Mariya Savinova: champion disqualified

Mariya Savinova (Farnosova) not so long ago was one of the strongest runners of the planet on the middle distance. For three years she took the gold medal of the world championship, European championship and Olympic Games. However, in February 2017 Court of Arbitration for Sport athlete stripped of all its major honors for violation of anti-doping legislation and athlete disqualified for four years. Chelyabinsk runner was one of the victims of the misfortunes that have befallen the Russian athletics after the scandalous revelations of state doping system in the country.

The beginning of the path

Mariya Savinova was born in Chelyabinsk in 1985. As a child, the girl has long sought a place in the sport: go to the dance, badminton engaged, achieving the title of Candidate Master of Sports. Only in her youth, she for the company with his girlfriend ended up in training for athletics, where her gorgeous physique appreciated authoritative coach Tatiana Maslova.

Mariya Savinova: champion disqualified

It is to persuade a girl to try their hand on the treadmill, and that was the last time changed their sports preferences. First, Maria Savinova prefer short run, speaking at distances of 100, 200, 400 meters. However, it gradually became clear that the rate of women is not high enough for ultrashort sections, and she came to run the 800 meters. This distance has become a crown for Mary, all the awards she wins it is on it. Within a few years after joining the athletics chelyabinka rapidly began to improve. She was third in the junior championship of Russia in 2003, it has been the first in the European Cup. In 2004, Mary has already risen to the second step of the podium at the championship of Russia.


However, in 2005-2006, for the athletes came a certain crisis of growth, it has ceased to progress and show the results of the championship. Unhappy with this state of affairs Mariya Savinova decided to change the situation, and in 2006 moved on to coach Vladimir Kazarin.

Mariya Savinova: champion disqualified

The solution turned out to be justified, a year later she updated her personal record, I came very close to the symbolic milestone of two minutes. Winter of 2008 Maria again beat his record, ran beyond two minutes and won the winter national championship. This medal was her first major victory at senior level. She went to the World Cup in the rooms, but it did not have enough international experience to compete with the best female distance runner.


2009 became a turning point for athletes year. Having won the winter championship of Russia, she went to the European Championship in Turin, where all of a sudden became the first. Maria came out of the status of the budding juniors and quickly broke into the elite running middle distance, where competition in Russia has always been particularly acute. In summer 2009, Mary continued to gain momentum and won the national championship in the stadiums. At the world championships in Berlin, she has traveled the undisputed "number one" team.

Mariya Savinova: champion disqualified

But here it summed up the lack of competitive experience at a high level. According to the girl, she was very much time and nerves spent on news reports of her rivals on the race, so that elementary burn out on the track. Yet here she reached the final and was fifth, which was not bad for a debutant.

The Golden Years

big wins time for Maria Savinova has come since 2010. In winter, she won the national championship and the world championship in the premises, after which it was even released to participate in the qualifying tournament for the summer European Championships. This decision proved to be correct, a native of Chelyabinsk to Barcelona arrived in great shape and just never noticed her rivals on the track.

In the final race she was in the middle distance secured the victory and finished with a broad smile on his face. This made a great impression, and she has even been recognized as the best athlete at the end of the year in Europe.

In 2011, Maria Savinova won the World Cup in Korea, proving that he can fight with the best African runners.

However, a career peak for girls was the victory at the Olympics in London. The final race she started in his usual style, remaining in the tail of the leading group. Just 150 meters before the finish she turned her skills and sprint ahead of all competitors, including the odious Caster Semenya.

Severe punishment

December 2014 was the starting point of the collapse of the Russian athletics. It was then that the famous broadcaster ARD film was shown, which opened a huge abuse of doping in Russian sports. One of the central antigeroin this masterpiece was Maria Savinova. According to her confession made in a private conversation on a hidden camera, all the athletes of the country, "sitting on the Farm".

Mariya Savinova: champion disqualified

a huge doping scandal broke out, Russian athletes banned from participating in international competitions, was not admitted to the Olympic Games in London. Mariya Savinova she was in limbo, unable to act on the treadmill for a few years.

Revealed the violation of anti-doping law on her side, with the result that in February 2017 it was announced that her four-year disqualification, and also decided to pick up awards obtained by Maria in the period from 2010 to 2013.