Features fishing Mashkovo

Every year the increasing popularity begins to enjoy fishing in Mashkov. The ponds are located in the village of Lyubertsy municipal district of Moscow region. Reservoirs paid, so often go there for a good catch of fishermen. Places quite extensive, and even idle companies do not interfere with the mystery of the process.

History Mashkinskogo fishing places

Reservoirs have started to create more in 2011. As a basis for ponds made river Pehorka Lyubertsy District. Fishing in Mashkovo - that's what was the main purpose of this project. Winter engaged in ennobling the surrounding areas, and in March completed the pit for the second lake. His dam is divided into two parts. A little later there was a third pond.

Features fishing Mashkovo

Initially, all three of the reservoir had its own special purpose. First created exclusively as a recreational area. The second lake existed for carp. And in the third pond were carried out other types of fish: carp, catfish, carp, and others. Later ponds divided into separate parts. In one trout, in the second - the pike, and so on.


Fishing in Mashkovo will bring a lot of positive emotions, because it has everything to relax body and soul. Driving directions are very simple, but the water can be reached via a convenient platform. All ponds are equipped with nice gazebo, in which freely fit twenty people. They have tables, benches, barbecues and electricity. On the refined and clean the territory every five meters there are bins. Also Mashkovo is a restaurant, which can eat everyone, sauna, ample parking and rental of equipment for fishermen.

What kind of fish can be caught?

When you come to a paid fishing in Mashkov, can not stop wondering how are diverse composition of the local fish fauna. One of the ponds can be called "carp pond". The fact that it is mainly zaryblivayut this type, although other in it too deep.

Features fishing Mashkovo

Of particular note is the trout lake, which is inhabited not only fashionable salmon, but also predators such as catfish and pike. It is also very likely to get caught on the hook may carp, carp, bleak, bullheads and grass carp. In addition, Mashkinskih reservoirs can meet and other peaceful and predatory fish.

Terms and cost of fishing

Since fishing in Mashkovo paid, here are our conditions for rest. From pluses it is worth noting that there is no time limit for arrival. The lakes are open all year round at any time of the day. Therefore, the box office can be purchased the day and night ticket to the ponds. Estimated time starts at eight in the morning and ends at eight in the evening. Further operates a twelve-night rate.

Fishing The cost depends on the time of day and number of the reservoir. But in general, prices range from a half to three thousand rubles a fisherman. This is assuming that the catch will match the rate that is five kilograms. additional fee is taken over this weight. More profitable to come fishing in Mashkov during the day, because it will cost a bit cheaper than at night. It should also be noted that the cost is expensive permit the lower third pond where trout. In fact paid by the catch of females and juveniles.

Features fishing Mashkovo

With a body of water can take on two rods and no more - it is strictly monitors the administration. Additionally, you can use the inventory of rental and other services.

Features fishing in Mashkovo

Fishermen who have already visited Mashkovo often complain that local ponds is very turbid water. This fact is truthful. But marked turbidity - a temporary phenomenon. Mostly it occurs during heavy rains and floods. And it happens in almost all artificial and natural bodies of water. Slight turbidity Mashkinskih lakes - a permanent phenomenon. Therefore, fish considers such conditions customary habitat and always biting. And here is clear and clean pond could have caused stress.

Fishing in Mashkovo Lyubertsy district features some remarkable. Come have long noticed that the bait should be added to the flavors. Then the fish begins to react to the bait faster. Turbid water also perfectly hides part of the gear, so no need to disguise or hide.

In turbid water fish, as a rule, do not swim in the open areas. Therefore, in Mashkovo better to stay near the mountain passes, coastal vegetation or from snags. In the supposed site it is recommended to throw into the water a little bait to attract the attention of fish.

Features fishing Mashkovo

For catching of predators usually use bright tackle. But we must first find their habitat. Pike, for example, avoids the dirt, so most likely it will swim around underwater obstacles.

Where is Mashkovo

Fishing in Mashkovo usually come in their cars. From Moscow you need to drive approximately twelve kilometers to Lyubertsy, and then turn left to the nearest village. The path to the water bodies takes about fifteen minutes. You can also get the bus number 9 or the shuttle bus, which depart from the 'Seattle' station.

Fishing in Mashkovo a pleasure! But before you can visit this place pre encouraged to review the prices and conditions of stay in order to avoid unpleasant situations.