In pursuit of beautiful handwriting

In pursuit of beautiful handwriting

The man everything should be beautiful: the face and clothing, and soul, and mind ...

- Anton Chekhov -

Perhaps, it is difficult to find someone who would not know a quote Russian classics. You can not know the author of this phrase, we can only know its beginning, namely the first 6 words before the colon, but not even know these "remains" - ignorant. To the classics you need to listen, and God knows what kind of typing text into your life with the keyboard, I could not help thinking: how many more people in our time, is able to write with the help of his hands and pen? It's clear that they can all but do it nicely, bringing clear, graceful letters, generously decorated with swirls unimaginable - who in our times has this gift? After all, there are cases where the will of fate and chance have to write by hand, instead of typing: statements explanatory. Eventually beautifully bred surname on documents adds the status of its wearer.

calligraphy at all times highly prized, it was immediately clear that a person is all right with nerves when he takes the letter exactly.

In fact, experts say, the handwriting can tell about a person almost everything. Such a person is always formed, and hence the interest in dialogue, patient and gracious. The beauty is in the details, and human beauty built such trifles. And if we are talking about women, the importance of these small things grow, like the price of the auction.

Foundations and foundations

To begin, take a look at his handwriting. Find a sample of your handwriting, it is necessary to paint more than one sheet. Just do not be in a hurry, on the contrary, try to write much more slowly than usual, to come up with my own writing letters that you are comfortable when writing and very readable. If you can not choose your own style, take a look at medieval manuscripts or letters of famous historical figures. Benefit in the era of the Internet make it very easy.

In pursuit of beautiful handwriting

When everything is more or less chosen, try to write the selected font to see how all the squiggles and letters are easy to mail. The freer the hand, the better.

Determine which letter you decorate without hesitation. Which of them have curls and flourishes?

Take a look at the intervals between the letters. They are everywhere on the page or distributed more evenly?

Look at the strokes of a pen or pencil that you use. You need a combination of thin and thick strokes in the letter.

Beautiful handwriting requires the work of the entire arm or even the shoulder and not just the hand and fingers. So pay attention to the muscles that are involved in the letter. This will help you understand whether you tense only the brush or the whole arm with loose, soft manner of writing. Your fingers act as a conductor on the page, but they do not have to do all the work, otherwise your writing will be compressed and crumpled. It is for the Emancipation of the letter, try to move the whole arm and shoulder, not just your fingers.

Practice, practice and more practice time

And then begins the process of endless practice. The only way to achieve success. Price beautiful handwriting - spent dozens of prescriptions. Only need to take your prescription and not the school. School teaches the basics of writing, but we need to achieve beauty. To do this on a blank sheet to write the way you plan to use them in a letter. No purchased will not work, because you need to develop your own unique style. In addition, we prescribe intervals, writing words and phrases. It is necessary that the intervals between the letters and words are uniform. For this practice on lined paper, to feel all the intervals. If the time to draw and paper razlinovyvat not, the internet is not difficult to find a couple of other books and notebooks for cursive handwriting.

Do not forget about the connection of letters. Make sure that you close the gap at the top of the letters. If they are not closed, it is difficult to determine, for example, which is the letter "a" or "and."

The best way to write in cursive - is to put a pen between the index and middle fingers so that the tips of the fingers and thumb were near the end of a pen or pencil. For such a "snap", of course, need to get used to, but it eliminates discomfort and pain in the hand when writing.

The technical side of the matter

In pursuit of beautiful handwriting

So the basic elements right writings (from the technical side of the issue).

- The feet are firmly planted on the floor, you have a straight back, and you are comfortable.

- The right hand grip. It should be between the first two knuckles, gripped between thumb and forefinger, and rely on the middle finger. It is very important to keep it at an angle of 45 degrees.

- Choose the correct stationery. It's like a magic wand like a sword, as the apartment - they should fit you perfectly. So you should choose your stylus or pen tips here can not be. It is the same with paper or a notebook - not least bumizdelii it is convenient to display the words. Here, of course, I want to recommend not to save money on the accessories, but the budget has not been canceled. - A lot depends on the correct position of the paper. That the lines do not went home, and the words did not fall "tail" above or below the conventional line, divide the sheet into 4 lines:

Baseline - Line on which lie the lowest point of a string of letters.

The top line - the line of the base line, which changes its height depending on the height of the letters.

Uplink - line, which all relate to the ascending letters ( "b" and "c").

Downlink - line, which relate to all descending letters ( "e" and "h"). Its height should be equal to 5 (from baseline).

Do not interfere with calligraphy. With them you can achieve a higher skill. And, as already stated, endless practice. In our case, the letter - it is the same craft. And unlike school years, where it was important to quickly learn how to display the letter, you have full capacity and resources to improve writing.