"Arbat-Fitness" Rostov-on-Don: an overview, features, coach, contacts and reviews

Tired of gyms close to huddle in the basement, and rare shells? Then you just need to register in other fitness room. By the way, the choice today is very great. But the focus of the newest club for young and energetic - "Arbat-Fitness" in Rostov-on-Don.

A unique center for family and friendly company, to date, the largest fitness club in the area with the most modern equipment, fitness equipment and the latest developments in this field. Spacious, beautiful and fashionable. At first glance, it does not matter, because the people came to a rocking chair. But in fact, much more pleasant to engage in an intimate setting.

clubs Network

The company positions itself as a network, and to date has already opened two modern rooms in Rostov-on-Don. "Arbat-Fitness" - a name already familiar to many citizens who exercise and want to stay in the trend. Coming here for the first time, many affected size, beauty, and perfect cleanliness that reigns within. It seems that the people in the hall there is little, but it is only an illusion. Here, every day is engaged in a huge number of athletes, a sports complex area of ​​5000 m 2, so all are distributed to different areas and do not interfere with each other.


Today opened two clubs "Arbat-Fitness". Rostov-on-Don - a modern city where people want to be healthy and look good. In addition, most of them anyway, in what conditions will undergo training. Here you do not have to jostle in the queue for the next simulator or do fitness only because other options simply do not. "Arbat-Fitness" in Rostov-on-Don offers to your attention spacious, vast rooms for individual and group lessons. Even during rush hour, ie from 18:00 to 20:00 there will not have to wait until freed or that the projectile. And then - welcome to the Squash Hall. It is virtually tennis, but instead of the enemy the wall here. There is a table tennis room.

strength and beauty of the Palace of

In another way, it can hardly be called a fitness club "Arbat" in Rostov-on-Don. Only gym covers an area of ​​2000 m 2. There is another, smaller, at 1000 m 2. Additionally, running simulator area 2000 m 2. The result is a luxury sports complex in which even cardio located in separate rooms. Total area of ​​the center is 12 000 m 2 with 12 rooms of various kinds. Here is a huge selection of cardio, there is a hall of group classes and martial arts area.

Your best bet is

Reviews patrons stress that is very conveniently located "Arbat-Fitness" (Rostov-on-Don). 1 line, 74 - easily accessible from anywhere in the city, on foot or by public transport and by car. In addition to standard training in this place you can unwind and relax, have a great time. There are five large trampolines which will be useful for training and entertainment, a large area of ​​kettlebell lifting, where you will find a full range of starting and ending of tiny ingots of 60 kg. Hall skaylinga and CrossFit, a dance studio, room ping pong table and a climbing wall, all this gives the opportunity to choose what will be your leisure sports.

Sports family

Children should be taught to the fitness center from childhood, while for them it will be the norm. Great for that "Arbat-Fitness" in Rostov-on-Don. Reviews emphasize that children enjoy visiting this place. Those who are younger, spend time with animator. Together they sculpt and draw. And the older guys are starting to go in the room with their parents. The coach picks up for them a special program that she would not harm a growing organism. In addition, it operates a large climbing wall, especially where young people love to visit.

The new center at line 45

"Arbat-Fitness" in Rostov-on-Don is constantly growing and evolving. To date, it has a large network, but it periodically added new clubs. At the following address: ul. 45 line 5a opened the youngest of the available fitness centers.

If you can not sleep at night, you are welcome. Hall works without interruption, around the clock. The club several smaller than its predecessor, but it takes as much as 7,000 m 2, has 7 rooms and a sauna. Among them, three gyms and 2 cardio, aerobic room and one another, for the martial arts. In addition, there are two saunas and a fitness bar, solarium.

Club Card

It provides an opportunity to come in any time and visit all the center facilities. Athletes also set a limit on the use of the sauna and solarium. Granted the right to use parking for 200 seats. In general, paying the cost of the card, you get access to everything that is on the territory. Exception - programs that are conducted by trainers.

From the feedback we can conclude that in spite of his youth, one of the most visited sports facilities in Rostov-on-Don - "Arbat-Fitness". Price Club card acceptable. Monthly subscription costs 2200 rubles, the annual can be purchased for 19,000 rubles. Experienced athletes choose this option because it is the most economical.

Additional programs

This is another bonus that visitors get the club "Arbat-Fitness" (Rostov-on-Don). Addresses of schools on the network and contacts there are also on the official website, where you can also see the schedule of classes.

  • Super sculpt. This training, which affects all muscle groups. The program loads the entire body, allowing people to quickly begins to decrease in size. That is, the body fat goes away, exposing the graceful silhouette.
  • Yoga - is a unique program that combines the rhythmic gymnastics and aerobics. If you think that the asanas - it is quite easy, come and try it yourself.
  • Trampoline - is not just entertainment, as he thinks the majority of visitors. Here is the high-intensity cardio called jumping-fitness. Sport is a great variety, and the feeling of fatigue is felt much less than the classical cardio. The body produces serotonin and endorphins, which gives a feeling of complete relaxation and detente.
  • Tabs + Flex is aimed at training the abdominal muscles as well as stretching and elaborate perfectly all the muscles with special exercises. Training stimulates the metabolism and helps burn calories, but also simulates the pelvis and hips.

Your coach

Most people mistakenly think that to achieve the best results only need access to the simulators, which can be engaged on in any form. This is not true. Very important sequence of exercises, the correct start and end of the training, breathing. Understand all this will help a team of professional coaches:

  • Cluj Andrew - gym instructor. It has the necessary certificates for use with pregnant women and people with a sick backbone. on training for the competition "fitness bikini."
  • Bykovskaya Snezana - a specialist in the field of programming and to reduce weight gain. IMR volleyball and boxing.
  • Alexey Nikitenko - CCM triathlon. One of the first instructors of the club, many regular customers are well aware of it and are happy to use professional advice.
  • Solopova Daria - Instructor group programs. MMR in rhythmic gymnastics, teaches classes on Pilates and fitball.
  • Venyaminov Roman - instructor of acrobatics. MS in gymnastics. In his spare time at the gym is where you can get his advice.

This is only a part of the professional trainers who will work together with you to go to the results, prompt and direct. Each of them has behind him a long way and some achievements in the field of sport, is a candidate for master of sports, and someone has titles and serious. Under the able leadership of these professionals you will quickly achieve the desired results without unnecessary starvation. By the way, one of the instructors at the same time advises and nutrition.