Pool "Sail" in Tver: an overview

In every city there are different places for sport, recreation and entertainment. It may be cafes, nightclubs, sports complexes, stadiums, etc. One of the popyalurnyh sports -.. Swimming. Useful it may be just jogging. However, force yourself to get up in the morning or after a break on the couch of the day difficult. Therefore, many people prefer to go to a specially adapted physical activities for the institution. Swim is always nice, but where to go - a complicated question. The article will be considered by the pool "Sail" in Tver.



Institution belongs to the Tver University, respectively, equipped with indoor and competition case. Beside the pool there are seats for spectators, which offers a good view.

The pool itself is quite large - 25 meters in length and width - 6 lanes. Water is always clean and does not smell of chlorine. Purification is carried out using ozonation, which is not inferior in quality to the conventional embodiment. Despite the large number of visitors, but also to train the university team, the place lacks everything. Groups are evenly distributed, so there is almost never a pandemonium.

The pool "Sail" in Tver possible self-study and personal coach. They differ in cost. Coming can both adults and children (from 7 years). For the younger generation held training sessions, briefings. Children learn not only swim, but also to remember the rules of behavior on the water.



Pool Schedule "Sail" (Tver) does not differ from other similar institutions. The only drawback - closes too early (when compared to other establishments in Tver). Pool opens at 7.00, so the time to take part of the clients before the working day and closes at 21.00. Many potential customers work long hours, so do not have time to treat yourself to an evening march-throw. It works "Sail" in Tver, seven days a week, but in the afternoon there is a break for water treatment.

Address and contacts

pool location is very convenient. Around are blocks of houses near - body Tver university, professional college №39, Square with a monument. In general, the infrastructure allows not to worry about visitors.

Address: Tver, Griboyedov 2nd, 32.

The information provided on the site is important for beginners to engage in here, so before visiting it is necessary to see it.


You can get here by public transport or private car. If you are using personal transportation, you need to specify which route is preferable. Griboyedov can stop by from the street. Krasin or street. Skvortsova-Stepanova. They will go to a larger street. Blagoev. How to get to the area, tells the navigator. Public transport here goes properly, you only need to check with the driver if he goes to the desired area.


Judging by the reviews, the pool "Sail" in Tver is almost the best in town. Fans of diving, which is not the first year engaged in this sport, say that this is the only pool, which does not use chlorine for water purification. Due to this, it's safe to swim.


Customers respond well to the pool employees. customer service is pleasant, the staff responsible and polite. People who have come to class for the first time, in most cases, are satisfied and continue to visit this place. It plays an important role and pool location "Sail" in Tver. Reviews show that the main visitors are the locals the nearby houses. But there are clients who come to school with the other end of town. It certainly speaks to the high quality of service in the pool.