How to choose and what to wear gold bracelet on his leg?

The abundance of different decorations allows you to choose any option completely, depending on the created image. A gold bracelet on his leg to help the owner to make the image brighter and stand out as much as possible. This is a fairly original and interesting form of jewelry. Earlier in India in the form of this product can be determined, what does its owner. Now it's just a stylish accessory that emphasizes the individuality of women.

The story of the bracelet on his leg

The fashion for such a decoration came from the East. Oriental woman wearing a gold bracelet on his leg with suspension, as it adds a certain charm and is considered a mandatory attribute. In Russia, this decoration began to wear only during the reign of Alexander I. It is worth noting that it had a different meaning. A gold bracelet on his leg could afford to put only the very rich woman.

How to choose and what to wear gold bracelet on his leg?

In ancient Egypt, a woman wearing on his leg a chain of gold with precious stones, was considered the wife of a very rich man. In India, the fair sex wear a bracelet on his leg all the time, and often the girls decorate feet already on the wedding ceremony, stressing that his marital status.

In America, the fashion to wear bracelets on the legs appeared in the 70s, and immediately won the hearts of many women.

The main advantages of the bracelet on his leg

A gold bracelet on his leg, which photo shows all the beauty of this product has a variety of advantages:

  • can be hidden too long and wide foot;
  • visually masked by a small curvature of the legs;
  • a broad and bright decoration helps to narrow down the knees.
How to choose and what to wear gold bracelet on his leg?

Jewelry helps supplement the created image, to emphasize the elegance of the legs and give the image a unique sophistication.

How to choose the right product?

Female bracelet on his leg looks very stylish and original. It is typically a chain, to which are attached figures and gems. There are several options, given that you can make the right choice of product:

  • size;
  • appearance;
  • gold color.
How to choose and what to wear gold bracelet on his leg?

When selecting products based on its size. The most convenient option is considered, if the bracelet loose-fitting ankle. Be sure to take into account the appearance of the bracelet. For young girls fit a thin chain of yellow or red gold braiding all with lots of hangers. For women, it is best to choose a strict bracelet made of white metal that will emphasize its taste and help look stylish. The color of gold can be made by any, it all depends on your own preferences.

What are the different models?

A gold bracelet on his leg is selected depending on the product model. This can be:

  • thin or wide chain consisting of links;
  • bracelet made of solid metal;
  • chain Barefoot.

Chains Barefoot most popular oriental women. They represent a bracelet capable of fixing to the ankle, which is a thin chain ending in a ring on a finger.

Suitable for decoration?

Purchase the bracelets on his leg needed based on age. This decoration attracts attention, emphasizes sexuality, that is why, it is not suitable for women aged. Very popular like jewelry is enjoyed by young girls who try to try on the fashion trends.

How to choose and what to wear gold bracelet on his leg?

If this jewel chooses for himself a woman over 30, then it must necessarily take into account the quality of the product and its design. Restrained decoration of precious metals are ideal for each of the fair sex, regardless of her age. Mature women over 40 should not buy for themselves like decoration.

How to wear right?

Gold bracelet can be worn on either foot, as now there is a certain symbolism. However, there were some earlier conventions. It was believed that if a girl wears a bracelet on his left foot, then her heart is not free, put on the right - no different decency. , You need to consider the symbolism and rules of wearing jewelery to avoid embarrassing situations.

What can be combined?

By purchasing gold bracelet on his leg, it is worth remembering that it emphasizes the style of its owner, so wear it with cheap clothes is totally unacceptable. Especially carefully chosen models with precious stones, as they must be of high quality and fine workmanship. It plays an important role and the reason for which such a product is selected.

How to choose and what to wear gold bracelet on his leg?

When choosing a business style in clothes ideal option would be a chain, which has strict design, which can be supplemented with a miniature suspension. Summer shorts, light dresses and skirts look good bracelets, connecting with the ring on her finger. A thin gold chain on his leg the evening will emphasize the image and give it tenderness and romance. It looks stylish bracelet with short jeans.