Simple hairstyles for the evening to medium hair

Many girls dream to go from simple braids boring or tail to something new, but do not dare. And professionals who continually make elaborate hairstyles, often want something interesting, and there are no fresh ideas. Many hairstyles for medium hair at night is easy to make at home, but they are so sleek and stylish that ideas can be used by professional artists. So what to choose? What do her hair with his hands in the evening on medium hair?

Three versions of simple beams

The majority of the most stylish hairstyle is very simple. At the heart of the masterpieces of hairdressing, as a rule, are conventional beams, tails or braids. And considering the average hair, make something stylish and fun is not difficult - it is easier than trying to fix the braid and short curls or cope with long curls. Which hairstyle for the evening to medium hair can be drawn from the beam?

Low beams look very modest, but no less beautiful. These hairstyles are very young girls but also older ladies can find a suitable options. First Evening hairstyle for medium hair from the beam - in the form of a neat shells. Hair must be well comb, starting from the tips and gradually working your way up. Light waves can not prepare for the hair, but rather pull the curls curling. Make a small bouffant at the crown and tighten the strands into a ponytail at the nape. Last flowing hair gum, do not pull the hair completely. Then wrap the ends around to hide the rubber band and tightly fasten bolts. Such a beam can be decorated with beads of pearls or other small pins.

Simple hairstyles for the evening to medium hair

It is possible to slightly modify her hair, using not the usual, and the inside-tail to form a beam. It is necessary to comb the strands and make the tail - as in the previous case. Only the tail should not be too tight. Then it is necessary to divide the hair for the rubber band into two parts, and stretch the entire tail into the resulting hole. It turns out like this.

Simple hairstyles for the evening to medium hair

The remaining hair is braided in a normal braid or fishtail a little fluff to add volume. Then pigtail lift upwards and retract the tips of the tail base. Such a simple hairstyle for the evening to medium hair, too, can be decorated with small pins or wear snug tiara.

A little more complicated triple bundle of braids. To make this hairstyle for the evening to medium hair (photo - below), it is necessary to divide the hair into three equal parts, and each of the braid or fishtail braid usual. Then, from each forming a separate beam and fix pins.

An elegant ponytail

The most stylish - this is a common, simple, without unnecessary frills and an abundance of varnish. Such hair can be called high and lush ponytail. To make such an easy hairstyle for the evening to medium hair, it will take only five minutes and a couple of rubber bands. The secret is to not tie a tail, and two - one should be a little lower, another right on top. The lower strand simply and gently comb to collect, and the top need a little comb. Hair can be screwed, and from the fringe to make a braid, as in the picture.

Simple hairstyles for the evening to medium hair

in the style of Brigitte Bardot Laying

Brigitte Bardot, or just BB - French actress, sex symbol of the fifties and sixties. It is distinguished by an active civil position, scandalous photo shoot (BB first dared to wear a bikini on the beach in the post-war years) and, of course, extraordinary style. Meanwhile, to make packing as the icon of style, it is not difficult.

It should be well comb strands throughout. From the top of a small bouffant hair do and tie "Malvinka" - a loose hair, the upper part of which is tied in a ponytail, a bundle or braid. The tail is not much need to pinch the rubber band, the volume must be maintained. It is enough to sprinkle hair lacquer - and you're done. You can slightly curl the hair iron, and on top of the tail to "Malvinka" satin ribbon tie.

Simple hairstyles for the evening to medium hair


Side accents

It is enough to make the tail side - and a stylish hairstyle for the evening to medium hair ready. But the usual ponytail or braid only one side - it is too boring for any ceremonial events, parties or receptions. Here are a few options for how to diversify this hairstyle:

  1. Divide the hair into two parts - one for the tail (most of the locks), one to make the hair more interesting (smaller part). Of the smaller part is necessary to weave a braid or plait on the back of the head to the other side of the head, which left much of the hair. Braid to be connected with the rest of the curls, tying in a side ponytail.
  2. All you need to throw the hair to one side and spread in a side parting. The result will be two strands. Strands to tie in a simple knot, then again. Further, the short edge you need to fill in the hair and to fix, and length can be made small bouffant. For this design need a means-lock, which must be applied to the hair before you start to tie knots. Hairstyle for smooth cuts, if you cascade - short strands will stand out from the nodes and make sloppy construction. The same hairstyle can be done not on his side, but simply because of the high-cauda equina.
  3. In order to make a hairstyle for the evening for medium length hair, unusual enough to braid a braid to the side. An example of such hairstyles below. There are many variations of braids, so that every girl will choose for themselves something worthwhile. And the side braid - it's a great hairstyle for medium hair on the wedding night. In general, the universal version.
Simple hairstyles for the evening to medium hair

Hairstyles of flagella

To make many hairstyles of flagella, it will need just a few minutes, and they look neat, very feminine and gentle. The easiest option - a kind of "Malvinka" of the bundles. It is necessary to make parting to the top and separate the strands at the temples on both sides. One strand while the need to fix the clasp, the other - to start spinning in a tight tourniquet. As we move better to fix the wiring pins - so hair will last longer. When he reached the top of the head, you need to firmly fix the wiring and repeat the same thing on the other side. When it is fixed and a second tourniquet to tie both of them in the not too tight tail. Remove the lock if it is not necessary. Hairstyle, it is desirable to consolidate varnish strong fixation, as unruly hair can quickly dissolve. Braid of bundles, the so-called twist braid - a very simple hairstyle that will fit in the narrow evening dresses delicate shades. First you need to tie a high ponytail and divide it into two equal parts. From every part of the twist is not too tight tourniquet. Then twist the two harness each other and secure the elastic band does not hurt and additional fixation hairspray. To hair is not dissolved, the strands need to twist to one side, and the scythe - to another. In some cases, it is appropriate to embellish strands special paint that washed away from the hair after washing. If you want a more elegant hairstyle, you can add a small bead-spring.

Simple hairstyles for the evening to medium hair

The Greek style of

Fashion on the Greek style has already passed, but those hairstyles do not become less relevant - they just made, very convenient, because the hair does not fall on your face and gently harvested, feminine look and it's amazing to fit in some way. You can make Greek-style beam or use a special rim. Beam a bit more complicated:

  1. Carefully comb the hair and divide into two equal parts.
  2. The side hair (at the temples) to twist the strands. As you progress, you can fix the harness pins.
  3. Continue to twist the strands to the back of the head, gradually adding the rest of the hair.
  4. Assemble the two harness into a low ponytail at the nape.
  5. Remove the resulting tail (as for the second embodiment of the beam).
  6. Lift the tail, put the hair in the resulting gap and secure the ends inside.
  7. Lock pins, attach varnish. You can add decorations.

If you have a special ring for the Greek hairstyles (it can be replaced by a thin sport bandage in hair color), hair will be even easier. You must place the bezel-gum and gradually tighten the strands inside so that nothing was beaten out. Then the entire structure is firmly fixed with varnish and if required pins. So you can make a beautiful and neat hairstyle on prom night for medium hair.

Simple hairstyles for the evening to medium hair

Light wave

What could be better than a clean, well-groomed and silky flowing hair? Owners of medium-length tresses are not afraid to cling to the door pens, bags, locks on clothes and so on, as is often the case with long-haired beauties. Medium length hair can simply dissolve - and gorgeous hairstyle is ready. Even better - make light waves. On long hair, they will look romantic and feminine, on the strands slightly shorter - create the impression of creative disorder.

For easy and romantic hairstyles need a curling iron. Before you begin, you need to treat the hair protectant. Next, you can begin to wind the strand from the occiput to the temples. Hair near the face better screwed tight in the direction of ourselves. To make the hair more volume, make bouffant and handle lock.

Those who are with curling irons "to you" approach is another way - you can divide your hair into four parts (two in the neck and the two higher, and if there is an extra long fringe, then into five parts) and cranking turns. Take thick strands should not - get hair gently and quickly, if the cranking of the thin hair. Curling is necessary to delay no longer than 20 seconds.

Curls without curling

Another option for longer - in advance you need to wash your hair and braid into a few tight braids (will turn lush curls) or beam (light waves). If you want a romantic hairstyle, you can tie the wet hair around the rim-gum (as in the Greek haircut) and leave to dry or use a hairdryer. Such locks need a good fix, but they are unlikely to last long.

The combination of dresses and hairstyles

Choosing a hairstyle for the evening, you need to think about combined with the dress, creating a holistic way. With dress without notch better fit flowing hair down and side braids or tails. Side asymmetrical hairstyle perfectly accentuate and geometric cutout. For retro-style haircuts are ideal appropriate or just light waves, and modest outfits could not be better emphasize the elegant bundle or braid. Strict dress with a high neck perfectly accentuate updo: lush ponytail or braid a bundle of cables.