Alexander Sheshukov: biography, career, achievements

Alexander Sheshukov - football team Kaliningrad "Baltika", now serving PFL championship - the second division significance. "Sailors" became the tenth football team in his career, which has lasted for eighteen years. It plays on the midfielder.

Alexander Sheshukov: biography, career, achievements

Alexander Sheshukov: biography

Birthplace of football in 1983 in the north of Kazakhstan in Petropavlovsk city. Soon the boy's parents moved to live in Omsk, where he passed all his childhood. Alexander himself remembers those years with enthusiasm: the school was a two minute walk from his house, and next to it was a football field without grass, where he and his friends and spent all his free time.

However, football is not a single student Alexander lived Omsk Sheshukov. Man engaged in athletics, swimming and volleyball, but the final choice for a professional career still stopped on the game of millions. In one of the Sports School in Omsk, he was engaged in the same group as a future star of the Moscow "Locomotive" and Russian football Dmitri Sychev. Interestingly, for the writing of his thesis that explores TTD players, as "guinea" Alexander invited another former player, "railroad" and fellow Malkhaz Asatiani.

Early career

The first professional football club became Tambov "Spartacus" in Sheshukova career, which included Alexander quickly entrenched in the starting lineup, and attracted the attention of a famous Russian clubs, including from the Premier League. It was the young midfielder and interest on the part of the Donetsk "Shakhtar", but the midfielder he chose to sign a contract with the Moscow "Spartak".

Alexander Sheshukov: biography, career, achievements

From the "people's" team of Alexander Sheshukov he signed a five-year contract, but he failed to become a team regular. Played for the "red and white" a few matches, football player went on loan in Saratov "Falcon", and in the 2005 season and all decided to change the game registration. Among the contenders for the talented midfielder had several clubs, including the Permian "Amkar", but he wanted to pursue a career Sheshukov Vladivostok. Earlier this year, he joined the local "Luch Energia", which defended the colors for the next four seasons. Alexander in the first year in the yellow-black uniforms helped his new team to go to the Premier League, and later was appointed captain of the "Ray."

Return to Moscow

Since 2008, Alexander Sheshukov - half of the capital of FC "Moskva". As part of "black and garnet" footballer always go out on the field in the starting lineup, and his confident game helped the club to win some important victories in a season. As part of Muscovites Sheshukov the first time in his career played on the international stage, having two matches in the UEFA Cup. Total for FC "Moscow" has spent 35 matches and once scored a goal (at the gates of "Zenith").

Alexander Sheshukov: biography, career, achievements

His confident playing Sheshukov second time has drawn the attention of the leadership of "Spartacus." The second coming of Alexander in the capital club was more successful, despite several missed due to injuries games and frequent deletions. The T-shirt of "Spartacus" defensive midfielder played for two years, after which the summer of 2009 left the team Valery Karpin, who did not see the Russians in the first team.

After a year in "Chicago," Alexander Sheshukov before the start of the season 2014-2015, the city signed a contract with Moscow "Locomotive". As part of "railroad" mostly football playing, going to replace, so for two seasons took part in only 24 matches. A similar situation arose in the Tula "Arsenal", whose colors defended Alexander from June 2016 to February 2017.

Alexander Sheshukov: biography, career, achievements

Now Sheshukova '34 and by modern standards, it has long can identify themselves as veterans of football. Nevertheless, he still hopes midfielder benefit Russian football, and recently signed to Kaliningrad "Baltika" contract - another proof.

The Russian team

Sheshukov successful enough to play for the country to 16 and up to 21 years. In the first case, he scored two goals in the gates of the British and Northern Irish peer at the European Championships in Israel, and in the second - spent eight matches in the status of the team captain. As for the national team, the debut match against Cameroon in 2011, yet it remains the only one in the career of Alexander Sheshukova.

Awards and

All eighteen years in professional sports midfielder spent in the Russian championships of different leagues. The first football trophy won the bronze medal in the senior division of the "Spartacus" in 2002. During the second joining the capital club in 2011, Alexander has won the silver. Success for the player and began the years spent in the "Locomotive". With the "railroad" Sheshukov from 2013 to 2015, she won bronze medals in the championship and Cup of Russia. In addition, in 2005, Alexander in the "Luch Energiya" took first place in the PFL championship.