Stadium "Metallurg" in Moscow

The Basmanny district of Moscow at the intersection of New Road and the waterfront Semyonov located stadium with nearly a century of history. The name of the stadium "Metallurg".



Belongs stadium enterprise "Hammer and Sickle." Under this emblem of the Soviet Union defended the honor of world famous athletes.

Sports club "Hammer and Sickle" begins its long history since 1922. Over the past century the club has prepared nearly forty and fifty masters of sports of the CCM. A nine thousand athletes received massive discharges.

In 1938, the players of "Hammer and Sickle" won the bronze medal in the championship of the Soviet Union. Then the club was called "Metallurg Moscow".

Stadium today participates in the preparation of athletes. Not long ago, a sports club was founded here, "Sim". The team, led Shirinbekova Prudnikov and takes part in the city championship.

However, today it is difficult to judge the future stadium. There is a strong likelihood that it will be demolished and build new facilities on the site.


It all began in 2009, when by order of Mayor Luzhkov's leadership "Hammer and Sickle" was to prepare a plan for reshaping the territory. It was decided to use the land to build housing and offices. However, the project has not yet been submitted at the end of 2010, and the mayor has changed. In 2012, the project to build the stadium engineering infrastructure has been prepared. Under this plan, a building area of ​​5400 square meters of the third part of the stadium has been taken away. But the deputies of the Council took into account the social importance of "Metallurg" and rejected the project.

In 2015, by the decision of the government of the stadium has been temporarily removed. Under the stadium must pass subway tunnel under construction second ring. City residents were assured that at the end of the works the stadium will be restored and landscaped.

At the end of 2016 there was information that the stadium area will still be built up. Residents of Moscow is outraged, and they began to turn to the government to halt construction.


Despite the fact that the stadium "Metallurg" is owned by the company, he was always open to residents of Moscow. And many of those who have been here say the deplorable state of the object.


The stadium is small, it can hold no more than five hundred people. Lawn natural stadium, an artificial power lighting in the six hundred and suites. Scoreboard "Metallurg" is missing, and no individual plastic seats. The stadium stands Football Club "Sim", which belongs to the fans. Also here are engaged in athletes and ordinary residents of the city.


Address of the stadium "Metallurg": Moscow, street N. Road, Building 13.

Closest to the stadium is the metro station "Electrozavodskaya". From it to the stadium can be reached on foot in twelve minutes.

Also, residents and visitors can get to the stadium from the metro station "Semenovskaya". For this purpose, 32 or 46 tram need to get to the stop "Vvedenskoe cemetery." From there, walk along the streets of New Road.

You can also come by private car or taxi. Stadium "Metallurg" is located close to the TTC. Landmark - the intersection of streets and Semyonov N. Road promenade. Enter the stadium you need from the street New Road.