Sports Palace, Izhevsk. The history of development

Several generations of athletes brought the Sports Palace. Izhevsk always been proud and knew their champions in the face. The capital of Udmurtia has two houses physical education, one of which - the Ice. Children's Sports School and Ice complex brought great contribution to the development of youth.

Coaches work in different directions. Among these light and heavy athletics, swimming, hockey, figure skating, wrestling, rhythmic gymnastics. Palace of Sport (Izhevsk) instills a love of physical culture from the very young age.

Sports Palace

In February next year, the first day, the sports school turns 18 in Izhevsk. Sports Palace of Izhevsk - is not just a sports school, a whole complex of healthy love of the sport. Home based physical training a relatively long time, it is constantly being improved and updated.

Sports Palace, Izhevsk. The history of development

During the work of the municipal sports schools coaches were brought up 3 masters of sports of international class, 50 masters of sports and more than 100 candidates for master of sports.

Ice Palace

This complex is older than sports school. It was built in 1971, on September 27th. In the same year, we collected the first hockey team, and in 1978 the pupils of hockey school "Izhstal" won first prize in the tournament "Golden Puck". Today, the Ice Palace "Izhstal" opened its doors for the very young future champions in figure skating and ice hockey. In addition, on the same ice skating regularly attend mass cultural and sporting events. The ice arena is constantly being reconstructed and improved.

Sports Palace, Izhevsk. The history of development

coach and mentor the Ice Palace "Izhstal" closely and carefully suited to everyone who comes to class in the sports complex. Izhevsk - the birthplace of many professional athletes.

The development plans of

Sport, like life, is not standing still. Develops and Sports Palace in Izhevsk. Both sports complex put grandiose plans, and gradually we are working to achieve the goals.

Today, the sport has a special place in the lives of many, as does physical culture palace. Izhevsk - a city of sport and are fond of people. However, the sports house is of particular importance not only for the capital of the Udmurt Republic, but for the whole country.

Regularly there are various competitions and events devoted to physical training. Today, more than three hundred people, adults and children who regularly visit House of Sports, and many of his students are already there for their children. Sports palaces have become one of the largest sports possessions Udmurtia.