Territory "for women only"

In many European countries, in the US and in Russia there are a lot of places only women: this fitness centers, dance studios, massage parlors and beauty salons. This allows us to take care of yourself, exercise without looking at the view of our "target audience", that is, to come to the gym to sweat pants and no makeup, not in uncomfortable shorts. However, the scope of services and urban policy this initiative are actively developing. It turns out that the market offers "only for ladies" today is quite extensive. We tell you about the most interesting.

I want to live with a woman


Such a statement today few people are surprised if you are a girl and book a hotel room. The practice of female double rooms are practically in all big hotels. Well, if you like the "Youth" placement format and wish to stay at the hostel, then there can snuggle. Depending on the size of the hostel, you may be offered a place in the overall women's room or, for example, the female half of a large dorm, where the area for women is separated by a partition or wall. In some larger hotels there are even female floors.

Public transport for the ladies

Create an urban transport lady came up with the authorities and social services, in response to complaints from women about incorrect behavior of the men in buses and subway at rush hour. Many are rude, make ladies unambiguous hints or enjoy the hustle "to dissolve his hands." It should be noted that the Russian underground as witnesses recognized, in this context clean and beautiful: in the legs may occur, but trample women's honor - barely.


Women's metro cars are in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, they are marked with pink stripes. Metro and buses for the ladies ply in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City. Also, there are lady-bus in India, Guatemala, and other countries.

By the way, in our country it is easy to travel with the neighbors of their sex. All trains and ships, there are women's place: not just for the ladies compartment, but also accommodation seats compartments.

Female taxi

Womancar first appeared in the UK, as a response to frequent sexual harassment male drivers to passengers-women. Just a few years service "female taxi" was taken for granted in many countries, such as Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA and Russia.

Main correctly - as drivers are the only women here. But can a man go with them? The implication is that there is, but each company interprets this provision alone.

Very often clients taxi station for the fair sex is presented in pink color, although it is not a prerequisite of such journeys. They even called the "Pink taxi", "lady taxi".

The machines for the ladies often have child seats (some companies are positioning service as a female taxi and family), and still soft drinks, magazines, guidebooks and brochures.

at the same table with the ladies


Cafes, restaurants and other rave and culinary places where welcome guests - ladies, not so rare. However, in the case of restaurants, not on the principle of work is most often "allowed" and the policy of attracting places is the girls. Although there are different cases, for example, in New York there Provocateur Club, where you can get there in two cases: you're a girl or guy you are and how each of the club owner. The facility is located in a good area - next to the road Gansevoort Hotel. There are two very female plus: the interiors are created in the wake of the inspiration of the tour Madonna "Virgin Tour" in 1985, and the bar card developed together with the company Borba, which produces anti-aging products for the face. For example, instead of Manhattan where you can enjoy cocktails, accelerate the growth of eyelashes, skin cleansing or spice all antioxidants.

Another unusual cafes where waiting just for ladies - a makeshift factory floor: Mies Container in Seoul, South Korea.

The "Miss container" only work men - very courageous and dressed in "working" clothes.

Men here too it is possible, but still make up the lion's share of women clients. At the entrance you give the helmet with the order number, and the walls are full of notes thanked a la "Dear waiter, you're the best. P.S Marry me. "

By the way, satisfied not only women's cafe, but also women offise. For example, in the American marketing company Hime & Company, you will not find one guy. At the initiative of the head of the company, is also a woman, all female employees laid weekend when they lost their loved one. Their number varies according to age: young women up to 24 years of relying one day to 29 - two, thirty-year on vacation as of private life are as much as three days. These measures were taken after the corporate survey, which showed that after a breakup girls are very experienced and can not concentrate on work.

Separate training


Such knowledge space format in the younger generation head for centuries was the only and natural. However, in the modern world with the advent of gender equality and the abolition of certain aspects of life (eg, the girls do not learn to embroider, and the boys - to fight saber) became dominant learning mixed type.

On the other hand, today conducted a lot of research in order to improve the quality of education. And the theme of "Good to whether separate education" in the top. For example, in the US, according to the latest data, for boys and girls classes have become very popular.

Russia also has such projects. Most of them - experimental.

But there is also the experience of, for example, the school works in Moscow, where for 15 years there are classes for the "M" and "D".

But in America, and we most often on this format does not pass the whole school, but only a part, and the students together with their parents make an informed choice.

The theme is actively discussed in the network where parents recognize that boys and girls are very different, and it is separate training runs better, though, and starts to limp socialization. Statistics for the year 2007 says that at that time was against 75% of Russians.


The opinions of scientists are ambiguous: there are studies showing that boys and girls learn better separately because they have different patterns of assimilation of information, such as girls, to remember, most effectively repeatedly to repeat as boys learn better by doing everything. On the other hand we have gender studies, where there is no single answer not only the question "Are men brain Varies and women, as well as at what age?", But also to the question "Are the traditional patterns of behavior, such as" girl excellent student "and" boy tomboy ", natural, or do they impose on society?". In addition, we all met boys who remember when "bison" and girls who still need to check yourself. Also of interest are the study, says that most of the feminine and masculine plants settle in our heads from 14 to 17 years. However, the system of education in the formation of separate classes until he takes this into account.

Perhaps the ideal would variativnoe training: such a school where there are separate classes "A" and "M", and the selection of items of interest, and even the ability to combine options selected items, separate classes and joint exercises. In any case, the majority of parents and psychologists believe that even in the separate training of children must be a common social environment: the break, events, walks, workshops.