Consequences of eyelash extensions. How to restore lashes after building

Long thick lashes make any uniquely expressive eyes and impressive, but not all are given by nature. They are increasing for many reasons. This desire to look spectacular for a special event, and the desire to forget about the make-up on vacation, and the fear that a loved one will see in the morning without makeup, and the usual laziness every morning doing makeup. But some girls are so like the effect that they are beginning to do it consistently. Do eyelashes deteriorate after the building? This will be discussed in the article.

beams Capacity

The main varieties of the two procedures, one of them - is building up beams. Its essence is that each cilium is attached is not one, but a small tuft of cilia. Advantages of this building:

  • eyelashes look much thicker;
  • procedure is faster;
  • is cheaper;
  • expressive eyes will look at the photo.
Consequences of eyelash extensions. How to restore lashes after building

Y-beam capacity minus two lashes:

  • , it looks unnatural and will not always be appropriate, for example, in the office;
  • eyelashes experiencing a heavy load due to the fact that one has to lash the whole weight of the beam.

Such a method is generally used either to save or to create a dramatic effect.

Capacity poresnichno

The essence of this kind is that each artificial eyelash painstakingly glued to each natural.

The main advantage of this type - lashes look much more natural and should be able to get off their own. If the procedure is done expertly, then no one would guess that they are not your own.

Consequences of eyelash extensions. How to restore lashes after building

Cons eyelash poresnichno - price, duration, and that not every artist has enough experience for that.

Most often used for everyday wear, preferred by those who do not like make-up that catches the eye.

variety of materials for building

Conditional material names, such as "silk", "Mink" and "sable" can be misleading, it is - the hairs of animals and products of silkworm life. But no, it would have been too great a risk of allergic reactions. In addition, the material would not be malleable, and artificial eyelashes must be given bend.

Consequences of eyelash extensions. How to restore lashes after building

Artificial cilia are made of synthetic materials, and names are taken because of the similarity in structure. The most subtle and natural - is a "mink", average thickness - a "silk", and the most dramatic - "sable".


This is the most common effects of eyelash extensions (for reviews). Since during the procedure performed manipulations with eyelashes, and later their eyelashes should be the weight of the artificial, the loss is inevitable. The question is not whether there shall fall lashes, and to what extent. This is influenced by several factors:

  1. The number and weight of the eyelash extensions.
  2. The quality of the materials.
  3. The professionalism of the master.
  4. Do you do a break between treatments.
  5. Caring for artificial eyelashes.
Consequences of eyelash extensions. How to restore lashes after building

And do not forget that the lashes to very quickly get used to. And then Naroscheny already appear normal, but their - kutsymi. After removal there is a feeling that the family had the half of the cilia, and it is depressing. That's what hooked on the procedure. Perhaps we should just compare the before and after photos and check whether eyelashes deteriorate after the building or how it was before.

Allergic reactions

False eyelashes and glue, which they glued - a foreign material, and mucous eye and the skin around them is very sensitive area. That is why the risk of irritation and allergic reactions is always there. This is not always the master of wine. But the lack of allergy tests and a procedure without any preliminary inquiries - it is exactly the master of wine. It is necessary to find out whether there was a customer reaction to any component of the glue, to test for allergies, it is done in the crook of the elbow.

Consequences of eyelash extensions. How to restore lashes after building

The client should be warned that the slightest manifestation of these signs need to run back to the master:

  • , or redness of the skin around the eyes;
  • peeling;
  • increased tear production;
  • swelling;
  • pus;
  • itching.

After the conversion to the master to remove the eyelashes need to visit an ophthalmologist. Contraindications to the procedure are also:

  • asthma;
  • demodicosis;
  • psoriasis;
  • respiratory diseases, influenza and other respiratory diseases, especially viral;
  • inflammations in the eyes;
  • problems with loss of hair and eyelashes;
  • sensitive eyes.

If there is at least one of the contraindications, do not take such a risk, the eyes - it's always very dangerous.

The inflammatory process

The consequence of eyelash, reviews may be inflammatory processes. Most often inflamed conjunctiva (conjunctivitis) and hair follicle, which is the root of the cilia. In most cases this happens because of the non-compliance with the master of sterility. If the inflammatory process has begun, it is necessary to take advantage of the doctor's recommendation in the eye. He will examine the eye and make a diagnosis that will affect treatment. At home, you can do compresses infusion of herbs such as calendula, chamomile or sage.

Oils can only increase inflammation, so by them is in this case to refuse.

Consequences of eyelash extensions. How to restore lashes after building

How do I restore damaged lashes

What to do after the eyelash extension, if all the same negative consequences not spared? After removal should be for some time to give up makeup and use medical masks for eyelashes from oils:

  1. castor oil or castor bean. The most popular oil in the care of eyelashes. The popularity is due to the availability, price and the fact that it contains 18 acids, which positively influence the growth of hair and cilia. But oil has one disadvantage: if to sleep with him in the eyes, in the morning you can wake up with the swelling and sharp pain in his eyes.
  2. Almond oil. It is very easy in texture oil with excellent moisturizing properties. Its main advantage is that it does not cause inflammation and swelling, and so it can be left on all night.
  3. Oil peach pits or peach. Easy on the texture of oil, which stimulates the growth of new cells. This tool helps you quickly grow eyelashes and great impact on the state of the skin age.
  4. Grape seed oil. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, particularly vitamin E. It can be used as a makeup remover.
  5. Wheat germ oil is the SOS-tool. Excellent regenerates after chemical damage. It works great with a mixture of castor oil in a ratio of 1 to 1.

Masks important to do a course at least 3 weeks, as well as all natural products, they do not work in one application. Of the proposed options you need to pick up the oil, which is best "works" on a particular person. Also important is the sensitivity to the smell, if it is disgusting - it can hurt.

Apply the mask better at night, or when, in the next few hours no plans to leave the house. Pillowcases during the treatment course to use those that then will not throw a pity. Apply convenient brush from the tube of mascara, which is thoroughly washed with water. Since the oil - an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, it should be boiled prior to use and to have time to use the tube with him for a month. The stores of cosmetics can be found on sale in the empty tube of such a specifically sold for these purposes.

There are ready-made mixture of oils in tubes. Trust and popularity gained such brands as L'or, "Vereya", Elma and DNC.

Recommendations to avoid the negative effects of eyelash

Consequences of eyelash extensions. How to restore lashes after building

A lot depends on proper operation of the master. Harmful or not eyelash - for the most part depends on whether it is a quality material works. In this case, the master should ask the client all the important issues before the procedure. But to the client, in order to minimize or even completely eliminate all negative effects of eyelash extensions, should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. How can I touch your eyes less.
  2. to wash the eyes are better than hands, and cotton pad is very gentle patting movements, without stretching.
  3. To sleep only on their backs when sleeping face in the pillow in the morning half of the lashes will appear on it.
  4. Do not use the sauna and swimming pools with chlorinated water.
  5. Do not use extra ink, because it is necessary to wash off.
  6. In time to make corrections.
  7. Removing done only by a specialist.
  8. And finally, and perhaps most important - is to give your lashes stay about once every 3 months for 1 month.

So, we have a detailed account of the consequences of eyelash extensions. Also in the article it was presented the ways of their recovery.