Fashionable hairstyle pixie short hair

Woman is unpredictable. For a long time, can remain true to his style, for which he received a conservative reputation, but at one point its image may undergo radical changes. This world does not cease to be convinced for many years. Such wonderful metamorphosis encourage stylists to create new trends, most of which are firmly fixed among fashionistas. This also applies to haircuts. There are so many that find the right for itself - only a matter of time. Pixie haircut for short hair was a real discovery. With it changed owners of long curls, and create a stylish image of a lady with an already small strands.

The multi-faceted image of

The name of a hairstyle in itself unusual. With the English word pixie translated as "fairy" or "elf". This does not mean that there is a legend, where these magical creatures were able to create such a haircut. All the matter in the associations that it evokes in others.

Fashionable hairstyle pixie short hair

pixie haircut for short hair makes the girl in the fairy-tale creature, with elegant and neat features. You just smile - and your charm is not the limit.

The image created on the basis of pixies really versatile. It is suitable to girls who are not indifferent to the boyish style. Disorder and negligence make the image easy and interesting. Mowing will focus on the face, it will outline oval, open neck. With it, even the middle-aged woman can turn into a girl.

If you fit within the same time delicate and fairy bold rebel, the pixie perfect. With laying can vary according to mood: being romantic and feminine or explosive and reckless.

The beginning of success

Women's haircuts pixie short hair started to gain its popularity because of the power of cinema.

The first who tried it on himself, became legendary and inimitable Audrey Hepburn. Her petite figure and almost puppet facial features is the best fit into the image of the fabulous fairies.

Once on the screens released film "Roman Holiday" in which she played first major role, Audrey Hepburn became popular. The picture won the audience and unusual appearance girls interested ladies. After a year on the red carpet "Oscar", where the actress received a statuette, she appeared in a dress in the style of New Look and the very short hair. Then her and began to compare with the magic heroine tales. In his next film "Sabrina" Audrey appeared in a more daring way - length hair became even less. After that it inherited, and actress has begun a new fashion trend. It, without thinking, began to be called Pixie.

Fashionable hairstyle pixie short hair

In 1955, another actress decided on a change of image. Pixie haircut for very short hair graced the Shirley Makdeyn. Her role in the film "The Trouble with Harry" was also been awarded. She received the "Golden Globe". The new image was so pleased with Shirley, she appeared in it, and in the film "And they won", which was released three years later.

At the same time, another actress Jean Seberg, do not miss the opportunity to join the fans of this hairstyle and show off it in the film "Hello, sadness".

Fashion 60

Pixie haircut for very short hair was not going to take the leading position and confidently entrenched in the new decade. Two French actresses - Michel Mercier and Mylène Demongeot - appeared on the screen in such a way. However, the real fashion hit of the 60s became famous all over the world the British model Twiggy. The famous hairdresser, Leonard Lewis was looking for a new face. He needed a girl who could show his work. Photos haircuts were to decorate its interior.

Fashionable hairstyle pixie short hair

Lewis advised to refer to Leslie Hornby, assistant of the barber shop nearby. It looks like the master. It could not be better in tune with his vision of the new images of the '60s.

Very short haircut was the girl and photographer predicted her great future. Soon Leslie took his famous pseudonym Twiggy. She began to notice the editors of popular magazines, and the model became the face of the 60's.

In 1966, the world watched the wedding pictures of Frank Sinatra and actress Mia Farrow, in which a woman posing with trendy pixie haircut for short hair. I came the famous film with its participation in two years - "Rosemary's Baby", where the heroine's image graced the same hairstyle. Around stories about who was the author of a hairstyle of the actress, there were a lot of rumors, which were to draw attention to the movie.

The most famous style icons of the time allowed to the term Pixie firm foothold for this haircut. Soon gallery of images created on its basis, it has developed into a whole fashion trend, which has been called "the style of Gamini."

In 2015, a new wave of popularity pixie haircut for short hair thanks to Hollywood actress Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Ann Hathaway, Holly Berry, Victoria Beckham.

The characteristics of

Many stylists are called perfect pixie haircut. They are right, because among the variety of options is hardly one that can beat it for its versatility. This hairstyle is almost all face shapes. It can make the possessor of a thick head of hair, but short hair pixie on fine hair will not look less impressive.

Fashionable hairstyle pixie short hair

The characteristic features by which hair unmistakably distinguished among others, are shorter strands on the occipital and temporal parts and contrasting them long on the front. The tips of the hair torn deliberately do to create a lightweight stacking disorder and negligence. As well as designers, stylists are guided only by the general rules while working on a haircut. Each master can bring something new and different, so the end result always turns out the original.

To fit

If you have decided to change its image, but has not yet decided what hairstyle to give preference, then pay attention to the following recommendations.

Girls, whose appearance does not fit into the usual, will certainly have to pay attention to this hairstyle. Think Twiggy: huge eyes, thin face, beautiful oval - pixies perfectly highlighted all models of dignity. But it is not only ideal. With this hairstyle the perfect combination of small eyes, pronounced cheekbones, tiny nose and full lips. New hairstyle will freshen the face, make you under no worse than a day at the spa.

Fashionable hairstyle pixie short hair

Pixie suit girls with triangular and oval face shape. The volume generated by short strands on top and long at the front, will highlight the eyes and make them more expressive. It also focuses on the lips. So that the image was harmonious, it is important to devote more time to make up. If you are not using it, it is better to think about the other hairstyle.

Do not worry due to the thin hair. For such a haircut, they will not be a hindrance. Ragged strands of different lengths make them bulkier. Hair look more alive and well groomed.

Round cheeks

Not only girls with model data, you can decide on such a bold haircut. It is perfect and the ladies with a full face. It is enough to use the following scheme pixie haircut for short hair: give the volume of the crown, as well as to make an elongated bangs to one side. The person will just look different, the features are soft, and the fullness cease evident.

To this haircut is not recommended

The round shape of the face is quite simple, you can adjust using the pixies, but for a rectangular or square it is not necessary. Short strands only accentuate excessive angularity. It is better to dwell on the average length.

Do not choose pixie women with a short neck.

The image of hooligan

Such an embodiment is created by shearing ultrashort strands at the occipital area. Their length can be all of 3-4 cm and removed with the help of machines. On the sides of the hair only slightly shorter. Starting from the top is another layer, more lush. While laying the strands do not comb smoothly, their ruffles hand.

Remove the side

Thus, more open ears. Strands clipped so that they lay stretched lobes to the strips. Together they create a triangle, which is behind the shortened layers. Girls with a haircut should be updated accessories, pick up a few pairs of beautiful earrings.

The original neck or whiskey

Those who this is not enough, you can further highlight the pixie haircut for short hair. Rear view some stylists are decorated with original pattern. In this case, the main mass of hair falls on a long two-tiered fringe.

Fashionable hairstyle pixie short hair

Today, the image of a girl rebel emphasize vybrivaya whiskey. It is interesting to contrast look of short hair on one side and the longer strands on the other.

An unusual mix of

Sometimes stylists begin to create an image by blending two different hairstyles. A striking example - the pixie-bob haircut for short hair. It combines elements of both of these two hairstyles. The image itself comes up stylist: it can take as a basis the form bean and add to its ragged strands pixies or, alternatively, via the bean wizard makes pixies smoother.

A bright palette of

Yet for women Pixie haircut for short hair, made in the traditional version - the best solution. It would be appropriate as a celebration, and in the office, and its winner will eclipse all his sense of style.

But this does not mean that the traditional form can not be original. Suffice it to experiment with color - and the results will amaze you. Effectively looks pixies in bright colors - red, reddish-brown, purple. Middle-aged woman is better to give preference to deeper colors. Women tend to choose the contrast quiet tones and bright strands.

Fashionable hairstyle pixie short hair

With natural colors should be extremely cautious. They can turn you into a teenager, and the image becomes more absurd than elegant.

Special attention should be cold blond. In combination with a pixie haircut, he makes a face noble and calm. Suffice it to recall the head of MI-6 of the James Bond film - Judi Dench. Her well-groomed look perfectly emphasized such variations hairstyles.

Opinion fashionistas

All struck pixie short hair. Reviews on this hairstyle very positive. It is perfectly suited for young mothers. Careless installation saves time, extra locks do not interfere during the day, while the woman looks modern and stylish. Pixie - a great way to experiment with long hair. Many women, deciding on such a bold step, no longer willing to return to the long tresses. However, they point out that after the transformation they had to pay more attention to the selection of makeup and accessories. Open face, neck and ears need additional emphasis. It is better if they are accurate, graceful, so as not to overload the upper part of the image.

Never too late to go through a complete transformation. A little effort will give a new image and a lot of admiring glances. They come in a good mood and positive emotions. Smile will be another wonderful accessory.