River Island stores in Moscow, address and history of the brand

River Island ( "River Island", "River Island" is also often used the wrong version of the pronunciation of "River Island") - a popular clothing brand in the UK, founded in 1948. At the moment, around the world there are several hundred boutiques - in Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Turkey, Poland and other countries, including 6 River Island stores in Moscow.

The history and philosophy of

The founder of the brand River Island - Lewis Bernardo. Initially it was a small company owned by his family. The company is not always called so, as they are now. The first store, which was located in the British capital London, was discovered under the guise of Lewis Separates. The brand was renamed many times (to use the name Concept Man and Chelsea Girl), and only half a century after its founding, in 1988, followed by the familiar name stuck.

River Island stores in Moscow, address and history of the brand

The first store River Island opened in Moscow in 2009 in the shopping center "Metropolis".

Under River Island brand name, clothing, accessories and shoes. All this is aimed at young people under the age of 25 years. Clothing designed by several designers. Therefore, the collections are things different directions so that each customer can find the right thing for themselves. This military, retro, vintage, romantic style, and others. The main feature of River Island is that in each collection is added to any UK national element, for example, wool cell parts made of suede, mustard, wine color.

River Island stores in Moscow, address and history of the brand

River Island: addresses of shops in Moscow

  1. TC "Metropolis", Leningrad highway, 16a (57 tram, bus 321).
  2. TC "European", the Kiev railway station area, 2 (metro).
  3. TC "Ryad" Manezhnaya area 1 (M1 bus, M2, M3, M6, 144).
  4. TC "Town", Enthusiasts highway, 12/2 (365 bus, subway).
  5. TC "Mega Belaya Dacha" 1st Pokrovsky passage, 5 (14-km Ring Road).
  6. SEC "Golden Babylon", Prospekt Mira, 211 (Tram 14, Bus 93, Subway).

Due to the fact that all the shops in the Moscow River Island are located in malls and shopping centers, and are easily accessible by metro or public transport from almost any point of Moscow.

The official website, application for smartphones and online order

The official website of the company are regularly published updates, new collections and information about promotions and sales. There is a map on which you can see the exact location of all River Island stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities and countries.

In addition, the official website of River Island can directly order the clothes brand in more than 100 countries worldwide. The cost and speed of delivery depends on the destination. For example, to send a parcel to Russia costs 15 Euros and takes 11-14 days.

Developed a special application for IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, in which all the functions of the site.