New Look stores in Moscow, addresses and routes

New Look - it's a well-known British brand of youth clothing, numbering about a thousand branches in dozens of countries, among which 8 New Look stores in Moscow.


Initially, the new look is translated from English as "new look". This style of dress, which appeared in the late 1940s and is an elegant, feminine look. After the war - a period of austerity and hardship, the result of which was the image of women as active lean athlete with strong body and short hair - it was followed by the era of wasteful luxury. Style new look was proposed by designer Christian Dior and, in fact, is not something new, but rather is a classical female figure.

New Look stores in Moscow, addresses and routes

However, the eponymous clothing brand, which appeared 20 years later in the late 1960s, is the complete opposite style new look. Under the New Look brand is produced bright custom youth apparel, footwear and accessories. History of the brand in Russia began in 2009 - that's when the first store New Look was opened in Moscow. Store immediately became popular thanks to the variety of the presented goods, combined with affordable prices (an average of 500-2,000 rubles and even lower during periods of sales). Soon began to open new stores New Look in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities.

Addresses New Look stores in Moscow

Most branches of the brand in the capital located in various shopping malls and shopping centers, but there are shops housed in separate buildings.

New Look stores in Moscow, addresses and routes
  1. The second floor of the shopping center "Metropolis" at Leningrad Highway 16a. It can be reached at the 57th tram or a bus 321-m.
  2. On the ground floor of the TRC "City" on the highway of Enthusiasts, 12/2. Here there is a bus 365. Near the metro station "Rome".
  3. In the shopping center "Mega Belaya Dacha" at the 1st Pokrovsky passage, 5. You can get a bus number 5, 315k, 553k, 556 and others.
  4. On the ground floor of the mall Vegas on the 24th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road, where buses 717, 471, 37 and 37K.
  5. In the SEC "Golden Babylon" on Prospekt Mira, 211/2. It can be reached by subway, by bus 93 or tram 14
  6. Str. Mosphilmovskaya, 54, which can be reached by bus 205, 487, 205k, 67 and others.
  7. Manezhnaya Square, 1. These buses 144 m2, M6, M1 and M3.
  8. 14-km Ring Road.

Online Order

Buy clothes New Look brand can not only on the official website of the company, but also on such popular online shopping sites like Taobao, Asos, Wildberries, Lamoda and others.

Delivery from the official site is carried out in several dozen countries, including Russia, where the parcel will go about 8-10 days. In Ukraine and Belarus delivery is not provided, but the inhabitants of these countries and other CIS countries can benefit from the services of intermediaries in Russia or Poland.