf the problem and dissolve it in themselves, which leads them to the need for treatment, male contrary, renounce all that is associated with depression, which allows them easier to endure mood swings and failures of the nervous system.

4. Stigma

Why do women experience depression and seek help from a doctor more often than men? There is another stereotype that treatment for depression for men is a sign of weakness, according to specialist magazine Wall Street Journal. For women this stigma does not exist, again thanks to the stereotype of the variability. According to the World Health Organization, women tolerate the treatment much easier and feel much more comfortable discussing their mental health problems than men.

Given this fact, women really are more prone to depression, but also can recover from it more quickly than men.

However, not all women seek help from a specialist. Statistics show Mental Health Journal, many women felt depressed mood during menopause norm and did not see the need to be treated. 50% percent of women surveyed believe that depression - is a natural part of aging, as well as postrodovaya depression - this is the norm for mothers. Apart from the fact that many women do not realize the seriousness of the situation, there are also problems such as shame and embarrassment, not allowing many patients to recover from the symptoms of depression. From this again we can conclude that the label of "changeable" makes women victims of their own nature, do not allow them to recover from the fact that the society is considered "normal" for women.

5. The diagnosis of

Due to the fact that men and women differently tolerate exhibit and respond to depression, doctors agree on the opinion that the treatment should be gender-specialized. According to the World Health Organization, to diagnose and treat depression in women is much easier than in men, despite the presence of similar symptoms and reactions. Studies have shown that hormonal drugs used to treat depression in men, gave very different results in women, again, due to the different hormonal levels. for women treatment should be based on overcoming psychological problems, while drug help solve the physical disorders. We can confidently say that modern depression treatment technology has leaped forward in matters of diagnosis, treatment and drug development for both women and men. The only thing to remember patients is the fact that depression - it's not a bad mood, but a serious disease that can lead to a variety of consequences.