Denis Tumasyan: life, career, fun facts

Denis Tumasyan - football, defending the colors of the club Russian Premier League - "Ufa". The tall defender holds a team of Bashkortostan for the fourth season, one of which he played for the "citizens" on loan, while still a player, "Ural".


Denis Tumanyan was born in 1985 in Kiev. Soon the boy's family moved to permanent residence in Russia, where he played football in one of the Rostov Youth. Father Dennis worked as a football coach, so it is not surprising that the guy also decided to follow in his footsteps. The best thing a young player gets to prove himself as a defender - in this role, he spent most of the game the whole time. In Rostov Denis and began his professional career football player, the guy at the time was barely seventeen.

Denis Tumasyan: life, career, fun facts

Playing career

After spending at a high level their debut season in Rostov "SKA" and in professional sports in general, Denis Tumasyan considered one of the most promising young defenders in the Russian football. However, with the assistance of Alexei Eremenko coach in 2004. Russian player moved to the Finnish championship, where for the next two seasons, defended the colors of the football club "Jaro". For the team from Jakobstad Tumasyan he spent 40 fights, in which the eight times managed to distinguish himself pocketed balls - very serious figure, especially with an eye on the player roles.

Return to Russia

After the Finnish voyage Denis Tumasyan continued his career in the country, which became a second home for him. The defender has signed a contract with the club, the glorious tradition which originated at the dawn of the last century. However, today the Moscow "Torpedo" appears only in the PFL, but with an eye on the Premier League.

Denis Tumasyan: life, career, fun facts

Tumanyan held in the capital's team for two seasons and 81 match nine times distressed goalkeepers opponents hammered balls. Since 2009 Tumasyan defended the colors of "Ural", which included spent six years. The most successful period for the player became the league's 2012/2013 that from Ekaterinburg team played in the PFL. The club won the championship and went on increasing in the classroom, and the defender of the voting results became the best player of the year in his role, as well as the top scorer among defensive players.

Denis Tumasyan: Ufa and prospects

Throughout the period of playing for Ural team Tumasyan remained not only the main players, but also the clear leader in the field. However, over time the club has "adopted a policy" on the rejuvenation composition. Therefore, thirty-year player in 2014, was forced to go to rent, "Ufa". And after the season and signed with all of the RB team full contract.

Denis Tumasyan: life, career, fun facts

International career

Due to the presence in the biography of the 2011 football player of Armenian roots, he received a call to the national team of Armenia, but have not joined for reasons unknown to the team.

Interesting facts from the life of

Denis was born in Tumasyan purely sports family, which, in addition to the coach's father, a mother - the master of sports of athletics, and two other brothers, also involved in football.

In his youth, Denis played well in football and as bad in school. In the words of the defender, he barely graduated from high school, and then went straight into a professional sport.

He earned his first sum footballer fully spent on food from the supermarket. At fifteen, he brought home a huge bag of groceries. Now he is - thirty-two, but still in the first place remains a game of football and the family, and after - money and other valuables.

Tumasyan entirely devoted to the sport. Play football, he wants as many as have the strength, and after the completion of a career - go to the administrative office. But to be a coach, as a father, Denis does not seek.