Mask for diving. What you need to know about it?

Mask for diving - means equipment which is necessary for scuba diving. It is he who gives you the opportunity to safely see the swimmer underwater.

Masks are for narrow and wide faces. Be sure to buy the gear element with the fitting. After diving mask should fit your face shape.

If it is too loose, it is not right for you, as it does not provide a hermetic fit to the face, because of what it will penetrate under the water.

Also make sure that the mask of diving in the sea was not narrow, otherwise it will simply compress face.

How to measure?

It should first be applied to the face mask, not buttoning. After a short breath should make the nose. If the diving mask fits you, then it will stick tightly to the face.

After it's worth checking equipment on the comfort element. To do this, you need to apply a mask to face. Then take a deep breath nose. Note that in this position the mask on the nose should not press.

Mask for diving. What you need to know about it?

Many people prefer to try a diving mask with a tube. Pre-need to assess the reliability of fastening, construction convenience.

Note the strap: it is a solid or a clasp. If we talk about the material, it can be as silicone or rubber. The most convenient is considered to be a mask for diving with silicone strap buckle. Therefore, less damage to hair is applied to, besides a more elastic strap. The clasp may be formed as a rotary latch or clip. Choosing an element, keep the mask strap regulated mechanism. Then easier to customize the mask under his head.

Weight element has a value. The mask weighs less, the better. Practical option is considered to be a model with soft bindings.


There are different designs of masks. For example, a mask with a large space podmasochnym (300-400 ml). This model is designed for underwater hunting, diving to a depth of ten meters.

Mask for diving. What you need to know about it?

If the mask is low-profile (200 ml), then this is a good option for freediving, spearfishing at a depth of less than ten meters.

Also, there are full-face and Solid. The full face mask is usually quite expensive. It is equipped with built-in regulator. In this mask you can breathe not only by mouth, but the nose. This means that no additional special training before use.

Solid and popular masks of glass with solid body. Overview This gear is substantially increased due to the smaller distance from the eyes to the glass.

Nose Protrusion needed to swimmer can easily equalize the pressure in the middle ear cavity. Such an embodiment is optimal for diving masks.

A shutter. What do?

Shutter - this mask body that modern manufacturers are made from silicone. Previously it was made of rubber. Silicone is more durable and elastic, but its cost is higher. Silicone masks perfectly fit a person without causing skin irritation. Often sell masks with double obturator. This equipment is better protected against water penetration. In addition, this model is more convenient to use.

Mask for diving. What you need to know about it?

The number of glasses in models ranging from one to eight. For those who have poor eyesight, produce models with dioptric lenses.

For a broader overview of the model were created with the side or bottom of the glasses. Such masks are useful underwater photographers.


Lens color is determined by the sailing venue. Seawater suitable blackout and Fresh - bright yellow. Spearfishing selected equipment with tinted windows.


The masks are equipped with a valve cleaning. It allows podmasochnoe space easily cleaned. This is done with just one breath.

Valves are soft and rigid. Recent demand for cleaning hands-free.

Masks with valves often choose nyryalshiki-men who have mustaches.

Some masks models are equipped with diving info display. They display information about the dive. The information appears before the eyes of a swimmer.

Also, there are models with built-in camera. This equipment allows photo and video underwater beauty.

Many masks are also equipped with flashlights, which Uluchay visibility. Often component manufacturers its products tubes for breathing.

Tips on Caring for gear

Before using a mask for diving it is worth thoroughly washed with detergent. It is necessary to clean both inside and out.

Mask for diving. What you need to know about it?

Keep the mask should be in a ventilated carrying case, it helps to avoid the breeding of mold and mildew.

Be sure to rinse the mask after use in fresh water.

When diving is best to take along a spare in case the main mask suddenly something happens.


When choosing equipment, look for brands such as Mares, Seac, Beuchat and others. These manufacturers have a long history, they have proven themselves. Proprietary mask convenient, easily and accurately.


Now you know that is a mask for diving on the entire face or just the eyes. We have examined the characteristics of each part. We hope that this information will help you in choosing.