Swimming pools in Almaty: addresses, photos and reviews

When it is summer time, Almaty pools are becoming more popular. On a hot day I want to take a refreshing dip in the pleasant water and at least for some time to forget about everyday problems. Good to relax and get a lot of positive emotions can be in the pools in Almaty, the addresses of which are presented in the article. In these places you can really have a great time with family or friends, and most importantly - at a bargain price.

Swimming pools in Almaty: addresses, photos and reviews

Almaty Public pools are not well attract customers. It is therefore appropriate to consider the closed variants with real references and complete information.

Ray Pool Club

It begins to list the central Almaty swimming pool, which is known not only local residents, but also visitors to the city. It is located on the outskirts of the city, on the route Kapchagay - 1 kilometer. A swimming pool can be from 10:00 to 22:00 every day.

To the best pools Almaty concerns this place is not in vain. Here every visitor has an opportunity to escape from the bustle of the city and get real pleasure from the rest of the new format. Along with these customers provide excellent emotional charge and vigor. At this point, every adult or a child will find something to their liking. The time spent in the pool, will be remembered for a lifetime.

Swimming pools in Almaty: addresses, photos and reviews

In addition to the swimming pools for adults and children, citizens have the opportunity to visit:

  • Restaurant;
  • cafes;
  • Jacuzzi;
  • showers;
  • a solarium;
  • bar.

On weekdays, the ticket price for adults is 4000 tenge for children from 3 to 12 years - 2000 tenge, and the kids up to three years - free of charge. Over the weekend, the cost of entry for adults increases to 1000 tenge, for children (3-12 years) - 500 tenge.


Many Almaty pools have a lot of positive reviews. And Ray Pool Club is no exception. Visitors especially surprising size of the pool - 700 square meters. m. In addition, it is very centrally located and has a rather unusual form. Nearby are comfortable gazebo, deck chairs and umbrellas, which customers will always mentioned in their reviews.

Particular attention people pay a restaurant serving Oriental, Caucasian, European and Japanese dishes. Even the most fastidious customers enjoyed this incredibly delicious food and professional chefs. Also received good comments and a bar where you can choose any drink or cocktail to quench your thirst.

People who go all out every day at work and just did not have time to properly relax, celebrate good music and always acceptable water temperature, which in just a couple of hours to relax and gather strength for new work, people.


All swimming pools in Almaty, the addresses of which there is an article worthy of attention. Sports center "Abylaikhan" knowingly included in this list, because of it has never left dissatisfied customers. But more on that it will be discussed in a review below.

Location relative to the best pools Almaty, located at Seifullin 14. As weekdays and on weekends it can be visited from 7:00 to 23:00.

Swimming in the pool is a special sport, having virtually no boundaries for human age, his level of education or health. This sports club can be visited in any weather with the whole family, not only to relax and swim in the calm pace, but also to go to the gym, due to which the body recharge and prepare for new goals. Trainings are held exclusively in clean and safe water. Regular training with the professionals help to improve blood circulation, the formation of correct posture, strengthen the respiratory system, as well as stimulation of the heart.

Young children and teenagers is always a pleasure to drive on water attractions, and adults - visit the aqua aerobics, massage and healing sessions with a trainer. After that, if you wish, you can go to the showers and freshen up, and then visit the restaurant, enjoy delicious dishes from the culinary masters.

Monthly subscription will cost 24 thousand tenge. Its cost does not vary with the age of the customer or the frequency and duration of their visit.

Swimming pools in Almaty: addresses, photos and reviews

Opinion visitors

sports club customers are always trained with great pleasure. After all conditions have been created for this purpose. Fans of training in the water positive about a variety of training and professionalism of the coaches. With their help, you can not only learn how to swim very well, but also learn the basics of aqua aerobics and exercise great future mums, imparting to the child the love of the water.

swimming pool Customers claim that water and really cleaned the most modern technologies. Employees of the sports center is always checking its quality. Therefore, the risk of contracting any infection is reduced to zero.

Swimming pools in Almaty: addresses, photos and reviews

In addition, visitors are attracted by pleasant staff, who always give clear answers to any questions. In fact, in the modern swimming centers, it is a rarity. Yet at this point customers to meet, serve and accompany only with a smile.


Another nice swimming pool is located at the Republic Square, 15 to go there from Monday to Sunday from 7:00 to 23:00.

The length of the three-lane pool is 18 meters, depth - 3 m. The water temperature in it is always equal to 30 degrees. The administration and staff of the center constantly improve service quality and develop the range of services. This helps customers always get the results that exceed their expectations.

Swimming pools in Almaty: addresses, photos and reviews

Subscription for the month can be purchased for 47 thousand tenge. you can use the pool with him from 7:00 to 23:00 without a problem.


During his time working pool have collected a lot of feedback. Most of them, of course, positive. The only negative, which is celebrated clients - long queues at weekends. It is no surprise, because on Saturday and Sunday there are many who wish to visit this place.

Of the benefits people notice the following points:

  • separated by a children's and adult swimming pools;
  • presence of the gym;
  • the opportunity to work out with a trainer;
  • available bar;
  • a large number of showers;
  • Russian and Turkish baths.


The list of leading Almaty pools for children should include H2O. Swimming Pool is located at Zhandosova, 204. Visit it can on weekdays and on weekends from 7:00 to 22:00.

Center visitors can form a correct lifestyle. Pool has attracted not only children but also adults who can easily be systematically engaged in physical culture and sports. Professional instructors help their wards reach all major sporting success.

Swimming pools in Almaty: addresses, photos and reviews

pool Entrance fee without a coach is 10,500 tenge per month, and with the coach (with classes) - 24 thousand tenge.

What customers say?

Positive comments about H2O basin, there are many, but most of the visitors noted benefits such as:

  • regular events;
  • professional training;
  • the opportunity to visit a massage;
  • separate from the adult children's pool.

In addition, the good reviews come towards the cafe as well as a local restaurant. There you can order a low-calorie dishes that are perfect for athletes that are very important to them before the competition.


Since 2013, people were happy to visit the "Dynamo" pool (Almaty), but soon the place was renamed. And now anyone can go to a beautiful swimming pool D-Fitness at the 12th district, 20a. You can go there any day of the week from 7:00 to 23:00.

Sports Complex is a specialized health center, where anyone who visits is guaranteed to receive the best possible training conditions, as well as competent support staff.

Swimming pools in Almaty: addresses, photos and reviews

These people come with two goals - to improve their health and to tighten the figure. Most visitors prefer to go first thing in the fitness classes in public halls, and then relax in the pool.

Visitors can purchase a monthly or annual subscription. The first will cost 30 thousand tenge, while the second - 159 000 (7: 00-12: 00) and 195 thousand tenge (12: 00-23: 00).

What attracts guests?

Visitors to the swimming pool always say it is only positive traits as negative find it impossible. In the first place in the comments people are saying about the cleanliness of the pool and there is no smell of chlorine, as is often found in other similar places. In addition, the former center of the "Dynamo" is popular due to the excellent akvaaerobnoy programs and activities with a trainer. Many visitors were able to learn how to swim from scratch, and even quietly to travel long distances on the water.