Fashionable styles of dresses school. School dress for senior pupils and first-graders

As of today, more and more schools want their students wear school uniforms. Some institutions are buying the same clothes for all pupils, others leave the appearance of the garment at the discretion of the children and their parents. It is believed that wearing the form and discipline teaches a neat appearance. What is the shape of a high school student and first-graders?

Choosing the perfect dress

There are many styles of school dresses for girls. When the moment of buying a suit, should be guided by the following rules:

  1. Successfully chosen style should combine simplicity, conciseness, but at the same time to be stylish and elegant, especially the last points are important for a high school student.
  2. So, how do you want to wear a school uniform every day for 6-8 hours, then the style of the school dress should be selected in such a way as to not hamper actions and not cause discomfort when worn.
  3. The ideal option is considered the "little black dress", which offered even Coco Chanel. It is appropriate in any situation.


Fashionable styles of dresses school. School dress for senior pupils and first-graders

Some schools make it difficult to choose the form recommendations, but often school dress for a high school should be strict and conservative.

Compliance with the school dress code

For schoolgirls of any age it is important to comply with the framework established by the institution of the dress code. Schools often insist on the following form:

  1. Length of dress should not be too short. The best is a dress that ends at the patella, or slightly higher. Wearing mini and maxi school is considered unacceptable.
  2. The color scheme should be low-key, so you should avoid bright colors. It is recommended to give preference to black, brown, burgundy, dark blue shades.
  3. Thin rigorous way can only be low-key accessories in the form of brooches, pendants.
Fashionable styles of dresses school. School dress for senior pupils and first-graders

When buying a dress that will need to wear every day, you should comply with these requirements to an unacceptable style of school dress has not led to becoming the object of excessive attention of the school administration.

Popular styles

Workshops on sewing dresses for high school student school offers the following universal styles:

  • The case - the most comparable to the "little black dress". Looks always strict and laconic, but his zest lies in the fact that the look allows you to use various accessories, such as overhead collars to give a feminine look.
  • Dress allows you to combine form with a lot of sweaters and turtlenecks, which also dilutes the strict way. Considered optimal one for winter.
  • Dress tulip skirt is characterized by volume, which is shaped like a flower. We should be wary of such a contoured school dresses, since they do not all fit.
  • The dress with flared skirt is a multifunctional thing - it is easy to combine with other wardrobe items, while it never goes beyond the school dress code.

Depending on the type of figure a high school may choose the dress, which will emphasize the dignity and hide the shortcomings of a young girl.

The beauty in detail

For schoolgirls girls it is important that the dress was beautiful, so when you select should pay attention to the details:

  1. V-shaped neckline visually lengthens the neck, it is recommended to modestly overweight girls.
  2. A round armhole allows you to use a variety of decorated false collars.
  3. crew neck looks modern, but it is important that he was a humble and not become bare shoulders.
  4. The length of the sleeves may be any, and in combination with sarafans sleeveless recommended to wear underneath blouses, T-shirts or turtlenecks.
  5. Skirts many dresses have pockets, but they are made more for beauty, so to put in the pockets of his hands or large items not recommended.
  6. are often attached to a dress jacket, which makes the image more strict and solemn at the same time.
Fashionable styles of dresses school. School dress for senior pupils and first-graders

Through discreet but elegant detail is possible to create an image that will be like any high school student.

The dress with an apron

School uniform, which is worn on top of a snow-white apron, is considered to be an echo of the Soviet past. Despite this, the model school dress is popular at the festival last call. It is like no other costume emphasizes the delicate maiden nature, innocence and aspiration to the best. Such a dress is sometimes put on additional accessories - lace white socks, large bows, red Pioneer tie.

Fashionable styles of dresses school. School dress for senior pupils and first-graders

for the first-graders Dresses

Even in schools where there is provided a single form for all primary classes made to dress in business style. Choosing a school dress for a first-grader should be guided by his stern look and feel - because the breaks kids loves to frolic in the lobby. The ideal option considered sundresses with straps - they look good, but also do not have sleeves, which often stain the little schoolgirl. Under such a sundress can be worn as a blouse with short sleeves in hot weather and warm turtlenecks and sweaters. The colors are selected as neutral, for example, school dress blue, brown, burgundy, the use of cells is allowed.

Fashionable styles of dresses school. School dress for senior pupils and first-graders

The choice of material for self-tailoring

Not finding the right options in color or black dresses school, parents go to the studio for tailoring uniforms. Most often, a seamstress offers to choose the material for the dress in the nearest fabric store. At that it should be pay attention to:

  1. should give preference to natural fabrics, in which the child feels comfortable.
  2. is allowed a small percentage of synthetic materials, which makes the dress fitter. For example, wool form rapidly loses its form, rubbed elbows absorb odors, but it is necessary to add some synthetic fibers, and the dress has a very different kind.
  3. The lining should be made of cotton, viscose or mixtures thereof.
  4. Light cotton or linen dresses are perfect in the hot weather, but they have a significant drawback - they are easy to crumple. To prevent this, many manufacturers of fabrics are added to the natural ingredients artificial.

When selecting material for the black school dress should be to calculate the number of necessary fabrics, to cutting seamstress and sewed shape without problems.

Quality First

When buying a ready-made school uniforms should be, above all, to evaluate the quality of the clothes, because the schoolgirl will need to wear it every day.

Fashionable styles of dresses school. School dress for senior pupils and first-graders

It should be noted the following nuances:

  • to dress should be no visible defects - holes, protruding threads, seams curves;
  • form should be good to sit on the figure, otherwise it will not be worn comfortably;
  • sundress for the first-grader should be slightly loose in order to be able to wear it as a light blouse and a warm jacket;
  • tissue should be pleasant to the touch, do not shoot up, do not be too hard and rough, when you attempt to crush should be no major creases.

When selecting a school dress should be aware that this is above all a casual outfit, so you should avoid overly decorated models that may be inappropriate. It is also important that the form present in the wardrobe of a few copies for different occasions.