Start a career from scratch: how to make money on a hobby

Start a career from scratch: how to make money on a hobby

Psychologists say that the untapped creative potential - the most common cause of depression. Due to the lack of implementation of uselessness and despair people are much more likely than due to unrequited love. Real-world examples show how easy it is to find the strength, the desire and the opportunity to cash in on his work, and the demand for manual labor, to the unique quality stuff is, even in times of crisis. Agree that the experience the fun of the process work more enjoyable than constantly complain about the fact that routine business takes up most of the time and effort.

Nowadays, the concept of "job for life" seems obsolete. If you try to time to change your strategy from time to time and the scheduled plan, the career will be based nonlinear, but efficiently and successfully. We propose to study the history of successful women who earn their knitting, decorations made of natural stones, soft toys, dolls copyright, photos and so on. N.

These stories - only a small part that can inspire you to change your life.

Lavrenteva Elena and her doll

Lavrenteva Elena received higher technical education, but fame was brought to her dolls. For the past 8 years, Elena has been a puppet creativity.

Start a career from scratch: how to make money on a hobby

She has tried different techniques of work, including the molding of plastic. Recently, she is interested in the manufacture of textile dolls in sculpture and hosiery machinery. Elena believes that textile doll - perfect and nice gift.

On average, interior doll stands 2000-3000 rubles. Elena participates in exhibitions, speaks at conferences, as well as master classes. Elena says that the amazing, beautiful, and very warm world of dolls can not leave anyone indifferent.

Elina Ellis - illustrator of children's books

Elina Ellis - a talented illustrator, interesting person and a caring mother, she changed a lot of jobs before finding his calling, and now books with her illustrations are published in different countries, from Russia to America.

Start a career from scratch: how to make money on a hobby

She worked as an office manager and was featured in an advertisement, an economics education. Elina says that after 7 years of work in the office bored her. Closer to 30 years Elina realized that time, as sand seeping through his fingers, and if you do not try to develop a hobby right now, 30 years later she would "sit gray moth in holey sneakers in the kitchen."

Elina has passed a complicated path, she bought up dozens of children's books, sitting in bookstores, study the market, publishers benefit by drawing and illustration, went to the presentation of new books, I meet people and gradually became overgrown with the skills and knowledge that will enable it to become known today illustrator.

Elina started a blog in English and Russian languages. Illustrated her books are sold in Russia, Ukraine, America, England, Australia, Korea. Elina feels happy, successful, she loves her job and her life. Elina says that success - this is when you're busy and you love it you joy.

Tatiana Oleinik - knitting guru

Tatyana Oleynik is proud to be the main occupation at the moment - the teaching of art knitting for beginners and professional knitters.

Start a career from scratch: how to make money on a hobby

Tatiana - the author of numerous publications in various magazines on needlework, such as "Just Shoot Me," "Fashion Magazine", "Moments of Wonder," "Lena." She works in "Kizhi" Creativity Center since 2000. Tatiana is proud of its achievements. fashion design she started many years ago, and now can not only carry out repairs and restoration of all knitted garments, but also to create a work of art, such as a knitted sweater with Swarovski crystals.

Tatiana leads master classes, organizes fashion shows and solo exhibitions. For her, it is important not only to share their knowledge with the students, but also to see the results of their work at the exhibition, they are published in journals. On his website Tatiana willingly shares the secrets and subtleties that will help novice knitters.

Zoe numeric and its decoration

Zoe Chislova author creates jewelry, works in the techniques of "sutazhnaya embroidery" and "beadwork". The library of any needlewoman working with silk ribbon (Shibori), there is a book about Zoe Numeric ornaments with ribbons. In 2014, this talented craftswoman became Ambassador Swarovski. Zoe takes part as a jury member in various competitions, a member of the exclusive club of masters, partner and instructor Swarovski. She successfully conducts master classes in sutazhnoy techniques, writing books, published in journals both in Russia and abroad. In 2013 sutazhnoe necklace "Caprice Catherine" won a prize at the international competition "Russian greatness of spirit and the luxury - the era of Empress".

Start a career from scratch: how to make money on a hobby

For 5 years Zoya learned all about the intricacies and tricks when working with Soutache. A variety of fine jewelry, the average price is 7000-10000 rubles, are the hallmark of this talented girl. Creativity charges Zoe energy, optimism and gives a positive attitude. She says that even on a desert island would take all their supplies of beads and Soutache to do what he likes.