Maxim Grishin - Russian mixed martial arts fighter

Maksim Grishin is well known to fans of martial arts. In his career, he spent a lot of bright matches. This fighter has to take one example, because it is a sparring partner of Fedor Emelianenko. Maxim serves light heavyweight and heavyweight. At the moment, Maxim Grishin is club Akhmat Fight CLub.

Start athletic career

Maxim Grishin accustomed to the sport is still in primary school. His father worked for a long time, cycling and even was a member of the youth team of the USSR. But a professional athlete, he did not. Perhaps that's why my father so wanted to become an athlete Maxim. In elementary school he started athletics. But two years later he moved to Maxim football section. In grades 10-11 seriously engaged in judo, and even started to go to the training camp.

After Maxim Grishin entered the military school, he stopped for a few years of training. But after the change of leadership of the military school he once again have the opportunity to play sports. Kostroma College, where he studied under Maxim, a good football team was assembled. Grishin wanted to play for her, but he turned his attention to the coach on fighting. Just a couple of months, a novice fighter has already spoken on the school championship in this sport. Those competitions he, of course, lost. But thanks to the defeat decided to spend more time training in unarmed combat. After some time, Maxim Grishin already was part of the team of military school. Most of his time he spent at the training camp or competition.

Maxim Grishin - Russian mixed martial arts fighter

Leaving Army

Over time in the career of Maxim Grishin were big wins. He has won several international competitions, and after the Russian championship. Max first heard about mixed martial arts in school. He, along with his friends whenever possible fights watched. At that time he had already graduated from military school and was assigned to a mobile brigade RKHBZ troops in the city of Volsk. There he continued to improve in the Army melee.

A year later, Grishin was transferred to Chita. While Maxim friend invited him to speak at the World Championship in pankration, which was held in Khabarovsk. There was a different equipment, rules and battle tactics. Despite this, his first fight Grishin won. But then he took off due to injury. Grishin after much thought decided to retire from the army and devote his life to the sport. Maxim parents reacted negatively to the fact that he will participate in MMA. They understand how traumatic it is.

Maxim Grishin - Russian mixed martial arts fighter

Introduction to martial arts

Grishin Maxim Gennadievich alone managed to get into the club Red Devil. He wrote a letter to Vladimir Mihailovich Voronov, whose coordinates found on the Internet. The report pointed out Maxim, what kind he was involved in any competitions played. In response, he received an invitation to the training camp. After watching Grishin became a member of the famous Red Devil team.

Grishin is a versatile fighter. He is well trained in the technique of shock and feels comfortable on the course. But the work on the ground Maxim perfectly mastered. Grishin remember all their performances in MMA. His first fight he won the Georgian soldier Gela Getsadze. The second match lost by 40 seconds of the fight Ukrainian athlete Baga Agaev. Then Maxim is well made in the tournament M-1 Selection. There it for 1 minute and 10 seconds, made short work of eminent rival Magomed Umarov. After that, a fighter Maxim Grishin lost in Korea American Shane Del Rosario.

Maxim Grishin - Russian mixed martial arts fighter

Personal life athlete

Maxim Grishin married and happily married. His wife Lyudmila he met while studying at the military academy. His companion strongly supports her husband in his difficult profession. Spouses through a lot together. Financial difficulties, endless physical injury Maxim and regular crossings. But despite this, Maksim and Lyudmila happily married.

Maxim Grishin - Russian mixed martial arts fighter

Maxim Grishin has gone a long and thorny path before becoming famous all over the country. In his career he was insulting defeats, after which he could not recover. Despite this, Maxim has always continued to train hard and get better. He has big plans for the prestigious fighting league. This unit is not their work once again proved that he is able to fight on equal terms with the strongest contenders.