Texturing hair - what is it?

What is the texturing hair? In fact, it's the same all the usual wave, only made her gentle way. This will be discussed in the article.

Texturing hair - what is it?

What is the texturing hair?

This kind of long-term stowage, which makes the hair accommodating. It is performed in the form of harmless waving or using chemical solutions.

The advantages of the first method

This embodiment has the following advantages:

  • allows you to get the curls of different shapes;
  • helps to achieve unprecedented volume on fine hair;
  • strands of silky, supple and springy;
  • tresses are long-lasting hold.
Texturing hair - what is it?

Types of Hair texturing procedure

And now we shall understand with the second view. Several distinct types:

  1. Perm that lasts up to six months. With special solutions varies hair structure.
  2. Laying produced using hair spray texturing. To give the hair a different look, you can also use powdered styling. These funds are washed off easily.
  3. Straighten. The effect is achieved due to be applied to the wet hair on the quarter hour teksturayzeru. After removing means locks remain manageable.
  4. Mowing - the most loyal way of texturing, because using only scissors and a razor. The effect obtained from the use of special equipment vystriganiya individual pryadok.

Now, let's talk about the advantages of this procedure. On the photo below the hair texturing represented graphically.

Texturing hair - what is it?


The positive side - as follows:

  • First, the hair after the procedure are obedient, will be significantly less than the time spent on packing;
  • Secondly, there are many types of procedures that can be performed on its own;
  • Third, using special means for hair texture, you do not cause harm to the tresses.

The disadvantage is that the chemicals may damage the hair structure, and therefore the need for quality care curls. Let's consider some options for the procedure in more detail.


Suitable hair, have previously been textured and hard, naughty, thin, porous and colored hair. Immediately talk about contraindications.

Who should refrain from the procedure:

  • Pregnant and lactating women.
  • People with temperature and recovering from a serious illness.
  • People with high or low blood pressure, and also to observe a strict diet.
  • to accept hormonal agents, as well as being in a state of extreme stress.
  • After a long period of painting with henna or basma curls.

Recommendations need to know and strictly adhere to, because the most valuable health.

Advantages of this method:

  • The structure of the hair is not damaged.
  • The procedure leaves no odor.
  • Tools do not contain thioglycolic acid. This is very important, because the alkaline permanent allocates a pair of hydrogen sulfide, which adversely affect health. They can cause dizziness, various types of dermatitis, and general physical malaise.
  • You can make any shape curls.

This is what comes to permanent structuring.

What is characteristic for long-term placement

Thanks to this procedure, you can get a slightly curling hair, straight or very curly.

Use special harmless agents that protect the hair, treat them, give them a healthy appearance.

Texturing hair - what is it?

O sprays for texturing strands

This is a product that gives hair volume. Just apply it on your hair - and after a few minutes you can get the stunning styling. The strands thus do not stick together, curl, and natural oils that make up, nourish hair throughout the day.

Texturing hair - what is it?

Let us consider some of the brands:

  • "L'Oreal". Wild Stylers by Tecni ART Crepage De Chignon - Spray gives instant volume strands. Its drying effect has no negative effect on the hair, as in this product includes minerals that protect the hair. Processing undergo both wet and dry strands. Budget option with high quality.
  • Wella. This line is a product that not only produces beautiful sloppy hair with light waves, but also protects the hair from UV rays. The disadvantage is that stands out from the vial dot, so the hair is applied to the palms.
  • Schwarzkopf. It is also an inexpensive product. The best effect can be seen on fine hair. But if there are split ends, it is necessary to give it up, or hairstyle risks acquire unsightly.
  • Spray Sea Solt - a godsend for hair that much pushatsya. Is sprayed to wet hair, then the strand is wound and fixed with a hair dryer.
  • Spray Rolland OWAY Sea Salt gives the hair a "beach effect". Strands do not stick together.

This is what comes to funds from well-known manufacturers. Spray for hair texture, you can make yourself.

folk remedy

For the independent production funds, you will need:

  • 20 g sea salt;
  • 10 g coconut oil;
  • glass of water (200 g).

All the components you need to mix and pour into a spray bottle. The spray is applied to the hair, and modeled the desired hairstyle.

Judging by the reviews, hair texturing, in principle, has no complaints. Some say that after using the salt spray hair becomes dry, but balms and oils solve this problem.

Many are advised to buy an expensive means to ensure consistent quality. Opinions set. One product does not fit all, so find their means will have to trial and error.

And finally, let's deal with contraindications

Above we talked about who should refrain from biozavivki, and now tell you about the prohibitions on the use of chemicals.

They must be discarded if:

  • have brittle and dry hair;
  • are allergic to chemicals;
  • detected damage of the skin of the head;
  • you are pregnant or breast-feeding a baby.

When choosing a particular type of procedure, you must take into account the peculiarities of the organism and to take any decision carefully.