How to choose the shoes for girls in school: Tips and reviews on manufacturers

With the coming school year, parents are faced with the high costs associated with buying new things for their students. You need to buy everything you need for the whole academic year, from pens and pencils to clothes. The first thing to think about school uniforms and spare shoes. What kind of shoes to buy, not to miscalculate how to find a compromise between parents and children? All this considered in detail in the article.

Shoe Material

On the Internet a lot of information and suggestions of shoes by September 1, we can determine the choice of focusing on the photo. Shoes for girls in school is selected from a natural material, because the child wearing them will not be less than 6 hours each day. Feet in shoes have to breathe, it is possible to remove clothing if it gets hot, and with shoes difficult. So do not skimp on choosing shoes material to keep your feet do not sweat and breathe, and then move will be more comfortable.

How to choose the shoes for girls in school: Tips and reviews on manufacturers

It so happens that not everyone allows wallet to purchase shoes, made of genuine leather, because the costs are enough for the new school year. Therefore, you can choose shoes made of natural materials from the inside: footbed and finishing. About the material of construction of the shoes on the inside and outside, can be found on the box or label the product or the price tag. All doubts were dispelled as possible, having asked the seller or the manufacturer's website, where you can also read reviews of the model. Now more and more users write opinions and share their experiences of acquisition and socks.

How to choose the shoes for girls in school: Tips and reviews on manufacturers

Do not hesitate buying shoes for girls in the school, to smell them. After all, the smell of natural leather can not be mixed with the odor of glue, rubber or synthetic leather.

high heel shoes

Children suffering from flat feet, you can buy a special orthopedic shoes. Despite the great desire to buy shoes for the girls to school in high heels, do not go on about it. It can be assumed only a small and wide heel. Typically, these heels are used in shoes boys models, they positively affect the formation of posture. Pay attention to the fulfillment of the backdrop, it should clearly fix and keep the heel, but do not be too hard to not cause blisters.

examine the shoes with the purchase of

It is necessary to pay attention to when trying on shoes on how comfortable sitting on the leg shoes, there is a possibility the child to bend his leg, and that would be with the top at this moment, what outsole: whether it can bend and will not be whether the slide.

Palpate carefully hand shoes inside, make sure that no seams under the lining, to avoid further discomfort when wearing and rubbing feet problems.

With the size necessary to choose some middle ground between the shoes in size, and "for growth." If the shoe is high, then the child will fall in it, and if it is close, it may harm the health and growth of the foot. Choose from a wide and closed toe.

How to choose the shoes for girls in school: Tips and reviews on manufacturers

to new shoes for girls in school during the socks are not separated at the seams in the first day or fallen off the sole, just check for the presence of protruding threads, unfinished seams.

The appearance of the shoe

The school needs to go to the official-business style, so that the clothes do not distract from the educational process accessories and bright color.

Shoes for girls in school should be quiet tones, discreet colors and without massive and bright accessories.

As a rule, made shoes for school season in black. This color will be quite relevant to the school uniform of any color.

But the shoe manufacturers thought about small mods, so you can find a variety of shoes of other colors such as brown, blue, gray, maroon and dark green. And parents need to pay attention to on the shoe was not colorful inserts, variegated colors, especially when choosing shoes for boys, let will prevail in the monotony of the acquired model. And for the girls school shoes fit without cumbersome and layered ribbons, a large number of crystals and stones.

How to choose the shoes for girls in school: Tips and reviews on manufacturers

Due attention should be paid to care for shoes. Therefore, before buying shoes for school of suede material, or light in color, think carefully (preferably with a child) that they can be cleaned at home or at school.

It is best to buy shoes on a festive line of September 1, and then, as do the majority, used as casual shoes for school.

Pick up shoes, depending on the child's age

Choosing shoes for girls in school at the age of 7 years is necessary as easy and convenient as possible. Let there be a minimum of glitter and sequins, they should be self-colored and discreet color. Heel should be no larger than 2 centimeters, to the growing body does not receive excessive load.

How to choose the shoes for girls in school: Tips and reviews on manufacturers

shoes to school for girls 12 years will be a good option on a small heel, but rather pumps or ballet flats. It looks and fashionable, and beautiful, and the child will not feel tired in the back and legs.

for a high school student Shoes

Choosing shoes to school for girls from the age of 14 must not only appropriate fashion and appeal, but also business style. Preferably not be given the choice of high-heeled shoes, because this type of footwear is not regulated by the school rules. If you go against the teachers of the school, it will be very difficult to achieve success in academic achievement and earn the approval of the teachers. It is best to stop the choice in favor of the classical model than stilettos and shouting defiant color. Looks great shoes in beige and pastel colors, the legs will look longer and slimmer, and these shoes will suit any outfit.

Give your child a choice of spare shoes. Do not rest on his preferences, because it is to wear shoes every day during the school year.