The best gyms of Orenburg

Today, everyone wants to look good, and regular exercise - a pledge of beauty. Therefore, in every city creates a lot of gyms and sports clubs, during a visit to which the desired result can be achieved, and find spectacular physique.

Gyms Orenburg

Any resident of this city has the opportunity to go to training near his home, as there is quite a lot of different sports facilities. Gyms Orenburg different equipment, services and prices for their visit, and this article describes all the features of these rooms, to help you choose the organization which suits you most.

The best gyms of Orenburg

Popular sports complexes

The gym Strong man

A modern gym, which is equipped with all necessary equipment and helping visitors to develop strength and endurance. This organization is ideal for sports enthusiasts and professionals alike. The room is always one or more qualified coaches who are always ready to help make the program of work and rest, as well as to advise on nutrition.


This sports complex is equipped with modern training devices VASIL GYM. This technique is designed to work all muscle groups of human, and therefore helps to quickly change your body through diligent training. Also in the room there are different kinds of weights to improve strength training. During the first visit of the hall you will hold in-depth instruction on technique and work safety, and possibly a coach can give useful advice about the food.

The best gyms of Orenburg

to "The Fifth Season" - a complex, which includes a separate male and female facilities

Women's fitness club is equipped with the latest fitness equipment and various devices that help achieve these goals. Specially designed scales, taking into account not only weight, but also visitors of growth, calculate the content of excess body fat percentage, and under the guidance of an instructor, girls and women involved in sports and improve your body.

Male sports hall is located in an adjacent building and is not only a rocking chair, and the whole wellness area. There is a gym, a sauna, a beauty salon with a wide range of services, fitness bar, regularly held group classes in yoga and wrestling.

Organizing Body style

It's not just a gym but a whole complex, which will help its visitors to improve health, correct figure, learn something new and exciting, and just have a good time off. The organization includes Body style room for group exercise, a gym, as well as its own dance studio. This is one of the most popular gyms in Orenburg.

Sport complexes with the most affordable prices

  • Gym ENERGY - one of the best organizations. It is equipped with a good fitness equipment for cardio and strength training, but at the same subscription for classes is much less.
  • Gymnasium on the Turkestan has good equipment, more targeted for muscle growth than conventional classes.
  • Training Complex "Star" is equipped with new equipment and offers to engage in the gym for cardio and power loads.
The best gyms of Orenburg
  • Active Gymnasium invites everyone to class. It equipped with new machines, but only for strength training.
  • Gymnasium "Atlas" has a high-quality equipment. Although he is not popular, but it offers a good simulator for both regular classes and for strength training.

Addresses gyms Orenburg

To the residents of this city it has been easier to find a sports complex, which is located not far from their home gyms have opened in every district.

Gyms in East Orenburg:

  • ENERGY - Str. Belyaevskaya 47 d.;
  • TITAN - Str. Installers 2/1.;
  • "The Fifth Season" - Victory Avenue, 2/1 and 2/2;.
  • "Star" - Str. 32/1 Mira d.;
  • "Orenburg" - Gagarin Avenue, d 21
  • .

Gyms Orenburg in the center:

  • Strong man - Television Pereulok, 1,.
  • "Gazovik" - Chkalov, d 1,.
  • "Harmony" - Chkalov, d 2,.
  • "Sarmat" - Cultural, d 1A;.
  • Top Gym - Zwilling, 61/1;
  • "Alex Fitness" - New, 4;
  • "Continent" - Lower fares, 5;
  • FitCurves - Tereshkova, 261.
The best gyms of Orenburg

Gyms in Orenburg Steppe:

  • "VoleyFitnes" - 70 years of the Komsomol, 7/1;
  • "My favorite bar" - is located near the Club Constitution of the USSR, etc. 1/1;.
  • fitness ARNI - Dzerzhinsky Avenue, 5.