Croatian striker Eduardo da Silva

Eduardo da Silva - is Braz-Croatian footballer, who is currently in favor of the Brazilian club, "Atletico". This is a very experienced player, who this year celebrated 34 years. Eduardo da Silva serves as a central striker but can also play on the flank of the attack, both on the right and on the left. More information about it is presented below.

Early career

Eduardo da Silva was born on February 25, 1983 in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, where he began his football career. When he was 12, he was able to pass the viewing of "Ceres" in a semi-professional club, which first and lit up. Already in 1997, he moved to the club, "Kennedy Nova", where he continued to be engaged in the youth academy. However, in 1998, when Eduardo was fifteen years old, his family moved to Croatia in Zagreb to a permanent place of residence, the boy moved with them. Naturally, he wanted to continue to play sports, so immediately went browsing in the local "Dinamo", where he was and accepted. However, it was obvious that Eduardo is still too young to adapt to a new culture, so he was sent a year in rent, "Bang" in the Brazilian club. There he spent a year studying in parallel the Croatian language, so in 2000, was ready to join the Croatian club. The following year the young talent has already signed a professional contract with the club, and in 2002 saw the debut of a player at the club. However, first things first. It's time to learn about career paths such as the footballer Eduardo da Silva in detail.

A career in the "Dynamo" and rent

Croatian striker Eduardo da Silva

Eduardo da Silva - a player who initially mainly driven by rent. This can be seen already on his journey for the year in Brazil, where he trained based on "Bang." In January 2001, the young talent has gone on for six months rent to the club "Kroatiya Sesvete", where he was able to get a good gaming experience. Of course, he only played in five games, but was able to score two goals in a professional manner. 01/02 season was the first for a player in the "Dynamo", but his age does not allow him to get practice on a permanent basis. He is only four times out on the field, I did not notice any head action. Therefore, in the summer of 2002 he was sent to the rent in other Croatian club "Inter" from Zapresic. There he played fifteen matches, scoring ten goals, which definitely made an impression on the "Dynamo" guide. Therefore, in the 03/04 season he was a player base of one of the leaders of the Croatian championship. In his first season he was marked by a footballer once 14 goals, and in subsequent seasons continued to show a good performance. However, there was a sensation of the season 06/07, when 23-year-old striker has scored 47 goals in 47 matches. It was then found out about it the whole world, and the leading European clubs wanted to see him in his team. As a result, the attacker chose the London "Arsenal", which paid for the Croatian Player 13, 5 million euros. Biography Eduardo da Silva in the year made a sharp turn, and his career seemed serene.

Go to the "Arsenal"

Croatian striker Eduardo da Silva

In the first season, which Eduardo spent in the "Arsenal", he entered the field in 31 games, scoring 12 goals, but was seriously injured, because of which was out for a year. But when he returned from his injury, he was immediately given a chance, but the Brazilian Croat was unable to return to the previous level. He played in 36 games and was able to score only eight goals. Naturally, it is not satisfied with the leadership of the London club, so Eduardo was sold in Donetsk "Shakhtar" for 7 million euros.

A New Beginning

Fortunately, "Shakhtar" Eduardo is gradually returned to a good level. In the first season he scored twelve goals in the future differ continued good results. Over 113 matches that he played for four years of his contract, he scored 36 goals. The contract with the player ended in 2014, Eduardo moved to his native Brazil, where he was signed "Flamengo".

Moving home

Contract with striker was imprisoned for a year, during which time he played 46 matches, but failed to score only 13 matches. Therefore, "Flamengo" decided not to renew the contract with the player. As a result, the football player made contact with the "Miner", who agreed to return the striker in its membership.

Returning to the "Miner"

Croatian striker Eduardo da Silva

Eduardo has signed a contract with the "Miner" for another year and a half, and during that time had a good idea to supplement their collection goals. He entered the field of sixty times, and during this time scored 21 ball, which was a good result for this age player.

What next?

The contract with "Shakhtar" expired on December 31, 2016, and Eduardo returned to his homeland, this time entering into an agreement with the club, "Atletico Paranaense." To date, he has played just nine games without scoring a single goal, and he gave one assist.

appearances for the national team

Croatian striker Eduardo da Silva

Eduardo was one of the key players of Croatia national football team at the time. Football player for the first time called for the national team in 2005, but he held his debut in August 2006, and immediately scored a goal against the Azzurri. As a result, it has helped the Croats to enter the European Championship in 2008, chop 11 goals in the qualifying tournament. But he was seriously injured in winter 2008, missing a major championship. As a result, the Croats reached the quarterfinals, but without Eduardo. At the World Cup 2010, the Croatian team could not get out of football, but still went to Euro 12 Eduardo, but he could not in three games nothing to be noted. Last match striker spent in the 2014 World Cup, coming on as substitute in the match against Cameroon and giving their last transmission. All for the national team, he spent 62 games, scoring 29 goals.