Questions that should be asked at the interview before agreeing to work

Questions that should be asked at the interview before agreeing to work

The work must not only be a source of income, but also the opportunity for personal, emotional, and career growth. Be engaged in business, which brings together the pleasure of money, it is to have everything you need to realize himself as a person and a professional. How do you know which company you're going to start that is waiting for you and whether it meets your needs and desires will help these important issues that should be discussed with the prospective employer.

Can you observe the work of someone from employees

This question is fully depends on the company policy. If each employee requires a certain level of privacy, then you in this request will be denied. Otherwise, it is a good opportunity to join in the work as soon as possible, especially if you're watching an employee on the site where you will be working. It is possible to analyze the pros and cons of this job or remember some key skills that you need to pull up. And if the employee does not object to your presence, then perhaps you will be able to get valuable advice.

What employees can change if desired workflow

Usually this question is quite relevant and is often found in the interview, but if your potential employer not highlighted this point, it is possible to raise the issue on their own. Information about what difficulties staff face every day and how these challenges are regulated by the authorities, will give you an idea of ​​how you will feel in a new place. Whether working conditions and affect the pace of the new space on your health, both physical and moral.

What are the goals of

Vice President SalesForce says that if the employer openly speaks about the goals of the company, it eliminates confusion.

A clear idea of ​​the work purposes - one of the most important qualities of SalesForce workers. We are working to provide a clear representation of the workers that for which they work.

Awareness of what the company should achieve as a result of their work, can be useful when it comes time to ask about the increase.

that employees enjoy their work in the most

Questions that should be asked at the interview before agreeing to work

If such a question is not cleared in the course of the interview, you should ask him, because it reveals the atmosphere workflow and enterprise culture. Communicate with future colleagues, asking them what they most love in the process. This will help understand whether a company is suitable to you or not. It is also helpful to talk to those who have left this job in order to have an idea of ​​the negative moments, creating a complete picture of the situation.

Is there a program of training new employees

When choosing a new job, it is only natural to hope for success. Information on how to be trained, to show you, at what level is the process of investing the company of your work. Sometimes the training program is not included in the workflow, as the company may not have the necessary resources or the item may not be necessary. For example, you are self-employed, in which case you may have to approach the study of the working process. The more information, the easier it is to make an informed decision.

What can be achieved in a year of work for this position

In any work should be a place to career and personal growth. Ask a potential employer about the possibilities for development that you have, - This will help determine whether this work justifies your expectations. It is better if the work - it is not just the development of your skills and the rise of the company and the opportunity to build a successful career.

For what merit employee receives an increase

Another way to determine the order looks like success and career growth within the company. Who deserves increase with authorities point of view: an employee who has made a significant innovation, or the one who follows directions well heads, whether creativity is valued. But the most important thing - to find out if there is increase in principle, because often employers prefer to hire outside experts than improve existing employees. If you do not plan to stay in this job for more than two years, the issue is not so critical, but for more permanent work is very important to know where you will be after a certain time, if it becomes a useless routine.

Are bonuses for new employees there are

Questions that should be asked at the interview before agreeing to work

The idea of ​​additional bonuses for employees - a tool of motivation and stimulation of creativity in the working process. If you know in advance if there is a prospect of the end of the first year you work, you will be able to regulate the decision-making process during the execution of their duties, will be the motivation to do something extraordinary. To know that the employer values ​​its employees, it is important not only during the interview, but after many years of work. Way to encourage employees may be different depending on the financial possibilities of the company and, of course, the atmosphere. Award, interesting jobs, long-term business trips, important contacts, or just courses that increase the professional level. All this can be clarified during the interview in order to get a clear picture of what's waiting for you.